Chapter 9

Calling the Captain

Shortly after picking up Jenny, Rose had asked Donna to help her dye her hair back to its natural brown. Donna had been hesitant but agreed seeing how the visual similarities between Rose and Jenny bothered both of them, at least with Rose being a brunette it wouldn't be as noticeable. The Doctor seemed to enjoy her new hair color but joked that she still wasn't ginger either.

They continued on traveling for months just the four of them, getting into and out of trouble. They enjoyed each other's company, and the Doctor relaxed around Rose as time went on because from what Donna could see she was able to contain the Bad Wolf. Or at least Rose was able to contain it when the others where around, the Doctor did still complain that she had a tendency to wander off. But more of their scraps where resolved by the Doctor or as a group effort that Donna wondered if Bad Wolf hadn't taken charge on Anthem because they wouldn't have been able to handle it.

One day they were having breakfast in the kitchen when a phone rang; the Doctor went running for the control room and the other three followed him and as he answered the Razor cell phone Jenny asked, "He has a cell phone?"

Rose replied, "That's not his phone," and she looked to Donna for an explanation.

"It's Martha's phone, she left it here to she could get a hold of him whenever she needed too," replied Donna, and they waited for the Doctor to get off the phone.

When he clicked the phone shut he looked at the three of them like someone had just told him his favorite pet just died, "Doctor, what happened?" asked Donna.

"Martha called and asked me to look for Jack, said that he had left Earth after a pretty big to do with what they called the 456," the Doctor looked pained telling them this and Rose went to his side and grabbed his hand. He took comfort from her offered hand but couldn't bring himself.

"So he has the ability to leave Earth, and if my hunch is correct can travel a bit in time , so this is going to be like a looking for a needle in a hay stack," Donna complained, she liked the idea of seeing Jack again but the Doctor's suddenly depressed mood was making her grumpy.

"Well he could try to locate his Vortex Manipulator, and send us hopping after him for weeks," Rose joked poking at the Doctor's side before playing with her own Vortex Manipulator, "Or you could go here," she said showing him the screen.

"How did you," he started to ask.

"Well I had programmed it to the other Jack's DNA and energy signature back in the other universe, he liked to wander off too," she said with a bit of a grin, "and since both his DNA and energy signature are the same here, it was easy to pin point him."

The Doctor just looked at her and then said, "But it shouldn't have worked I fixed it so it couldn't teleport it shouldn't have found him in a different time," the Doctor said as he plotted the course.

Rose just grinded that special grin and pulled out her own Sonic Screwdriver, "I have my own tools you know," she said.

"Do you have any other tricks up your sleeve," laughed Donna as she saw the Doctor's only slightly surprised face.

"No that's the last one," Rose smiled, she knew that her gun which was still in its pocket of her jacket was a sore subject, remembering how the Doctor threatened to replace it with a banana, but she hadn't gone and pulled it once since she had been back so he let it stand for now. She couldn't help but carry it though, just like the Screwdriver and her Manipulator, they had become part of her every day needs in the other universe and those weren't habits that one can just give up, but she silently agreed with the Doctor if she could give up the weight of the gun in her pocket she would feel better.

When they landed on the planet where Jack was Donna declared that they all needed to change, so the three of them left the Doctor. They went to the wardrobe room, for Jenny it was her closet if she wanted anything then a black or green tee shirt with pleather pants, and the same went for Rose though she had a few more colors then black or green and she had jeans instead of the plastic leather. For Donna the wardrobe room was just something to explore when she was bored of the clothes she had packed or when her clothes didn't fit the time period, and she decided that a planet of just night clubs and bars fit the later reasoning.

