Full summary: What if Austin had taken Sam's mask off before she ran off to her reality (still leaving behind her cell phone). Leaving Austin smitten and with his Cinderella's identity. Sam believes that the Halloween was her magical night and it was something right out of a fairytale book. Not Reality. Ss he expects for things to go back to how they were before the dance. But, Austin has a completely different agenda.


Sam walked into North Valley High, ready to get the day over with. She wasted no time and proceeded straight to her locker. As she dialed her locker combo she muttered to herself.

"This is my reality. This is my life. I am Sam Montgomery, the invisible. "

"You know, experts say talking to oneself is the first signs of going crazy." A voice said behind Sam.

Sam knew that voice she spent the entire weekend thinking about it. She spent Friday night learning it, memorizing it, treasuring it. Slowly turning around she saw Austin.

"Hey Austin," Sam said with a small smile on her face. She looked around and her smile faded and she continued on "Please don't take offense to this but: Why are you talking to me?"

Austin's right eyebrow rose and he took a minute to respond. Finally he smiled and said "Well one reason is, I need to return something to you." He then handed Sam her phone. He continued on "My second reason is I—."

Austin was cut off. Shelby was screaming his name and waving her hand, like a lunatic, to get his attention from the opposite end of the hallway. Sighing, Austin reluctantly turned his attention away from Sam to Shelby. He knew that Shelby would not stop until she had been acknowledged.

Shelby seeing that she had his attention took that as an invitation to come over. After all she was his girlfriend, right? Shelby had entered the school ready to forget the whole Halloween Dance and forgive him. She searched up and down the hallways for him. Finally she found him, but he was down the hall talking to someone. Unfortunately she couldn't see who that someone was because of the blasted crowded hallway. So she decided to go find out who it was.

When Shelby called Austin, Sam turned around and closed her locker and then slipped into North High's crowded hallway. Sam knew the rules. She knew the status quo. People like Austin Aimes and herself were not supposed mix. Austin wasn't even supposed to know she existed. Or at least that is how it had been. And no doubt Shelby still had that mind frame. So she thought it best to just slip into the crowd. Rather than stay and most definitely be added to Shelby's ish-list.

Once Sam was a safe distance away, she chanced a glance over her shoulder. The sight she beheld was enough to make her giggle out loud. Austin was looking around frantically through the crowd not paying any attention to Shelby, who on the other hand was yapping off at the mouth.

Sam pulled out her phone and decided to text Austin.

"Calm down Nomad. You'll see me around."

As soon as the message successfully sent, the warning bell rang. This was Sam's cue to high tail it to A P Calculus. And with a small smile on her face, she did just that.

Austin was glancing around the hallway looking for Sam. Meanwhile Shelby the queen of annoying was in front of him just talking. What about? Austin honestly had no clue. He never really did. Finally Austin glanced down at Shelby, thoroughly annoyed and incredibly irritated.

Deciding to tune in, he felt he shouldn't have after he heard what she was saying.

"So we're good baby. I forgive you." Shelby said finally done talking.

"Shelby." Austin said trying to hold down his irritation and annoyance. "What. Are. You. talking about?" he asked.

Then his cell phone vibrated. He quickly pulled his phone out and opened it.

1 New Text

From: PrincetonGirl818

The warning bell rang.

Austin grinned and simply walked off head bent down and focused on the text. Leaving a completely ignored and dumbfounded Shelby behind.

Lunch time rolled around and Sam was completely starving. She was headed towards the front of the school. A cheeseburger from then diner was guaranteed to hit the spot for her.

"Are you trying to run away again?" Austin's voice asked with a hint of amusement lingering, as he appeared at Sam's side.

"What?! No." Sam said trying to hide her smile. This was Austin Aimes for Pete's sake. Why is he talking to her, the invisible?

"What was that thought that just crossed your mind?"

Sam stopped walking and turned to look at Austin, fully prepared to tell him. But the genuine interest and concern that laid in his eyes and body language made her breath catch. She just stared in his eyes. And just for those few seconds the world stopped spinning. Nothing and no one but the other mattered.

"AUSTIN! Are you out here?" Shelby screamed, snapping the duo back into the land of the others.

Austin looked over his shoulder and spotted Shelby and her minions, as he liked to call them, coming out of the school and obviously looking for him. Then he looked back to the spot Sam was just standing in only to find it empty. She was now about 7 steps ahead of him. Shaking his head and smirking, he sprinted about 3 strides and slipped his hand into hers.

"Come on beautiful. I'm taking you to lunch." He said.

"Oh, ok. Well let me just get my car and I'll follow you." Sam responded going for her keys in her bag.

"Um I was, actually thinking about going to McDonalds and eating at the park around the corner from school. So I was hoping we could go in the same car. But I understand if you're not comfortable."

As Austin spoke each line got even quieter than the last. Suddenly Sam realized, the poor thing, Austin was nervous.

"Sure Austin. It's no problem." Sam said biting her lip trying to hide the smile that was rapidly forming on her face. So she bit her lip.

Austin the ever observant began navigating Sam to his car, but did not let her holding back go unnoticed.

"Why do you always do that?"

Sam was a bit thrown off by the question. Had she missed some part of the conversation while trying to maintain her straight face?

"I'm sorry. Always do what?"She decided to ask, a bit embarrassed.

"Try to hide your smile." Austin answered pulling his keys out, the black Range Rover was a few cars away.

"Well I don't know. I guess I'm not used to smiling around other people outside of the costumers and the crew at Fiona's" Sam answered truthfully.

Austin unlocked the Range and opened the door for Sam. Then he helped her in and shut her door for her. He walked around the car and got in. He put his seatbelt on and started the car.

"Ok let's make a deal." Austin said turning in his seat directly addressing Sam. "With me, just be yourself. No hiding. I know the real you. You're a beautiful person inside and out." He paused mid sentence to put a stray piece of hair behind Sam's ear, and then ran his forefinger down the side of her face. "When we're with each other, we're with each other. Don't worry about others and whatever they say, think, or do. Do we have a deal?" He holds out his pinky finger.

"Austin Ames? Are you asking me for a pinky promise? You sly dog, you know I can't break those." Sam responds, giggling the whole time.

"Why yes I am, ma'am."

Sam hooks her pinky onto his. And he leans forward and kisses her cheek.

"So, let's play 21 questions!" Austin says turning in his seat and putting the car in reverse, sending Sam into another fit of giggles.

This was one lunch the duo was certainly looking forward too.