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An Account of Bad Wolf

Finally the panel opened up. Once she looked inside she not only could get the TARDIS to take her back, there was so much more. She saw everything; all of the past, every choice being made right now, and all the possible futures. Not just her history and future but everyone's everywhere. She knew she wouldn't remember it, how could she, he would take it all away from her, or at least he would try, she smirked. But she saw it, she could leave herself a message, a crossed time, a crossed space and even a crossed universes. Especially a crossed the universes, she would be there for awhile and she couldn't lose faith. From this point in time she would be his equal, it just may take him awhile to see that. Though she knew it would take time and loss to find it all out they would be together, forever. He would not have to watch her wither and die, not for a long time at least. All she had to do was get back to him and save him, and this was the longest trip in this history of all trips, or at least it felt that way with the Time Vortex swimming around in her head. She wanted nothing more than her Doctor safe. Her Doctor. Her heart was filled with love for him; she just wanted to keep him safe. Finally the doors to the TARDIS opened and there was her Doctor, and the Daleks… they would die this day she knew.

"What have you done," shouted the Doctor.

"I looked into the TARDIS," started Bad Wolf, "and the TARDIS looked into me."

"You looked into the Time Vortex. Rose, no one is supposed to see that," stressed the Doctor scared for her.

"This is the abomination!" cried the Dalek Emperor.

"Exterminate!" Cried a Dalek, shooting its energy beam directly at Rose's body, Bad Wolf's eyes flash with their golden light and she raises her right hand affectively stopping the beam and sending it back to the one who shot it. Inside she was giddy and scared, this power was taking on a life of its own but it was working so she didn't care.

"I am the Bad Wolf," she states as the Doctor looks at her in confused fear "I create myself. I take the words. I scatter them, in time and space. A message to lead myself here."

"Rose! You've got to stop this. You've got to stop this now!" cried the Doctor as she just stood there "You've got the entire Vortex running through your head, you're going to burn!"

"I want you safe," Bad Wolf replied surprising him. "My Doctor, protected from the false god."

"You cannot hurt me, I am immortal." Stated the Dalek Emperor.

"You are tiny," claimed Bad Wolf stressing each word. "I can see the whole of time and space. Every single atom of your existence and I divide them." Her eyes flashing again as she raised and spread her fingers of her right hand. The Dalek who had first shot at her starts to dissolve into the air from both ends until there was nothing left but dust. "Everything must come to dust. All things, everything dies." She stated as she raised her arms. All of the Daleks in the control room with her and the Doctor also start to dissolve as the previous Dalek did. "The Time War ends." Rose noted it was like watching a movie inside her head it was her but it wasn't her.

"I will not die," stated the Dalek Emperor. "I cannot die!" he screamed as the whole ship and everything on it also dissolved into dust.

"Rose you've done it, now stop. Just let go." Urged the Doctor.

"How can I let go of this? I bring life," she stated as her eyes again flashed with the golden light. And somewhere down below Captain Jack Harkness took another breath.

"But this is wrong! You can't control life and death," shouted the Doctor disturbed by what she had just done, she made a human life a fact a fixed point in time.

"But I can," Bad Wolf replied taking the steam right out of the Doctor. "The Sun and the Moon, the day and night. But why do they hurt?" Rose was fighting to get back control of her body, she saw the fear in the Doctor's eyes and knew she was in trouble, the whole time she knew everything but that, Bad Wolf had kept that from her.

"The power's going to kill you and it's my fault," cried the Doctor hanging his head in defeat, how could he have let this happen, his Rose, he sent her home to keep her safe not so she would do this.

"I can see everything," stated Bad Wolf causing him to look back up at her. "All that is, all that was, all there ever could be."

Realization dawning on the Doctor as he stands up to meet her on her level, he could save her, "that's what I see," he said with a smile, "all the time. And doesn't it drive you mad?

"My head," she started, Rose was fighting for the Bad Wolf to let go. They had their Doctor, now it was time for the Wolf to leave.

"Come 'ere," he said.

"It's killing me," she cried as Bad Wolf started to ebb away, tucking itself away from what was to come whispering to Rose, it'll be okay.

"I think you need a doctor," he smoldered as he took her in his arms and kissed her. His kiss was enough to draw out the Time Vortex. He could feel the hunger of the Wolf in the kiss. Once no longer burdened with the Vortex Rose fainted and the Doctor lowered her to the floor. Rising back to his full height his eyes shone with the golden light of the Vortex as he took a breath and then exhaled the Vortex back into the TARDIS. Beware the Cybermen, he heard a voice as the last of the Vortex left him. He stumbles back a bit once freed himself from the Vortex's power and kneels back beside Rose tenderly brushing her hair from her face, that was strange, he thought as he picked her up to carry her back onto the TARDIS. He could feel the whole wrongness that was Captain Jack on the floor below and the Doctor wanted to get out of there before Jack could find his way back to them.

