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Pairings: Hiei/Kagome

Warning: Alternate Universe. Kind of set in the IY Universe, but the YYH Universe doesn't exist. Smex! And a crappeh ending!

7. Lust .7

Pale eyelids fluttered as Hiei regained consciousness. His head was pounding and every inch of his body felt like it was on fire. He groaned and covered his face with his hands. Wait… He thought and pulled the unfamiliar appendages away from his face.

Hiei looked at his hands… He had hands! Not paws but real human hands. Oh, well, they were close enough to human that he was more than happy to accept the long claws. The dragon… No, not dragon, demon, sat up from where Koenma hand one of his ogres flunkies place him and flexed each digit. It was amazing. He felt the same, yet different. He touched his baby-smooth skin on his cheeks and trailed over to his nose, down to his lips, past his chin and over his neck. He swallowed and felt his Adams Apple move.

The youkai tilted his head and look down at the rest of his body. A thick patch of hair was bundled at the base of his flaccid cock. He reached down and jiggled it in curiosity before rolling his shoulders and continued to look himself over.

A quiet, embarrassed sound alerted him to another presence in the room.

He looked over at Kagome, who had fat tears in her eyes. "Oh, Hiei, I thought you had died! You're head, it was… And the blood, there was so much…" She sobbed and covered her face with her hands.

The demon stood up shakily, wobbling at how different it was to use two legs instead of four. He took an experimental step forward (proud when he didn't fall!) before shakily making his way over to her, his fleshy feet making soft pat-pat noises as he walked. Strange. He thought but ignored it in favor of gently cupping Kagome's beautiful, tear-stained face with his mortal hands. "Kagome…"

His voice was unlike anything the priestess had heard. Yeah, sure, InuYasha had a deep rumbling voice and Youko's was like listening to silk talk… But Hiei, his voice had her innards quivering and her womanly parts tightening just a little.

She gasped when his carmine eyes, so familiar yet so different, glowed a bright red and he inhaled. "I smell you… And you smell delicious…" His mouth was on hers in an instant and she melted. She gave into him and his desire and circled her arms around his naked shoulders.

He was inexperienced, she could tell (yeah, well, so was she) but she followed her instincts and curled her fingers in his hair. His mouth was so warm, like she was pressing her lips against a rock that had soaked in the hot springs for a while. Only it wasn't rock, it was the dragon she had been pinning for since he had first taken her from her Village. Okay, so he wasn't a dragon anymore (the fact was punctuated by the soft roll of his hips, his… ahem, manly parts pressing against her hip). She could taste his youki as it pushed and curled around her own miko-ki.

Kagome groaned when his energy penetrated through her own, shooting straight to her abdomen and setting her innards alight with an unyielding need to be consumed and overpowered.

Hiei growled against her mouth and pushed his tongue past her lips, tasting her, claiming her mouth and plundering it hungrily. He craved her body, needed it like nothing he had ever needed before. His claws easily shredded the material of her kimono, exposing the milky flesh underneath. He felt her deep intake of breath and the tightening of her fingers in his hair and took it as a good signal.

His cock twitched and pulsed eagerly. He had gone too long without mating and it was defiantly going to pay off now.

Hiei pulled away from her mouth and nipped, licked and sampled the soft, pale skin. It was a little salty, but he didn't mind. Instead, he pushed her clothing further down her body and trailed a red path down to her breasts. They looked bigger then what he remembered and fit in his hands perfectly. He gently squeezed and rolled his fingers on the tender flesh before flicking his tongue over a hardened nipple.

He rumbled in the back of his throat when she moaned quietly, her blunt nails digging into his scalp. "Mmmnaa…" She tried to speak but with his youki and his mouth, her scattered brain couldn't keep up. Her toes curled when he gently nipped at her pebbled bud and she whispered his name breathlessly.

The demon smirked against her breast and turned his attention to the other, untouched mound and attacked it in the same fashion, his left hand rolling and groping her other breast.

Kagome felt Hiei pick her up and on unsteady legs, stumbled over to the bedding he had been put upon. It was enough to get her head together. "Hiei… Hiei wait… We can't do anything here; you just woke uu…u… up…." She arched her back as he flicked his tongue over her nipple again.

"I need you, Ka-Go-Me… I need you now. You are mine and mine alone" He hissed in her ear and she squirmed. Damn, her ears were always sensitive (InuYasha liked to abuse that when he was feeling mischievous, and on his human nights). His claws dug into the bedding underneath and he gave her another fiery kiss, leaving her breathless and thoughtless.

Hiei trailed his lips down her body again, drinking in all of the soft, lustful sounds his miko whispered out. He spread her legs and settled in between the milky thighs, red eyes alight with his hunger, making the priestess quiver and bite her lip.

