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Pairing if Applicable: Bella and Edward

Title: A Sub Search

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Brief Summary: Bella is Domme who is in search of the right sub. After several profiles are searched she interviews two. Go through the interview with her, and see how her test weekend with her potential new submissive works out. Is he the right one? BDSM themes, Hard core Lemons. AH, very adult themes if under the legal age to vote please move on to another story.



Thank you for giving me the honor of first place in the fans choice part of the contest.



As I sit at my desk going over the paperwork one more time, I begin to wonder yet again if this is the right decision.

I'm forty-one this year, not married, no kids and instead of looking for my soul mate, I'm going over paperwork and reviewing the soft and hard limits of several different applications to be my submissive.

Peter and Charlotte sent applicants profiles over for me to go over. They know that I am currently looking for a new sub, and since I am very selective, according to Peter, they have sent over more then two dozen applications and profiles for me to review. I went over and eliminated all but three so far.

Peter is my mentor and he is the person who trained me to be the best domme I could be. I'm not a submissive person by nature and I like being in charge.

I enjoy control; it is the way I am.

I picked up the phone and dialed Peter's number, with the intention of speaking about the profiles, I have selected.

On the third ring, I am very surprised by his greeting; he knew that I would be calling.

"Isabella, I have been expecting your call today. How are you?"

A breathy laugh escapes my lips, at how excited he sounds.

"Peter, I am doing well. I have gone over all of the profiles you sent over. I have found three that strike me as good choices. You and Charlotte did great in your choices of profiles for me to see," I said matter a factly.

"I am always here for you Isabella. I may have been your mentor, but I am also your friend. Charlotte thinks of you as a sister and you know how much she loves you," Peter tells me.

Charlotte is Peter's wife and has been his submissive for more than ten years.

"I love her too, and you know that you both are like family to me. Thank you, both of you, for always looking out for my best interests," I tell him lovingly.

"You are very welcome, now on to your choices." Peter says getting back to business.

"Ah yes, my choices," I glanced down briefly to the profiles. "The profiles I have decided to interview are Jasper Whitlock, Alice Brandon, and Edward Cullen," I tell him.

"Alice Brandon is no longer available, I am sorry for not letting you know sooner. Alice accepted a fulltime submissive role with Emmett and Rosalie," he informed me regretfully.

"Well, that's great. I hope that she will be happy with them, they are a great couple. I was unsure of the choice of Alice anyway. You know I have never had a female submissive before," I told him.

"Yes when you first mentioned her name I was taken back. But then again, you are a strong domme, and you are capable of so much. I will tell you that one of your choices is the person that Charlotte bet me that you would choose. She does know you well, and she is the reason you got his profile," he told me.

"Who is it that Charlotte said I would choose?" I asked with curiosity.

"Isabella, I will not tell you because Charlotte has made me promise not to. She may be my submissive, but during the work week she is just my wife. I know what happens when I make her mad," he said chuckling. "When you make your decision, I will tell you."

I decided to tease him a bit. "I sure am glad that you both enjoy betting on my decision."

"There's the Isabella I know and love, sharp tongue and quick wit," he laughed.

I didn't reply. Peter knows me so well.

"Okay, I will get in touch with both gentlemen, and you can meet them at seven and nine tonight. You can use my private room at Eclipse for the interviews. If this does not work for either of the guys, I will let you know right away. Does that work for you?" Peter asked.

"That sounds wonderful Peter, I would like to interview Jasper first and then Edward. I will messenger all these profile applications back to you, call me when you get them please," I said.

"I will call you as soon as they are here, and then I will confirm the interviews. I will talk to you soon Isabella," Peter said.

When I ended the call, I paged my secretary and asked her to send a messenger to me immediately.

The kid from the mail room came and I gave him the box that I had taped shut, the address, and told him to get it there yesterday.

I know he is on the clock here, but I still slipped him a twenty. His eyes became alight and he thanked me, before he said," Yes Ms. Swan, I will have it there fast, does it need to be signed for?"

I am impressed by his concern for detail, "No, just give this to Peter, and he will call as soon as you get there," I replied.

Peter called me about twenty minutes later, confirming that he had received the files, and that the interviews for this evening are set. I was to be at Club Eclipse at seven for the first interview and the second would be at nine, as we had discussed.

Peter and Charlotte opened the club about five years ago; Eclipse is a private club that caters to alternative lifestyles.

Since, I am so looking forward to these meetings; I have gone over the lists for both the subs again. Most of their soft limits match up with mine and most of the hard limits they have marked are hard limits for me as well.