Once back on the TARDIS he laid Rose on the floor and plotted a course for Rose's home. Seeing Jack stumble in just as the TARDIS was dematerializing from the monitor. Once they were on their way Rose came to saying "What happened?"

"Don't you remember?" replied the Doctor, he was surprised but a little relieved. "It's like, there was thing singing," started Rose, she knew it was important.

"That right," quipped the Doctor. "I sang a song and the Daleks ran away."

Ignoring him she pressed on, "I was at home. No I wasn't, I, I was in the TARDIS. And," she sighed trying to remember, "the…there was this light. I can't remember anything else."

As she was talking the Doctor noticed the after affects of taking the Vortex away from her as the back of his had glowed, one day he would have to sit and think about how she had carried the Vortex for so long and just a little exposure was killing him. "Rose Tyler," he smiled. "I was going to take you to so many places. Barcelona. Not the city Barcelona, the planet Barcelona. You'd love it, fantastic place. They got dog with no noses," he laughed causing Rose to giggle with him. "Imagine how many times a day you end up telling that joke, and its still funny."

"Then why can't we go?" Rose asked the still laughing Doctor, she was annoyed she couldn't remember.

"Maybe you will, and maybe I will. But not like this," he smiled and turned back to the screen, he wouldn't change what he did to save her but he was still a bit angry about it, just not at her. After all he made her his now, even if he would be another him.

"You're not making sense," replied Rose as she stood up.

"I might never make senses again! I might have two heads, or no head. Imagine me with no head, and don't say that's an improvement," he warned with a smile and hung his head. "But it's a bit dodgy this process," he said as Rose's smile began to fade. "You never know what you're going to end up with." With that as shock ran though his body sending him away from the control panel.

"Doctor!" cried Rose as she started for him.

"Stay away," he shouted at her from his hunched over position and she took a step back.

"Doc…Doctor tell me what's going on," said Rose her voice and face betraying her worry for him.

"I absorbed all the energy of the Time Vortex and no one's meant to do that" he said in pain. He took a moment to try to compose his self so he could still talk telling Rose "every cell in my body is dying."

"B…c…can't you do something?" stammered Rose in disbelief.

"Yeah, I'm doing it now," he replied. "Time Lords have this little trick; it's sort of a way of cheating death." After a beat he continued "Except… it means I'm going to change." Rose shook her head not understanding what he meant. "And I'm not going to see you again. Not like this, not with this daft old face," he laughed in spite of himself. "And before I go…"

"Don't say that," interrupted Rose.

"Rose," he said silencing her. "Before I go I just want to say you where fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what?" as she shook her head he smiled and said "So was I." And with a grin he erupted in a golden yellow light. He seemed to grow and shrink all at the same time. His hair grew longer and a bit wild, as his ears and nose got a bit more refined. His eyes went from their pale blue to brown hazel. And when the light faded from around him the jumper and leather jacket just didn't seem to quite fit any more. "Hello," said the Doctor's new face. "Okay," he started only to swallow his words and make a face. "New teeth, that weird. So where was I."

Rose just stood by the coral she had clung to with a look of total shock and disbelief on her face. "Oh, that's right," started the Doctor again. "Barcelona."

"I," started Rose unsure of her own voice and a bit unnerved but the huge grin this new face of the Doctor was flashing her. Surely this wasn't the Doctor, her head was telling her so. But her heart, was it so sure that he wasn't her Doctor, sure he looked different, he even sounded different, but her heart still seemed to tell her he was the same man.

His smile started to fade with her hesitation, was this really too much for her? Was this the event that would send her packing like everyone before her? The pain in his hearts was growing to see her stand there gawking at him. Wait, no hold on, he thought that's not pain about her possible leaving, something's wrong. He doubled over in pain again.

"What's going on?" jumped Rose. She could tell something wasn't quite right and it didn't have so much to do with the shaggier new Doctor.

"I, agh!" cried the Doctor. "I don't know. Something's gone wrong with my regeneration."

The TARDIS started to shake as the Doctor succumbed to the pain and fell to his knees. "What can I do?" cried Rose frantic to know what could be done to fix all this.

"Help the TARDIS land," grunted the Doctor.

"Help the TARDIS? I can't fly her," exclaimed Rose in a bit of a panic.

"To right," said the Doctor as he struggled to his feet to assist the TARDIS land hopefully with little incident. Well it could have been worse, he thought after they crash landed at the Powell Estate. And for a moment he felt much better thinking that maybe the problem was over he bounded out of the TARDIS way ahead of Rose only to great her mom Jackie and Mickey before collapsing unconscious.