I wrote this as I hope for comfort in companionship. Too bad I'm only sixteen. A few more years and maybe I'll end up with someone who makes me feel responsible for something in the universe. And with responsibility comes meaning. And meaning is the killer of depression.

This is based on the story line of the book the Road when the man loses his wife. I wrote this to show the struggles a man goes through to provide for his loved ones in the harshest of situations.

I Will Provide

Here and now we find ourselves in a hellhole
No signs of returning back to normal
No food, water, clothing, or comfort left in this world
I'll find a way to provide

I took a job
It was when I took your hand from your father
And again when our child came from your womb into my arms
I took a job to provide, and I will do that

Searching for provisions
As our child grows, its stomach aches
As you comfort me, our stomachs ache
Somehow I will provide

You left us
Your comfort is gone, our stomachs are filled
I would rather go hungry than lose that comfort
You decided I needed to provide

Coldness and misery spread across what was home
They are fleeing in hopes of a safe haven
Like you said, we will join them
I'll provide as we go

Goodbye, my darling wife
The child still grieves of your absence
If only he had known you as well as I did
I can't provide for you anymore