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Now remember...M!

Zuko was temporarily rendered speechless. Never had he been more surprised or shocked in his life. His eyes were glued to the woman sitting so willingly before him on his bed, a slight rosy blush colouring her cheeks, but determination in her eyes.

"Z…Zoe-?" he stuttered, his throat dry and croaky.

"Of course it's me, you idiot." Zoe said slightly snappishly, her hands clenching around the fabric held to cover her body. Her heart was thundering in her chest and a feeling of nervousness swelled within her.

Zuko cleared his throat, his eyes flicking back down her body to check he wasn't seeing things. "What…you're…are you-?"

"I love you Zuko." said Zoe and Zuko could hear the tentative nervousness to her voice. "And…as today is a special day…I thought, maybe I could…show you just how much I love you...Especially when I've been so annoying lately with Mai and all…"

Zuko's heart sped up at her words, blood beginning to pound in his head. He wasn't sure whether to move or not, whether his imagination had finally outdone itself or if Zoe was really waiting for him in his bed right now.

Zoe fidgeted nervously, the sheet falling slightly to reveal the soft curve of her breasts. Zuko swallowed quickly. "Well," said Zoe, her face glowing and her previous boldness now failing her. "I mean…if you want to…" she muttered, "otherwise…I'll just…" she started moving as if to hop of the bed, then Zuko finally spoke.

"Zoe." He said. "Believe me…" he let out a small disbelieving laugh and looked down. "I want to." Zoe's heart missed a beat and she took in a small breath, tingles coursing through her body. Zuko looked up again, his eyes locking on Zoe's and his brow furrowed slightly. "Are…you sure?" he asked. He wanted her to be certain about this. "You know I can wait…you don't have to-"

"I want to." Cut across Zoe. Blood wasn't only pounding in Zuko's head now, but somewhere much lower. "And I'm getting cold here." She told him, frowning slightly and a small smile began to tug at the corner of Zuko's mouth.

He began to walk toward the bed, never breaking eye contact with Zoe while trying, without luck, to steady his rapidly beating heart. He lifted his hand and directed a spark of fire to light the lamp beside his bed, the flame catching the wick and casting flickering warmth about the room.

Zoe's heart jumped to her throat as Zuko sat down on the bed and reached for her. His arm wrapped around her, gentle and loving. He looked at her hands that were still clenched like fists around the sheet that covered her body. He raised a hand to caress her cheek gently. "You're nervous." He said softly, but Zoe shook her head against his palm and he chuckled quietly, trying to hide his own nerves too. "Don't be. It's me." Her heart tingled and her stomach flipped at his words and she shuffled closer to his warmth, her hands relaxing their grip on her sheet. "If you want to stop, tell me." He said sternly, though his eyes were very tender. "I love you."

Zoe's heart fluttered and warmed and a small smile formed on her lips. She raised a hand to cover Zuko's on her cheek and the sheet slipped further. "I love you too." She said softly, "And I think we've waited long enough."

Zuko's heart missed a beat as it sped up manically in his chest. All thoughts of rules and regulations leaving his head; they could be dealt with later. Tonight he had her all to himself. It had been over a year since he had known her now, the majority of that time he spent loving her, even if he hadn't realised it. She was right; they had waited long enough. His hand ran down her body sending soft tingles across her skin and she let out a shaky breath. But, then she quickly grabbed his hand. He looked at her, golden eyes locking on silver.

"I think it's a little unfair that you should have so many clothes on." She whispered, her face warming, but Zuko's mouth hooked up into a small grin. He reached down to begin pulling his boots off and then Zoe leant around him, her fingers running down his chest and her breasts pressed firmly against his back. He took in a quick, ragged breath, electricity shooting through his veins and Zoe began to tug at the fabric of his shirt, pulling it off him.