The medium limits that they have, all fit within the same guidelines that are soft limits for me.

The one sub has checked that he is a soft limit on choking. I'm a hard limit on choking play and flat out refuse to budge on that. I do not want any part of potentially hurting someone. As you can easily hurt someone on accident in this lifestyle as is.

I am not sure why I wanted to interview that sub. Because, I am not interested in someone that is into such hard core pain play.

Choking is way out of my comfort zone.

I am a great domme and I love to spank and re-strain my subs. I enjoy using a flogger to arouse them, but I could never cut one or choke one.

I have a list of hard limits and they are not up for discussion.

Hard limits include: No kids, no cutting, no needles, no airway restriction, no water sports, no switch, no drugs, no booze, no burns, no branding, no play without safe words, and no play with anyone untested.

I have very strict guidelines that my Sub must follow, and tonight I will be presenting a test weekend set of rules to each of the subs I will be interviewing, to gauge their thoughts on my requirements and expectations.

My rules are simple, but demanding, and they are most certainly set in stone.

My rules for the test weekend are: I expect the body to be hair free, with the exceptions of hair on the head.

No self pleasure, my sub's orgasms belong to me and only me.

Complete proof of STI testing, done within the past three months.

Green, yellow, and red safe words are to be used and kept in mind at all times.

Condoms will be needed for all anal play.

The sub is to be prepared to submit to me at six in the evening on Friday and will remain in sub role until Sunday at three in the afternoon. The sub is then to spend from three to five talking with me about our weekend and any issues that need to be discussed.

These rules are all temporary, until the sub has gone through the test weekend. If a collar is offered to the sub, the complete rules will then be discussed. If the rules are agreed upon, then I would again have a regular weekend submissive.

I spend the rest of the afternoon and early evening finishing up my work and changed my clothes, right before it was time to leave for Eclipse.

For tonight, I chose my black leather pants, red leather bustier top, red strappy stilettos, and my black leather jacket. After changing, I looked to myself in mirror, and I knew that I was fuckhot.

I had my hair all twisted up today, so that when I took it down it was all curly and cascading down my back.

I touched up my makeup and darkened my eyes, going for a smoldering-smoky look. I dabbed on a touch of my favorite scent 'Twilight Woods', and grabbed my keys and purse, before I headed out the door.

I got into my Dodge Viper and when I arrived at the club I pulled up to the valet.

As I handed the guy my keys and a twenty, I said, "there is another one of these for you when I return, if no marks are on my car."

He nodded and I walked straight to the door of the club that was quickly opened for me.

I went down to the level where I was having my meetings and ordered a bottle of water. It was a quarter to seven and I was waiting for the first of the two submissives I will interview tonight.

Thinking back over the files, the first man I am meeting is named Jasper and he has been a sub for the past six years. He is dead on with all my limits, except the choking play. I am already turned off about that. The more I think about it the more I am stressing over it.

At five minutes to seven, a blonde haired man walks in. He walks to the table and does not say a word. He stands there with his hands folded in front of him.

"Hello Jasper, I am glad to see you are prompt. I wonder if you're always on time," I say.

He did not reply.

"I see that you know your place, please sit," I gestured to the chair. "I want you to take a moment to read over all of my limits."

He sits, not yet meeting my eyes, and I place the papers in front of him.

He sat down and I told him, "please read through these, and if you have any questions please ask them now. When you are finished reading, then I will ask you a few questions. I expect you to be honest and respectful."

He never asked me any questions, but he did look over the list of expectations and rules.

As he looked over my limits, I noticed that he seemed to be interested in the things he read. I also noticed the very slight reactions he had while he read things that I was not sure he was completely okay with. He would occasionally raise an eyebrow, and the side of his mouth would twitch upward.

I noticed that Jasper was finished reading. "Jasper, do you have any questions or concerns with my limits?" I asked.

"No Ma'am," he replied coolly.

"I noticed that you like to be choked. Does it bother you that it is a hard limit for me and the odds of it being something I will be willing to try is slim to none?" I asked.

He then stared me in the eyes and says, "well, I was hoping that might be something that you may learn to like as well, but I will agree to your wants."

I am not happy with that answer, nor am I impressed by the way he seemingly tried to dominate me by staring down at me, so I say, "Jasper, I do not like that you seem to think I may bend to your will. I am not a submissive in any way shape or form. You do understand that don't you?"

"Yes Ma'am, I understand," he said.

