Chapter 2: Meeting Rhett Butler

The following morning Scarlett and her sisters were allowed to go out in play with the other children. Throwing snow balls, making snow angels, making snow man and having a grand ball doing all these things for this only came just once a year. Scarlett ran all around the yard having great fun.

"Scarlett, come back here." Stuart yelled as he chased her with a snow ball in his hand. Hiding behind a dead tree Scarlett waited for him to approach. Within moments she would pelt him with her snow ball.

"Scarlett, what are you doing?" A 12 year old Ashley Wilkes asked from behind Scarlett.

Scarlett jumped at the sound of the voice. "Oh, hi Ashley, just going to get Stuart with this snow ball." Scarlett said as she turned a little red. "Do you want to join us?" she asked.

"Sure, um, Scarlett, why is your face turning red?" Ashley asked as he picked up some snow.

"I don't know." Scarlett said as she tried hiding it. Before long Stuart was on them and threw his snow ball. Scarlett ducked and it got Ashley right in the face.

Scarlett went around the other side of the tree and hid in the carriage. "No, Miz Scarlett, get down from there." Mammy yelled out the door as she watched the girls play.

Scarlett rolled her eyes and got out of the carriage and went and hid someplace else. Running a crossed the ice Scarlett fell and smacked the ice.

"OW!" Scarlett cried as tears fell down her face. Rubbing the back of her head she could feel a bump forming.

"Are you okay?" a boy asked coming over to her and offering his hand to her.

"Yes, I'm fine." Scarlett said still rubbing her head. "My head hurts but other than that I'm okay." Looking at the boy with a smile, "I'm Scarlett."

"It's nice to meet you I'm Rhett." The boy said smiling down at her. This boy had jet black hair, was rather tall for his age and very skinny as well. He just so happened to be 13however, many people mistaken his age much older then what he truly was. Sticking out his hand Scarlett took it and got to her feet.

"I don't think I've ever seen you around here before." Scarlett said as she made her way slowly over to the snow bank.

"Aw, yes, my mother, sister and I moved here from Charleston South Carolina this past summer." Rhett said sitting next to her. "My father died so me and my family moved down here for a better life I guess you could say.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." Scarlett said as she held her hand to her forehead. It must be awful to lose a parent at such a young age. Then again she was six and didn't know about that.

"I've learned to live with it. You see my father wasn't the man you would think about as a father. No, in fact when I turned 13 my father told me I had to get a job or I would be kicked out of the house. So I did get a job and tried to make money to help the family. However, dad just took it all the money and spent it on liquor and cigars." Looking at Scarlett as the wind blew by them just like a dream. "Do you need some ice for that bump?" Rhett asked pointing at Scarlett's little bump.


"Miz Scarlett is ya okay?" Prissy yelled as she came over in a heap of panic.

"Yes, Prissy, I'm fine just hurts a little that's all." Scarlett said looking at her.

"We will get some ice for it and have your mother look at it." Prissy said taking Scarlett's hand and guiding her in side.

Looking back Scarlett smiled at Rhett and thanked him for his help. He smiled back and said she was quite welcome.

"Scarlett, are you okay?" Ellen asked as Scarlett and Prissy came through the door.

"Yes, I'm fine mother." Scarlett said still rubbing the back of her head.

Not buying what her daughter was saying Ellen looked at the bump and had Scarlett hold some ice to it.

"Mother, do you know who Rhett Butler is?" Scarlett asked as she sat on her mother's sofa in her office.

"No, I don't dear." Ellen answered her daughter as she looked through some papers. "Why do you ask?"

"No reason, just wondering that was all." Scarlett said smiling at her mother. He was very nice so it would seem. She didn't see no Ashley Wilkes rushing to her side to help her up. Scarlett let out some air as she sighed heavily and mad like. She would get him someday as her own. Unfortunately she would have to wait till she was much older to do so.

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