He finally kicked his last boot off and quickly turned around, pushing Zoe back into the pillows and he hovered over her. It was the perfect sight; Zoe below him, her hair splayed out and her naked skin glowing against the rich red of his sheets. He sat up for a moment and quickly pulled the rest of his shirt from his body, throwing it uncaringly aside. Then, trying to contain the raging need within him, he slowly lowered his lips to Zoe's and her body immediately relaxed at the kiss. A hot, blazing fire spread through their veins at the contact and Zoe moaned softly as Zuko gently sucked on her lower lip. Her arms moved around his naked back, one hand trailing from his neck to his tail bone sending a thrill of excitement through Zuko's body. His breath speeding up he deepened the kiss, his tongue entering her mouth and gliding along hers sensually.

His hand moved to brush tenderly from her cheek, across her collar bone and over her breast to rest on her hip securely. In a hazy, heat filled mind Zuko abandoned her mouth and moved to kiss slowly up her jaw to under hair ear where he nipped the flesh lightly, before continuing to trail his lips and tongue heatedly down her neck. Zoe's breaths began to sound more breathless with every touch of Zuko's lips as they continued down her body. Moving on from her neck and across her collar bone Zuko came to a halt at the tip of the sheet. He lifted his head slowly, his hungry, but loving eyes meeting Zoe's just to confirm that he could explore further.

Zoe moved one of her hands from Zuko's back to cup his cheek. "Don't stop." She whispered, her cheeks warming slightly. Zuko lifted a hand to cover hers on his cheek, and then he moved it down to his mouth and kissed her palm softly. He released her hand, allowing it to roam free and she ran her fingers through his dark tresses of hair with a small sigh and his hand moved to the sheet covering her chest.

Keeping his eyes on hers he slowly pulled the sheet down her body to her belly, his heart thumping loudly. A warm blush coated Zoe's cheeks and Zuko's heart warmed at her shy modesty. His eyes moved deliberately down her body coming to rest on her two large, round breasts. Desire burned through his veins, the fabric of his pants tightening almost to breaking point around his groin. A low groan came from the back of his throat at the sight of her hard, dusky nipples that rose and fell with her every breath.

"Zoe…" he moaned huskily, shifting closer to her so that his arousal pressed against her thigh, heavy and warm. A small gasp escaped her lips and she felt a small ache begin to throb between her legs. "You're beautiful." he said, his voice rough.

Then, unable to withhold a moment longer, he lowered his head to her breast, where previously only his hands had roamed, and his tongue licked the excited flesh. Zoe gasped at the foreign, but very pleasurable experience and suddenly Zuko's lips latched on to the hardened nipple, spurred on by Zoe's exclamations. He sucked gently and she drew a ragged breath, the hot wetness of his mouth on her sensitive breast driving her crazy and sending a bolt of heat straight to her core. Zuko's hand snaked its way up her body to firmly cup her other breast and he kneaded the mound gently, rubbing his thumb over her perk nipple.

Zoe moaned softly, sparks flaring at every caress of Zuko's tongue, then with the heat building from the intensity Zuko skimmed the flesh with his teeth and nipped it softly. Zoe let out a sharp gasp, her back arching, pushing her into Zuko. He growled lowly, his movements speeding up in excitement and he found himself desperate to hear what other sounds he could make Zoe moan or utter. Soon his mouth was moving on, kissing slowly down her belly. The evening air was cool on her flesh as the moisture left by Zuko's mouth began to dry, but it only added to the sensations currently coursing through her body. Zoe's stomach tightened in unknown anticipation and Zuko's hands ran down her slender sides, his lips continuing past her belly button. He paused, his hands holding Zoe's hips and his lips hesitating on her abdomen. Zoe's fists had subconsciously moved to clutch the sheets around her and she looked down at the Fire Lord who was hesitating at the tip of the sheet once more. Amidst the heat and desire in his mind Zuko felt a twinge of nervousness; he had never done this before. He had a vague idea of what to do due to the months he spent out at sea with a group of rowdy crew members and an Uncle who felt the need to delineate certain techniques to his nephew.