"Now, let's go over the list of my rules for a test weekend, and be sure to ask any questions you may have," I tell him.

I then spent a little time reading over all the rules with him and asked him for the copy of the proof of STI testing he was told to bring. He handed it to me and I looked it over. When I was finished, I handed the paper back to him and told him thank you.

"I will be making a choice by Wednesday if I offer you a test this weekend, will you be available?" I asked.

"Yes Ma'am, I will look forward to hearing from you," he replied.

Truthfully, I was not at all impressed by his cavalier attitude over my hard limits. I thanked him again, before I dismissed him.

He seems to think that he is so impressionable that I will be calling him.

Confidence is a good thing, but cocky and submissive do not go hand in hand.

I knew that the next person, Edward, would be here soon for his interview. It didn't seem like Jasper had been here that long, but it was already ten to nine. I hope that the next interview goes better, I was still hopeful that tonight's interviews weren't held in vain.

It was exactly nine when a rather tall man silently appeared next to my table. I looked up and noticed that his head was tilted so that he was only looking at the floor. He stood with his feet shoulder width apart and his hands clasped together behind his back. Over all, his behavior was clearly that of a seasoned Submissive, yet according to his profile he has not been a submissive for more than just a few short months.

His hair was bronze in color and looked like wild sex hair, he had a lean chiseled jaw, full lips, and the color of green of his eyes was what I would call shocking. They looked like small emeralds and were piercingly bright. This was one great looking man and I was hoping his mouth would not make him ugly. Sometimes when men open their mouths, they can ruin a beautiful picture.

"Hello, Edward, you are very prompt. I hope this is a sign that you are always prompt. I would be glad to have you join me. Please sit and feel free to answer my questions verbally, but respectfully," I tell him.

He sat in the chair opposite me, keeping his gaze down low, and had his hands folded in his lap.

I hand over a copy of my rules and limits; I went over the rules first with him. I then tell him to look over the limits and tell him to feel free to ask any questions he has regarding them. Edward looks over the information, and I could see the excitement in his eyes as he reads.

"I wonder, Edward, is reading this information turning you on?" I smirk while asking because I already know the answer.

"Yes, Ma'am, reading the things that you enjoy sharing with your submissive does arouse me. I am not a seasoned submissive as you know by my application. Peter and Charlotte assured me that I was fit to submit to you," Edward tells me.

"I do fully know all the information that you shared when submitting your submissive application with Peter and Charlotte, and they do know me well. After reading my rules and limits, are you interested in having a test weekend with me?" I ask him.

Edward smiled a crooked smile and replies, "I would love the opportunity to be your submissive for the weekend if you so desire me to be under your control Ma'am."

I smirk and say, "well Edward, I have your number. I will make my choice by five tomorrow afternoon. You will hear from me either way. I will speak to you then, you may go."

As soon as I say this he stands, keeping his eyes lowered.

"Goodnight, Ma'am. It has been a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for meeting with me this evening."

The entire time he is talking to me he is back in his submission stance. His demeanor and attitude made him appear to be a perfect submissive.

He leaves and I know already that it will be him that I am going to invite over to my house Friday night.

I got up and tossed a tip on the table, and let the doorman know I was done with the room for the night.

The valet brought my car up as I walked out the door. The car was in great shape, so I slipped another twenty to the kid, and went home.

I enter my home and get ready for bed. I have a lot of work to do, both personal and professional tomorrow, and I need sleep. I drift off thinking of Edward's full lips, and what they will feel like sucking on my clit.

Awake now with the morning sun filtering through my kitchen windows, I think more about last night's interviews.

Having made my choice, I call Peter and inform him. Peter gives me Edward's email address. I then compiled a complete set of instructions and got it all ready to send off to Edward via email. I called him promptly at five as I said I would and told him who I was, asking him to please join me for a test weekend.

Edward was quick to agree.

I told him he should expect an email from me and if he has not received it by six, to please call me back. I then said if you get the email, you need not return my call. I told him if he changed his mind that I would disregard his application and move on.

I thanked him for his time and told him that I look forward to Friday.

I did not hear back from him and assumed that he received my email. I am really looking forward to Friday, I want to really give this sexy hunk a test and I hope it goes well.

I can feel the chemistry when around this man, and I will use that to benefit the both of us. I may need to be in control, but I have always thrived at being a very generous mistress. Giving him plenty of pleasure and controlling that pleasure, is just as fulfilling for me.

I fully intend on testing the control of Edward Anthony Cullen.