"H-Hiei…?" She whispered and arched her back when his mouth attached itself to her virgin flower. Her fingers curled in his hair again, trying to push him away. "Wha… What are you doing? Sto-oo-!" Kagome let loose a stuttering breath when his tongue flicked over the tiny bundle of nerve, hot fingers of pleasure crawling up her back and straight to her scattered brain.

The youkai growled softly and continued to feast upon the most delicious meal he had ever had. Even better than tiger demon ash… He thought before returning his focus on the squirming, moaning human. He could smell her arousal growing, swelling and he knew she was getting close to being pushed over the preverbal edge.

Kagome felt herself growing tighter and tighter, her muscles taut with… with… Oh, by the Gods! She thought as her eyes rolled and she curled into herself, a soft, gasping sound leaving her mouth. She felt herself slowly settle down but her brain was too fizzled to really notice it as it slowly swam in the afterglow of ecstasy.

She smiled dazedly, fingers threading lazily through Hiei's wild black hair. He moved up until he positioned himself at her opening, the swelled head of his cock rubbing along the pink petals. She squirmed and spread her legs, welcoming him in. He pushed forward, his instincts guiding his slow conquest.

The priestess hissed as she was stretched, her passage barely accommodating the imiko's engorged length. "Hiei… Wait, it hurts…" She cried softly, the tears rolling down the sides of her face quietly.

Said demon paused and stared at her quietly, barely holding onto his control. So tight… It's so tight… He thought and tightened his hold on her hips, cock twitching slightly at the feel of such warmth, such heat wrapped around him so snugly.

Kagome eased out a steadying breath and rolled her hips slightly, making Hiei hiss at the movement, and nodded. "Alright, you can go a little further…" She mumbled, a deep blush spreading across her face when she felt his cock twitch again.

Hiei pushed further into her and growled softly. "So good…" He purred out but paused when something stopped his movements. He growled and slammed the rest of the way into her but froze when she screamed in pain, blunt nails biting into his shoulder. Salty tears ran down her face and she hiccupped.

He stayed still, though it was easier said than done. She would move just enough to have him hissing inaudibly.

A few minutes passed and Kagome curled her fingers against his cheek. She pulled his face down towards her and kissed him tenderly and with so much love, Hiei was beside himself. He blinked owlishly when she let him go and raised her legs, taking him in deeper.

The demon growled deeply at the added depth and pulled his hips back slowly, pushed in, out, in, out, in. He set a slow, steady pace that had Kagome's toes curling and new tears springing to her eyes. It still hurt, but the pain was being washed away by the even push and pull.

She pulled Hiei down for another kiss and he easily responded, kissing her breathless again.

Hiei leaned back and moved faster, pulling one of her legs over his shoulder. He growled in pleasure when he slid in further. The demon sped up his pace and moved his unoccupied hand down to the apex of her thighs and pressed this thumb against the tiny nub nestled between her other lips. He smirked when her breath hitched and rubbed the pearl teasingly, bringing her closer to completion, again.

Kagome grabbed his shoulders and moaned softly, eyes fluttering. "Hiei…" She sighed before gasping when he pulled out of her and moved down until he was face to crotch with her. His tongue flicked out and she arched her back, crying out as he ate her, licking up her essence and savoring her unique taste.

She moaned louder and felt that same tightening as before. The priestess shook but gave an angry cry when Hiei left her hanging on the brink, so close yet not enough to make her loose herself. He smirked darkly at her and she felt her inside quiver in anticipation.

Hiei pulled her up and positioned her on all fours. He dug one set of his claw into her hip, making her squeak, before guiding his cock with the other into the warmth that was his Kagome. "You are mine." He snarled and entered her roughly, pulling her back onto his hips as he did so.

The sound of slapping skin grew faster and faster and Kagome could barely breath, couldn't think. His youki was so overpowering, so dark, so possessive all she could do was sob in ecstasy, body quivering as he brought her close to the edge again, his fingers playing happily with the tiny bundle of nerves in-between her legs.

Kagome gave a soundless cry as she came again.

Hiei snarled darkly, possessively, and sank his lengthy fangs into her shoulder, savoring the bloody taste as her essence leaked into his mouth. He pushed his youki into her tiny body as he came, claiming the tiny miko as his own, forever.

Kagome moaned quietly when Hiei pulled out of her. "Mine." He murmured and pulled her close to his body.

The priestess smiled softly and let her eyes flutter closed. "Yeah, yours…" She said then yawned and fell soundly asleep.

0. The Freakin' End .0

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Youkai – literally demon, spirit, or monster

Youki – demon essence

Miko-ki – priestess energy

Miko – a "female shaman, spirit medium" who conveyed oracles from kami ("spirits; gods"), and presently means a "shrine maiden; virgin consecrated to a deity" who serves at Shinto shrines

Imiko – cursed child