But…what if he couldn't please her? His eyes flicked up to Zoe's face and his heart stuttered in his chest as they met with a pair of vulnerable silver ones. A look of determination settled on his face and he moved a hand to the rich, red sheet, pulling it lower to reveal Zoe in all her splendour. He felt a swell of pride at the glistening wetness that coated her womanhood, but the pride came with another swell of raging desire. Zoe blushed furiously and her thigh automatically moved to shield herself modestly, but Zuko's hand came down to hold it back. His heated fingers on her sensitive skin caused her stomach to clench into an even tighter coil and she breathed in quickly.

Zuko smiled up at her, his eyes dark and hungry. "Don't be shy." he whispered, his voice rough and low and his finger lightly ran up and down her sensitive thighs. "I love every inch of you." His fingers stroked the most inner part of her thighs and she shivered. "Do you trust me?" he asked in an almost strained voice as the scent of her arousal was driving him crazy and he wanted to take her right that second. But, he knew that a woman's first time was painful, and there was no way he wanted to hurt her. Zoe nodded jerkily; she could barely form coherent thought while Zuko's touch drove her crazy, so any chance of speech would be impossible.

Even more so as Zuko's fingers trailed their way back up to Zoe's womanhood. And then, he did something so shocking it was almost sinful. He slid a finger along her wet folds, dipping it in to the moist warmth curiously and nearly groaning at the way it slid so easily within her. A sensuous moan escaped from the back of Zoe's throat and her head fell back against the pillows behind her, her mind going blank. Immensely driven by the sounds he had received Zuko repeated his actions and this time Zoe's hips began to move against his finger. Mesmerized by her movements he stroked her one more time before settling his finger at the top of her folds and rotating it slowly. A shaky sound that was something like a moan or a whimper sounded from Zoe's parted lips and Zuko's arousal throbbed with need.

Blood pounding his desire filled head Zuko removed his finger and Zoe's eyes opened in disappointment, but Zuko merely parted her thighs even more and pushed her legs up so they were bent at the knees. Then he settled his head between her legs, his hands running down her thighs teasingly and he kissed her. Something below Zoe's abdomen twitched and jerked and she let out gasp of pleasure. Zuko groaned, her reactions driving him crazy and he kissed her again, this time allowing his tongue to flick out, sliding between her folds firmly and Zoe's breathing became erratic, a hand moving to grasp Zuko's hair at the crown of his head. Heat washed over her and her legs shifted restlessly as Zuko repeated his actions.

Zuko soon noticed that Zoe's strongest reactions came when his tongue traced over the small bud at the top of her folds. So being the fast learner that he was, he latched his lips onto it, rubbing his tongue against the bud and sucking it firmly. Zoe cried out in surprise as unbelievable pleasure coursed through her and her fingers tightened around Zuko's locks as he continued to move insistently against her. Zoe's legs started to move frantically around her as the intensity built with every sweep of Zuko's heated tongue and he slid his hands under her bottom to hold her firmly in place.

She had lost control of her body as sparks of pleasure radiated through her and she bit her lip, trying desperately not to cry out. But, then Zuko removed a hand from beneath her and carefully slid a finger inside her while his tongue continued to play, relentlessly with her clit. She cried out loudly, her hips arching against him and he inserted another finger to follow the first. He pumped them slowly, pushing her toward ecstasy and she moaned, moving her hips frantically against his hand. Zuko could feel her muscles tightening around him and his lips fastened hard on her swollen clit and he sucked it fiercely, finally pushing her over the edge.

White hot pleasure scorched through Zoe's body and she quivered and jerked uncontrollably as the pleasure washed over her, crying out louder than before, her hips arching against Zuko. He thrust his fingers into her one last time before sliding them out to hold her thighs apart firmly, his other hand joining, while he continued to bring pleasure to his lover. She whimpered softly as he ran his tongue down her centre and she jerked beneath him, her hand running through his hair desperately as she tried to push him off her. But, he was not finished. Absolutely taken by her cries of pleasure Zuko swept his tongue down to the very core of her, rubbing it insistently against her as she rode out her orgasm. He pushed her knees up to her chest as her whole body shook with the pleasure of coming so hard and she whined beneath him.

