Finding Home

(the sequel to "No Better Mistake")

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"Sirius… stop," growled Remus, attempting to wriggle away from the hands that held him in place. "Oh—wait—actually—no, keep doing that…"

Raising his head off of Remus' stomach, Sirius grinned. Planting another kiss, directly in the center of his chest, they both laughed. His hands may have, once again, been searching to amuse, but as usual, his mouth was not. Just as Sirius moved in closer, his fingers beginning to search out Remus' belt-buckle—the doorbell rang in the hallway.

Reluctantly, both boys breathed a sigh. Hopping off of his spot on the kitchen counter, Remus buttoned his shirt once more, as Sirius, casting an "I'm sorry" glance back at him, went to go answer the door. It was impossible to stay frustrated however, because within just a moment, Lily had drawn him up into a tight hug, and with James clapping him on the back, it was just like it always had been.

"You missed a button," she murmured in his ear as they drew apart again, and he blushed, quickly moving to fix his mistake.

Two weeks had passed since the last full moon. There had been fourteen glorious days of pain-free evenings, long nights spent talking, and, in both Remus and Sirius' cases, redemption. Curled up in their shared bed at night, they told each other everything: for Sirius, it was all his lies, all his previously hidden fears of being different… his incessant need to prove himself since he'd walked out of his parents house nearly four years ago. Remus felt as though he hardly needed to explain himself at all, especially because, every time he tried, Sirius would pull him into his arms, his hands finding his familiar pattern of stroking Remus' bare back, covering his body with so many, delicate kisses that he began to forget what he had ever been worried about in the first place.

Remus had gone, the very next day after their reconciliation to apologize to Matt, who, though he seemed disappointed, managed a smile. He hadn't come in the bookstore nearly as often since, which, in Remus' opinion, was probably for the best. He needed to brush up on his Defense Against the Dark Arts if he ever wanted to be a real teacher, and maybe—he had smiled wryly to himself at the thought—Matt would finally finish that novel he'd been working on for so long… or at least get a real job.

Sirius had, to everyone's shock (and relief), not been kicked out of his program at the Ministry, though returning had been, in his words "unbelievably fucking awkward". A letter had been waiting for him the next dawn when Remus and himself returned to the house—stating simply that his test had been rescheduled, and, in a handwritten note toward the bottom, not to lose his "spunk". He had worn his battered Chuck Taylors to the office the very next day, and now, he ended his work hours in early evening—just in time to meet Remus in the kitchen as too, Apparated home.

Remus finally met Kevin—he, and his girlfriend, Nicole, had entered their home a week ago, slightly uneasy, but by the end of the night, and several bottles of wine later, Remus could have sworn he saw him winking to him, and he'd had to resist snorting into his glass. They'd left again in a mash-up of embraces and promises to "do this again, soon", and the two boys had collapsed again on the couch, a ball of laughter.

It was, Remus thought, ironically, like he had been living in a dream… but a different dream than he had first known, back in early June. They had both grown up, and with growing up had come responsibilities, stress, and untruths… but, eventually, it had also yielded honesty, and love, as pure and as exciting as they both came.

Seated around their wooden table, all four faces, once again, flushed from laughter, Remus was drawn out of his deep thoughts. Lily, who was seated to his left, smiled at him, and then looked over at James. The look in her eyes was unchanged from the past year. Just as she had looked toward James, just minutes after his discovery of his friend's secret relationship, she gazed toward him now; her bright, emerald green eyes shining with a love, so true that Remus could have cried. James laid a hand upon hers, and they grinned at each other.

"We've decided to get married," Lily said simply, but the effect of her words was instantaneous. Sirius was hugging James, laughing; Lily, kissing Remus upon the cheek, all four friends rejoicing in a true, blissful moment. After the year they'd had, Remus knew only too well how rare, and how thrilling this type of love was—and as if he had sensed Remus' pausing moment, Sirius reached for him as well, pulling him into his familiar embrace.

He had begun this June with the hope of a new life; a new home, and he had gotten just that, but the address hadn't been the one he had imagined. He had found it, instead, inside the dark-haired, skinny boy that now held him tightly to his chest. He'd taken a few detours to find his way—that was for sure—and for a minute or so, it seemed as though he'd never find it but now; hearing the sounds of his friends around him, Remus realized he had made it back, and he had so much of life yet to experience. A wedding for his best friends… he grinned to himself at the thought—it was such a beautiful idea... As for himself and Sirius, he knew things were not perfect, and he knew it would take a long time and a lot of hard work to get there… However, in this moment, all he needed was exactly what he had: the feel of Sirius' hands around him, holding him close, and the prospect of tomorrow; a brand, new day to build, and grow into what he now knew was truly home.

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