I was so excited when she called and told me that she wanted to have a weekend test with me.

Isabella Swan is one of the most attractive Domme's I have ever laid my eyes on.

With her long dark hair, dark-deep set eyes, and those full pouty lips, she is like sex personified. She has a gorgeous body, and there was something there that made me feel connected to her.

When she spoke to me, there was a current, an odd sensation that ran through my body. With just her presence alone, I was granted pleasure, and I was thoroughly curious if her touch will cause the same response, or if the pleasure, will intensify.

It's now Friday afternoon, I dreamt of her last night, her voice and those lovely hands of hers. I was so hard. I got into the shower, and cranked the cold water.

I may not be her sub yet, but until I know differently my release belongs to her.

I know that touching her will be at her request only, but I wanted to touch her, longed to touch her, and last night I even dreamed about touching her. I have not been a submissive for long; however, it is the one thing I knew I was born to do.

Submitting to Isabella is a test that I will completely enjoy. Submitting to her, that beauty, and watching the pleasure that I will bring her, will bring me pleasure as well.

It is half past five now and I am driving to the gated community where she lives. I gave my name to the guard at the gate and I was immediately let through.

Just as I was instructed, I pulled into the left side of the driveway and parked the car. I went to the door and punched in the code I was given, and entered the house.

I was told to be naked and kneeling, ready for inspection when she got home. I had given myself enough time to get here and put away my clothing in the submissive bedroom.

I did exactly what I was told.

Soon, naked and ready for inspection, I was back in the foyer of her home awaiting her arrival.

With my head hung low, kneeling, and keeping my gaze to the floor, I heard the roaring engine of a car as it pulled into the garage and the sound of her heels on the marble floor as she crossed the room several minutes later.

It was enough to halt my breathing. Nervous and excited, with chills running down my spine, I kept my submissive pose, as she approached me. I felt her presence before my eyes focused on the pair of stiletto heels before me.

"Good evening Edward, you listen and follow directions very well so far. I would like for you to answer me for right now if I ask a direct question. Do you understand Edward?"

"Yes Ma'am," I replied, and didn't look up.

"Do you know what your safe words are Edward?"

"Yes Ma'am," I replied again.

"Your limits are very inline with mine and with what I enjoy. Since tonight is our first night together, I would like to test you on a few different things. I have a training collar that I would like to place on you for the weekend. Edward, by doing so, you will be expected to follow all my rules, or face punishment. Edward, do you agree to the terms, and accept this collar?" she asked.

"Yes Ma'am, I would be pleased to submit to you and accept your collar, as it is my place to do as you say," I tell her.

Her heels clicked as she stepped closer to me.

"Head up," She asked me to lift my chin and placed the collar around my neck. It was fur lined, buckled in the back and had a large D ring on the front.

"Edward, you may now show me your appreciation." I lowered my lips to her feet and kissed them.

"Thank you Mistress," I said, as my head rose from the floor.

"At the top of the steps there is a room to the left and I want you in there kneeling in submissive pose. I will be there in twenty minutes. Feel free to look around briefly, but when I arrive in the room you need to be ready for me, waiting as I asked," she said, confidently.

"Yes Mistress," I replied.

I go up to the room and I enter it. Taking a few minutes to look around, I notice all the suspension ropes and chains, the pulley system, and hooks in the dark hard wood floor. There is a large wooden x, spanking bench, and the large bed. The entire east wall is all mirrors, and there is a nice leather sofa and chair off in the corner. I notice a room off the play room and it is a full bathroom with a large walk in shower that is large enough for four people and a giant tub. I walk back to the center of the room and kneel, awaiting my mistress.

When she comes in the room, she moves around, while I continue to train my eyes on the floor. She walks over to me, but does not say anything. I think she is waiting to see if I will mess up.

Finally she says, "good job, Edward, you are very seasoned for a newbie. Follow me, but stay on your knees."

We cross the room and stop by the large heavy wood four pollster bed that I had noticed when I first entered the play room.

"Edward, I want to show you what pleasure I am able to give you. First, I would like to see what you are capable of doing with those lovely lips of yours and that tongue. Would you rather be on your knees or back while I see what you're able to do?"

"Whatever would please you, Mistress." I replied, knowing that that's exactly what she wanted to hear.

"Very well then Edward, I would like you on your back, on the bed. Do not touch me unless I tell you that you can. If you do not obey, I will tie you to the bed, forgoing what I had planned. It will then be punishment time."

I get on the bed as directed and she straddles my face, telling me to lick her pussy.