"Please…" she begged breathing heavily and twitching as Zuko swept his tongue slowly back up to her clit and swirling it around the bud. "Stop, Zuko…please…" she moaned as she seized below him with one last, hard lick of his tongue. Zuko kissed the top of her folds once and Zoe flinched, then he sat up, grinning rather smugly and wiping the back of his hand across his mouth.

Zoe was still gasping for breath, her legs now fallen off her chest and sprawled out around him and her face was flushed with pleasure. Proud of himself, and not realising he could give her this much pleasure Zuko leant over her and placed a kiss to her lips. Zoe's eyes fluttered open to meet his and a small, shy smile appeared on her face, her cheeks flushing. She could feel him again against her thigh, his obvious need pressed tightly against her and her eyes flickered down to glance at the bulge.

Zuko smirked, following her eyes and he moved off her, standing up beside the bed. He hooked his thumbs around the outside of his pants, but then paused, looking back up to Zoe who sat up slightly. "Are you completely sure?" he asked her for the second time and Zoe rolled her eyes, though her face flushed furiously.

She stood up too and Zuko's eyes roamed down her body from her perk, round breasts to her slim waist and wide hips, then down her long, slender legs. He couldn't imagine anyone more beautiful. Zoe moved toward him and his heart sped up to a racing pace in his chest. She stopped right in front of him and her fingers slid under the band of his pants. Zuko's stomach clenched and he could feel his throbbing manhood pressed up against Zoe's flesh that he had so thoroughly pleasured. She kissed his lips softly keeping her eyes on his and said, "Zuko. I'm sure." And she slid fabric off his hips and to the ground. Zuko wrapped his arms around her naked waist, anticipation coursing through his body and he led her back to the bed.

Unable to help herself, Zoe's eyes flicked down to the hard, heated flesh at Zuko's hips and she gasped before falling back onto the bed accidentally. She looked up to Zuko's face, flushing furiously and he nearly groaned at how tempting she looked. "You're…" stuttered Zoe nervously, shuffling back to the centre of his bed, "Um…"

Zuko slid onto the mattress beside her a slight feeling of self-conciseness settling over him. "What's wrong?" he asked frowning slightly.

"Uh…it's just…will you…fit?" asked Zoe meekly, her face glowing and Zuko actually laughed. She snapped her eyes back to his, glaring at him angrily.

"Sorry." He said huskily, moving closer to her once again, "I'm not laughing at you. You were making me worry that I wasn't good enough for you until you said that."

Zoe frowned, but Zuko wrapped his hands round her waist and pushed her slowly to her back. "You're too good for me." She said while Zuko brushed a strand of her hair from her face gently.

Zuko shook his head, "It's completely the other way around." He said, and then he paused, something crossing his face. "Zoe…what if…what if you fall pregnant?"

For some reason Zoe blushed at this and averted her eyes from Zuko's face. "Um…I sort of already thought of that." She said embarrassed. "Ty Lee found me this special herbal formula, it's not fool proof, but…" Zuko smiled at Zoe's shyness and placed a finger to her lips, for some reason his heart swelling with warmth.

"You really were sure weren't you?" he asked softly and Zoe nodded blushing.

"I love you Zuko." She said against his finger and Zuko smiled again. Zoe loved it when he smiled, and she loved being the cause for making him smile. She wished she could always make him happy; little did she know that she already did.

"I love you more." He teased, but before Zoe could respond he had moved his heated fingers to her thighs and began parting them slightly, causing her heart to jump to her throat and her breathing to pick up once more. He positioned himself between her legs, stroking her thighs softly. "Are you ready?" he asked, watching her face closely. "I don't want to hurt you."

Zoe nodded, spreading her legs wider as Zuko reached between them, positioning himself to enter her and then she gasped as she felt him slowly pushing inside her. His hand came up to stroke her cheek gently, "Am I hurting you?" he asked quickly, his voice tender, but slightly strained and Zoe knew this must be taking all of his self control to go slowly.

She smiled at him, her heart swelling with warmth at his loving care. "No… it's just, different." she said, "Keep going."