Rose couldn't help but smile at the different sections of the room the TARDIS had lit for them, pale blue lights for Donna, a greenish yellow hue for Jenny, and a warm rose color for herself. Donna quickly found a lovely deep blue cocktail dress, and Jenny picked out a silky yellow tank top with grey trousers. Rose settled on a short sleeved pink button down blouse in a silky materiel with a pair of black jeans. Donna accented her outfit with a wide black belt, a pair of black sling backs, and a long silver necklace, Jenny swaped out her normal combat boots for a small wedge heel that looked similar to the Doctor's trainers. Rose opted to a tall boot with a riding heel made in a suede like materiel with silver studs running along the top and by the ankle, she kept the leather jacket feeling the familiar weight from the items in her various pockets. She had the ring from the other Doctor in the upper left breast pocket, along with the locket her mother had given her on her death bed, Jackie had told her that it had been hers since she was born though Rose still didn't quite understand that. In the inner left pocket rested her gun in its holster, she didn't want to wear it on her belt around the Doctor but she couldn't let go of it either, and in her right outer pocket was the Sonic Screwdriver.

"Ugh," Jenny complained coming up behind Rose, "You're getting to be as flexible as Dad with your outfits."

Donna laughed a little further behind Jenny, "You should talk."

Rose just smiled at the two of them as she pulled the locket out of its pocket, "I like this jacket," she said as she put the necklace on.

"Oh, that's really pretty," Donna cooed over the locket noticing the detailing on the front and the little beads on the very long chain.

"Haven't seen that before," Jenny remarked as if proud that it was a major change in the outfit.

"I don't like to wear it much," Rose replied simply, "too many memories."

Donna nodded, though the brunette in front of her looked no older then a young adult Rose had seen so much in her almost two hundred years. "Well are we ready?"

Rose and Jenny both grinned and nodded, and then Rose said, "It's not going to be all fun though; we're going to have to work to find Jack. The Doctor looked really upset after talking to Martha; I think Jack is trying to drown his sorrows away here."

Donna nodded her agreement, "You know him better than we do, or the other him at least; what do you think we should do?" she asked as they walked together back to the control room.

"I kind of want to spilt up, leave the Doctor here incase Jack heard the TARDIS and then have each of you take one of his regular bars that his signature is all over and I'll just roam the streets in case he decided to change it up tonight, also if we don't find him tonight we can't just sit at the same bars, and we can't stay more than two hours at each" replied Rose.

"Sounds very strategic," Jenny approved, "But how will I know him when I see him?"

Rose pointed to her bedroom door as they walked towards it and the three of them went in, Donna had only seen the room once before when Rose was still trapped in the other universe and the Doctor had went in not realizing that Donna had seen him, and what surprised Donna now was how much neater the room was then before. The colors also seemed to have muted themselves because Donna would have sworn that the pink had been more cheery than it was now. Rose picked up two photos off her dresser and handed them to the other women and pointing to one of the males in each picture said "That's Jack."

"Who's the other guy," Jenny and Donna asked at the same time.

Rose pointing to the tall man with large ears and a big nose in Donna's picture said "That's the Doctor."

"No," replied Donna stretching out the word but grinning like mad.

Rose grined right back at her but looked at Jenny's picture and said "That's Ianto Jones from the other universe, well that's Jack is from the other universe too but they look the same."Rose gathered the pictures back up and returned them back to their places on the dresser and lead the others back to the control room.

When Donna saw the Doctor just standing there in his blue suit she couldn't help but picture Rose's first Doctor standing in that suit and just started to laugh and when the Doctor raised his eyebrow at her in question she looked at Rose and said, "I get why you like that leather jacket so much."

The Doctor just sighed and said, "Rose, what did you do?"

Failing innocence Rose smiled at him sheepishly and said "I just showed them pictures of Jack."

He shook his head, knowing what pictures she had of the Captain and said, "So are we going now?"

"Shouldn't you stay with the TARDIS? What if Jack heard it materialize and comes looking for it?" asked Jenny.

The Doctor wasn't keen on the idea of staying behind or of the girls splitting up which he was sure they had talked about, "I can stay here though I doubt that he heard the TARDIS, but don't go wandering off from each other," he said looking at Rose, then tossing a cell phone to Jenny he said "Just in case."

Rose smiled when she saw that it was the cell phone her first Doctor had had in Cardiff, "Another supper phone? You should start your own cell phone company," she said with a grin, as the as Donna, Jenny and she headed for the door.

Jenny called over her shoulder as they left the TARDIS, "Don't wait up Dad," winning her a chores of laughs from the other others as the doors shut.

"Alright, where to," asked Donna looking at Rose her hand still on the TARDIS door.