When my tongue first touched her clit, I was surprised to find that she had a vertical hood piercing. I paid very close attention to it and was flicking it rapidly with my tongue.

Soon, I felt her body tense and then she came to her orgasm. She let out contented sighs, as her juices cascaded down, getting all over my face.

Licking her, aroused me more than I expected. She was so warm, wet, and kept getting wetter.

Not only was I licking her clit and flicking the hood piercing, I was using my tongue to fuck her tight pussy as well. I was careful not to use my teeth and was struggling with the desire, not to grab her hips, to pull her deeper onto my face.

My Mistress had the most delicious pussy that I have ever tasted.

Through labored breathing, she said, "Edward, you are very talented with using your mouth. I wonder what other parts of you are equally talented?"

My only response was a muffled groan, as I continued to lick and suck her clit.

She stiffened, coming to another climax, covering my face and neck with her juices. I continued to lick her as she came down from her orgasm, lapping up whatever part of her I could that she was willing to give me.

As she moves from sitting on my face so that she was sitting beside me. "That was very well done. Should your Mistress now give you pleasure or pain or both?"

My reply is easy and is the same as last time. "Whatever would please you most, Mistress."

"Stay where you are Edward, I will return in a moment, then I will share with you a few things that please me," she said as she left the bed.

I hear her as she walks to the side of the room and opens a couple of drawers and takes out a few things. I cannot see what she is doing, from my angle on the bed, but I am excited to know her hands will soon be on my body.

She walks back to the bed and says, "Edward, I am going to place this blind fold on you, do you remember your safe words?"

"Yes, Mistress," I reply instantly.

"Good, Edward, what color are you now?" she asks after she blindfolds me.

"Green, Mistress," I tell her.

"Good. Edward, I am placing leather cuffs and ankle restraints on you. I am going to tie your arms and legs to this bed." I feel her small, yet strong hands as she does as she said she was. "Edward, what color are you now?

"Green Mistress," I reply.

I feel her moving around a little and I feel her hands and forearms reaching under my thighs, she wraps her arms around and pulls me down the bed several inches. Once my arms are stretched, but comfortable she again asks me my color and I again reply that I am still green.

I feel her get up off the bed, and hear her heels click across the dark wooden floor. I cannot see her, but I can hear her. As she returns to the bed, she does not fully get on the bed. She leaned over and lightly raked her nails across my chest. When her nails skimmed across my nipples I moaned.

"I see that you enjoy having your nipples touched. I wonder if you would like to have my tongue and teeth on them as well?" she asked me.

"Yes Mistress, I would like that," I tell her.

"Edward, you are so responsive to my touch, and I intend on pleasing you, however, I want to remind you that your orgasms belong to me so do not cum unless I tell you that you may."

I do not reply because I have not been asked a question but given an order.

My Mistress then is pinching one nipple while biting the other. I can feel her breasts against me when she leans down, she has metal bars piercing her nipples. It is such a turn on to feel the cool hard metal and her pebbled nipples, moving against my skin.

I feel the cool metal of the clamp a second before she clamps it on one of my nipples; she then clamps my other nipple. She again asked my color. I respond with green. She then moves her body to sit between my bent, but spread, legs.

I feel the soft fur and leather of the flogger as she lets it glide across my chest. I hear it swish through the air as the leather and fur covered straps slap my skin. I am painfully hard, and she has moved on to me, snapping the flogger across my legs. The feel of the soft fur, yet bite of the leather as she hit my skin causing me to moan with pleasure.

"Edward, you are so hard for me. You like my fur flogger?"

"Yes, Mistress," I reply. I feel her move around some more and leave the bed; I soon feel her return to the bed and place herself back between my legs.

"Edward, is your color still green, and are you comfortable?"

"Yes, Mistress, very green and comfortable," I reply.

"That is very good. I am going to test your control a little. I expect you to use a safe word if you need to. I do not want to hear anything from you unless it is to answer a question, or if a safe word is needed. Nod if you understand me."

I nodded my head.

"I know from reading your limits that you are open to anal play. I have a new toy that I would like to share with you, and I think that you will really enjoy this."

I can feel her fingers that are covered in lube rimming my puckered hole. She slowly slides a finger into me. Her hands are amazing and my cock gets harder, and twitches in response to her fucking me with her finger.

She continues to move her finger and adds another finger. The entire time she is doing this, I can feel her nails lightly grazing the skin of my hard cock. She moves her hand and I feel something cool and hard now against my puckered hole.