He caressed her cheek again and continued to slide sleekly inside her and she felt her tender skin stretch to accommodate him. Though her previous orgasm had prepared her for this her muscles continued to try and expel Zuko from her as he slowly continued to enter her. Zoe looked at the pure love, desire and agony on Zuko's face and relaxed as much as she could, bringing her knees up a little higher so that finally he was buried to the hilt and Zoe gasped softly. Her muscles reflexively clamped tightly around him and Zuko groaned in response sending a thrill of excitement down Zoe's spine. She wrapped her arms around his back lovingly and clutched him to her.

Zuko clamped his eyes shut, "does it hurt?" he asked, his voice tight and Zoe stroked his back lightly.

"Zuko." Zoe laughed slightly, still slightly disbelieving that this was Zuko inside her. She leant up and kissed him. "I'm fine…it's just going to take a bit of getting used to. Keep…keep going."

She felt Zuko tense and begin to withdraw from her and bit by bit the uncomfortable feeling started to change to something more pleasurable as he thrust slowly inside of her again. Zuko let out a dragged, ragged breath and it was clear that holding back was torturing him. Zuko opened his eyes and they locked on Zoe's as she moved a hand to cup his cheek, her cheeks flushing. "It feels good." She told him and he let out a breathless laugh.

"Thank Agni…" he hissed, "you have no idea how tight you are…it's driving me insane!"

"Then don't stop." She smiled and Zuko smirked back.

"As you wish." He teased, pulling back to thrust into her once more and she gasped. There was something indescribably thrilling about the feel of his cock sliding into her, rubbing her clit with each stroke. She began to pant softly, her hands clutching Zuko's back as he set up a slow rhythm and a burning sensation began to spread through her.

Zuko began to speed up, his thrusts becoming deeper and his breathing ragged and heavy. He leant down to capture Zoe's lips hungrily, parting them immediately to explore her mouth and she moaned against him, her body moving fluidly against his strokes. He drove back and forth easily inside her and he broke of their kiss with a groan at the sensation and Zoe gasped for air, arching her back into him, her nipples brushing his hardened chest. She wrapped her legs round his waist, moaning at the feel of the new angle and Zuko increased the pace, thrusting harder and faster within her. Her hips would come up to meet his again and again with each thrust and she clutched him tighter, breathing hard as her stomach clenched nearing her climax.

But, she was desperate for Zuko to reach his climax, for she wanted to hear him receive the pleasure he had given her. She squeezed her muscles tightly around him on his next thrust within her and he groaned loudly. He clutched her body tightly, thrusting deeper and moaning her name until finally his breath came out in a shuddering gasp and he stiffened above of her, coming hot and hard inside her. Zoe thrust against him once more as he collapsed on top of her and his cock hit that perfect spot, sending her over the edge and she cried out, continuing to rock her hips against his as they rode out their joint climax.

Zuko was breathing heavily, his head buried in her hair as she stroked his sweaty back, her muscles tight around his member that was still deep inside her, shuddering aftershocks of pleasure still coursing through him.

A feeling of contented warmth spread over Zoe's body and she turned her head to kiss Zuko's cheek tenderly. He pulled his head up to look at Zoe warmly and kissed her lips before finally pulling himself off her, a gruff moan escaping his lips as he slid out of her and collapsed beside her. She hooked her leg over his hip and snuggled into his chest while he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her to him.

"If that was our first time…" said Zoe slowly, breathlessly.

"Then we have some amazing sex to come." Finished Zuko, a slight smirk hooking the corner of his mouth and he turned to look at Zoe who was blushing.

She raised a finger to his cheek tenderly, "Have you ever done that before?" she asked shyly.

Zuko chuckled softly, "Never." He said, "Call me crazy, but I wanted to do it with the woman I love, and only her."

Zoe's heart swelled in her chest and a silly, joyful smile crept onto her face. She allowed him to kiss her softly before she settled her head against his chest. They still had so much to do and work out, but at least for now they could be happy. On this night everything was perfect, their troubles and reality could wait till morning.

After such a long time of struggle and war, Zoe finally felt completely happy. Inside Zuko's arms she could be content. Little did she realise, they still had so much to struggle through yet.

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