"The first bar is," she started looking at her Vortex Manipulator, "Is this way," she said pointing to the left and heading that way.

Jenny and Donna followed her, when they reached the bar in question Rose gaped at the name, "Bit hung up on you that one," Donna quipped with a grin.

"Naked Wolf?" Jenny asked.

At the same time Rose denied, "That's not me."

"Do we know any other wolves?" asked Donna walking though the door. In side they were met with dozens of aliens ranging from the Hath to Raxacoricofallapatorians.

Donna and Jenny looked a bit uneasy until Rose said, "No need to worry, the Judoon will keep trouble from brewing. Now who wants this one," Rose asked frowning slightly at her Manipulator.

Donna looked at the blond next to her and said, "I will, even if we don't find Jack there is a cute sailor over in the corner." Rose looked at her with a raised eyebrow, "well okay he's a bit daft but no more than the Doctor in your photo," amended Donna gaining a set of giggles from the other two.

Rose looked at her Manipulator again before saying, "Alright, just don't leave with him, yeah." And after making sure Donna had Jenny and her cell numbers Rose gave Donna a grin and said, "Have fun, remember two hours."

"You seem fixed on what the thing is telling you," Jenny commented as they left Donna behind gesturing towards the Vortex Manipulator.

"Busy planet, just trying to find Jack," Rose said typing away on the Manipulator again.

"Your hiding something Rose Tyler, I can feel it," Jenny said.

"And?" Rose asked with a hint of a challenge in her voice.

"Don't hurt him with you games," the blond warned.

Rose stopped and looked Jenny in the eye, "I'm doing this to protect him. That's all I've ever wanted was him safe."

Jenny nodded, "Where to next?"

"Over here," Rose replied pointing off to the right. As they walked into the bar Rose noted how much this one reminded her of the inside of the TARDIS with the way the lighting was and everything, "Will you be okay?" she asked.

"Yeah I'll hang out here until I get a call or see him," Jenny replied heading for the main bar.

"Two hours," Rose called and looked at her Manipulator again before heading back out into the streets.

Rose typed a few things and then hit a button a teleporting to the other side of the planet in front of the bar Torch Woods, she walked inside tucking a strand of her brown hair behind her ear. Seeing Jack in a corner playing with his revolver she walked right up to his table and said, "Let's not cause a scene yeah?"

Jack looked at her hard but with the amount he had been drinking and her dark hair he didn't recognize her and said, "Who the hell are you?"

"A friend," she said sitting a crossed from him and pulling up the sleeve of her jacket so he could see her Vortex Manipulator.

"I don't have friends at the Agency anymore," Jack slurred.

Rose just smiled and said, "Who said I was with the Agency? I didn't say I was with the Agency, I'm more of a free lancer," recalling how they had first met, "In fact I'm hear about a deal we had years back now, but I need you sober," she waived to the barkeep, "Coffee for my friend here."

Jack almost cried, "No coffee."

She gave him a sad smile and said to the barkeep, "Alright, make that two strong teas instead." They sat in silence until they man behind the bar brought over two large cups of tea and turned to leave them to their business, "Drink, a nice cuppa tea can make the world better."

Jack did as he was told but gave her a hard look; he had heard those words before. After he started on the second cup he could feel the effects of the alcohol he had consumed start to wan, "I know you," he said trying to get his eyes to focus on her face.

Rose nodded, "Yes, but it's been a wail. Last time I saw you it was in another bar, far away from here." He frowned at her still not placing who she was, she gave him a small smile and said, "Come on finish your tea."

As he finished his second cup and two more where brought to them and this time Rose took up the one cup and he started on his third. "You remind me of an old friend," Jack started studying her face, "But different."

Rose could tell the alcohol was starting to wear off, she knew his condition helped the detox process but was surprised as to how quickly he was recovering compared to her other Jack, "Your different too," she replied, "far more durable then I remember."

"Rose," he finally crocked out his throat constricting with emotions.

Rose gave him a small smile and said, "Its alright Jack I'm here, drink your tea."

He watched her drink her tea for a wail as he finished his own and started slowly on his fourth before saying, "He's gone Rose, I couldn't save him."

"I know," Rose said reaching over the table and squeezing his hand, "I'm so sorry."