She tells me to take a deep breath and to relax, and as I do so, I feel the push of the object entering me. It has several knobs or ball like feeling objects connected on it that, but the last one is rather large. It didn't really hurt, however, it was a bit uncomfortable entering.

"Now, Edward, I want you to use your legs and push yourself up the bed so that your legs are straightened out and not bent," she tells me.

I do as she says and I had to restrain the moan from the pleasure of the fullness I felt.

"Edward, you listen so well and are showing some great restraint. I just want to see if you can handle a little more. Answer me by nodding, are we still green?"

I nodded and felt her warm hands rub up my thighs. Her hands kept trailing up my body, I felt her nails lightly scratch my sides, and fingers caress the pinched skin of my clamped nipples.

She moved one hand to my cock and pulled it up so it was no longer resting on my stomach.

"My Edward, you did not exaggerate on the size of your cock did you? I thought for certain that when you said that your cock was nine and a quarter inches from base to tip and three and a half inches in diameter, that I would have to punish you for embellishing a bit. I, however, see that is not the case at all is it?"

Although it was a question, it was rhetorical in nature, and not direct. So I did not reply.

"Well Edward, I know that getting your nipples pinched and sucked on is a turn on for you and I know how much you enjoyed the balls I pushed into you. I wonder if you will like it when the clamps and balls vibrate while I ride this glorious cock of yours. Do you think you will like that?"

I nod my head.

I feel her straddle my body, and right before I expect to feel her lower herself onto my large throbbing cock, I feel her tongue lick up the center of my chest to my neck, where she stops, and giving me a light nip on my collar bone, while her hands are busy one on each nipple.

I felt the heaviness of what ever was now on the clamps and almost moan when I feel them start to pulsate.

The vibrations on my nipples are giving out a small pulse of vibration every few seconds.

Then I hear a click and I have a steady low but deep vibration against my colon.

I was having a difficult time controlling my moans before. However, now I was more worried that I would cum.

"Very good, Edward, I am really turned on by how well you obey. I am going to give you more pleasure now; I am going to put this huge cock into my hot, wet, and tight pussy. Are you ready?" she asks me, as I feel her weight shift. Her hand grasps a hold of me, to place me into the position where she wants me.

I nod and I feel her tightness squeezing me as she slowly slides her self down my cock.

She moans rather loudly as she fills herself full of my cock, and I start thinking of the grossest things I can think of so that I do not cum right then and there.

I regain some of my composure and am enjoying the feel of her tight pussy.

I am deeply seated into her and she clicks the button again and the vibrations got stronger against my colon.

"Oh Edward, I can feel the vibrations against the bar on my hood, it feels almost as good as your mouth felt. I am going to ride you now. You are not to cum until I say you may," she moans to me.

She sets a pace that is hard and fast and I am having a hard time keeping myself from busting a nut deep into her.

She starts to moan more and more, and her movements become more deep and hard, rough, as she rides me.

She clicks the button again and I feel the hardest, deepest vibrations I have ever felt before. I was about to use a safe word, before I came to my climax without her approval.

"Now Edward, cum for me now," she screams.

Her walls clamp down onto me and as I released my orgasm in long hot spurts into her tight pussy, she unclamped one of my nipples, and sucked on it. Then, she unclamped the other and sucked on it.

While I had just came inside her, the heat traced pleasure from my nipples set off another orgasm from me, and I came again still deep inside of her.

I remain silent as she has told me to, as she removes the blindfold and she has a smirk on her face. She clicks the button and the vibrations against my colon stop, and she reaches behind her and slowly removes one ball at a time from me.

She gets off of me and my first thought is that I want to be back inside her.

My mistress then grabs lotion from the bedside table and unties my legs and rubs up them from ankle to hip, and back down with her lotion covered hands. She then rubs both arms to my shoulder and unties my arms, rubbing them down again.

I am not sure if her smirk is from the double orgasm I experienced or some wicked pleasure thing she is thinking of trying next.

She says, "Let's go clean up. I will run us a bath and we can talk openly about how our first scene went. I will be right back, stay here."

She walks into the bathroom and I hear the tub filling with water.

I was still seeing stars and I am so amazed at the fact that I had two orgasms back to back. I have never had the ability to do that before, there was something about being with my mistress that does things to my body, which I never thought were possible.

I hope that she enjoys me as much as I do her.

I want to be her submissive.

I am making a vow to myself now, to do everything I can to have Isabella Swan as my Mistress and Domme, for as long as she will have me.


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