He lapsed back into silence for a wail before asking, "Why are you here?"

"Looking for you of course," she replied, "I had a little help though," she added raising her wrist that her Manipulator was on.

"He hasn't disabled yours?" Jack asked.

"He's tried," Rose grinned pulling out her own Sonic.

"How did you get a hold of that?" Jack asked.

She just smiled and replied, "I built it; the Torchwood in the other universe had some blue prints I found. Though if I remember correctly I was told they where faulty, but then I shouldn't have been able to build a second Vortex Manipulator just by taking the other Jack's apart and rebuilding it either."

Jack shook his head a smiled saying, "Rose Tyler you're just full of surprises."

"So I've been told," she said a bit of sadness seeping into her voice. She gave herself a mental sake and said, "Here let me fix yours and then we can head back to the others. He wouldn't want you held up on this rock, repeatedly killing yourself."

He looked sheepishly at her but nodded his consent and giving her his wrist, within moments she had his Manipulator working, he asked, "The last time I saw you the Doctor invited me with the three of you, and you looked like he just suggested to change the past, you knew what was coming didn't you. You knew he was going to die," the pain of the accusation was heavy in his voice.

Rose couldn't bring herself to look him in the eye, "I knew about Steven," she admitted afraid what he would do if she admitted to knowing about Ianto as well.

Jack's anger deflated a bit when he said, "Ianto is gone."

Rose looked heartbroken for him and asked though she already knew the answer, "And Gwen?"

"She was six months pregnant when I left, not mine mind you but, she asked me to stay for her," Jack crocked, he was miserable but Rose couldn't help but be thankful that he was back with her, she hadn't realized how much of a whole was left by his absence.

She watched at him as he paid the barkeep, who seemed very relieved and shot Rose a thankful glance, Jack must have tried his stunt here before, she thought as she gave a nod to the man. When Jack was done she grabbed his hand and he gave her a quizzical look and she released his hand and said, "Sorry, I guess it's hard to separate the Jack from the other universe from you."

He took her hand back in his and said, "If it's normal for you then its fine by me, but what about the Doctor?" he asked trying to distract himself with her love life, though he did notice that the ache in his heart had lessened with her presence.

"He will have no right to take up an issue," she sulked a bit.

"Back to the status quoi?" asked Jack with a frown, "I would have thought he would be more opened with you after," he let the words hang unfinished.

She sighed as they walked down the street hand in hand, she thought a bit of a walk before they teleported would be a good thing, "No not quite as they were but there hasn't been much change either," she admitted, "Just a new set of daily routine things you know."

Jack nodded remembering the routines that Rose and their first Doctor had had, "But your still waiting," he observed.

"Shut up," she said with a grin and nudged him with her shoulder.

As they walked and talked about this and that, Jack learning more about her time with the other Jack and she listened to his stories about Torchwood and Ianto. His heart lightened as they talked and the more he shared about Ianto the more the pain seemed to subside. After awhile he said, "Your one of a kind Rose Tyler." She just looked at him quizzically surprised at the sudden change in topic. "I've never been about to really talk about those I've lost over the years," he said simply.

She gave him a small smile and replied, "May have something to do with knowing you before you where immortal, and maybe more to do with being the one to make you as such."

He shrugged not sure himself what the reason was. "So how much longer are we going to walk in circles?" he asked instead.

She gave him a sheepish smile and said, "So you noticed, well we really can't walk back to them, they are on the other side of the planet."

"So we're teleporting then," he reasoned.

"Yeah, to the other side of the planet and about six hours in the future," she said.

"Time hoping under his nose?" asked Jack with a raised eye brow.

She nodded, "You'll come back here someday and understand."

"Crossing his timeline then," Jack stated.

"Just remember today's date," she sighed, "And your favorite bar."

Jack raised an eye brow at her and said, "You saw that?"

"Yes," she replied not meeting his eye.

"You know," he said, lifting her chin with his finger so he could look her in the eye, "if you hadn't already given your heart to him by the time I met you we could have been good together."

Rose gave Jack a soft smile, "I know, I was reminded of that often," she replied and she reached up and pulled his head down as she stood on her toes so she could kiss his forehead. Then keeping his eyes locked with her's, she intertwined her fingers with his one hand and typed a few things first on his Vortex Manipulator and then her own and they teleported back to the street she had just left not even ten minutes before. Once there she pulled her cell phone for its pocket and called Jenny first and asked the blond to pick up or call Donna and met them back at the TARDIS, when she agreed Rose said, "Thanks Jenny."

Jack raised his eye brow, "Jenny? The Doctor gained another female companion?"

"Ah, it's not like that," she said nudging him with her shoulder, "But I think it would be better if they explained it, and feel free to imply that to him," she said with a bit of a wicked grin.

Jack chuckled at that and nodded his understanding as they continued to walk back to the TARDIS. When they got there Jack paused before stepping over the threshold, Rose looked back at him when she felt the tug on her hand and said with a bit of gold shining in her eyes, "She knows you know, she won't run again," and then blinking her eyes a few times she looked at Jack confused.

"When I finally met back up with the Doctor he had taken Martha to Cardiff to refuel. But he saw me coming and he tried to run, I jumped and clung to the outside of the TARDIS all the way to the end of the universe and the Master," Jack explained then asked his eyes drifting behind her, "Didn't he tell you about the year that never was?"

She turned on her heel and looking the Doctor in the eye said, "No he did not," then turning back to Jack said, "You clung to the outside of the TARDIS through the Vortex?"

"Yeah, not one of the more pleasant ways to die though not one of the worst ways to go either," replied Jack.

She looked back at the Doctor, "How could you do that, did you even know if he would survive?"

"I suspected, what I didn't think was he would be able to grab a hold in the first place," replied the Doctor.

Rose sighed and looked at Jack the pain of the effect her actions had on him evident in her face, "I'm sorry," and she left the two men in the control room heading for her room. About two hours later a knock sounded at her door, "Come in," she called not looking up from her book, expected the Doctor's lithe frame to enter the room. When he didn't come over to the bed she looked up putting her book down and said, "Jack?"

He crossed the room and sat at the foot of her bed and with a lopsided grin said, "You could have warned me she was his daughter." Rose couldn't help but laugh as he said, "He was so torn between following you and keeping me away from her. Though I did get to see his face when I insisted that he had a thing for blonds and she was the newest flavor."

Rose's eye went wide as she stifled a laugh, "What did he say?"

Jack rubbed his cheek at this point in the story and said, "He didn't get a chance, Donna put me in my place with how he only has eyes for you, though she agreed in front of him that he doesn't know how to show it, and that Jenny was his daughter of sorts."

Rose fell into a fit of giggles again picturing the ginger woman going after Jack, she leaned over and kissed the cheek he had just rubbed, "Should have warned you about Donna," she said with a grin. "She's the Doctor's best mate and she has a bit of a temper."

"A bit?" he asked with a grin, but then asked seriously, "Those aren't yours are they," motioning to the pile of books by the other side of the bed.

"No," she replied, "they are his. One of those rituals I told you about, he comes with me to bed and reclines on the top of the covers and reads until I'm deep asleep and he slips away," she explained with a bit of a frown.

"One of the things that you wouldn't mind changing," he said and she nodded, then he raised his eye brow and asked, "Do you want me to stay with you tonight?"

"Jack," she said as a bit of a warning.

"No not like that, well unless you want to," he said with a grin but continued, "I can sleep on the top of the sheet over on his side there. The Doctor said we are going to say in the Vortex for the night and then head to see what Martha wanted me back at Torchwood for."

Rose looked at him and said slowly, "I don't mind you staying but this isn't about Ianto is it?"

"No," replied Jack a bit quickly then seeing her disbelieving look said, "well yes, I don't want to be alone."

Rose nodded in acknowledgement, "On top of the sheet," she repeated as she got up and went to the adjoining bath. When she came back she saw that he had already discarded his jacket, suspenders, and button down shirt and climbed into the other side of the bed. When she climbed into her bed after turning off the lights Jack snuggled closer draping his one arm a crossed her but true to his word he was on top of the sheet so she didn't complain. Only minutes after they had turned off the lights and settled into bed did the Doctor open the door only to turn and leave again.