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Part I

Things only got better and better after Megamind discovered he could be a hero. With Roxanne and Minion, the trio were unstoppable, solving any mystery, punishing any evil, and saving anyone in danger.

Megamind himself had never been more content with his life. Decades he'd spent as a villain, enjoying what he did while never being satisfied with it, and now that Metroman was no longer the hero, the mantle had fallen to him. Between tinkering with objects, having fun with Minion, solving crimes, and spending time with Roxanne (by far his favorite task) things couldn't get better.

Of course, he was wary, but he tried soothing himself with the knowledge that he was just paranoid. It was just as much a part of him as his blue skin. Still, he couldn't stem the thoughts entirely, the ones that said, "If a hero can rise to stop evil, then evil can rise to challenge the hero."

At least he had an advantage there; spending so many years being nothing but bad, he knew all the ins and outs. Every detail of being a supervillain was hardwired into his head. In fact, sometimes it rose up and caused him to do things he instantly regretted, from flipping over picnic tables ("Ah! Why did I do that? No, don't get up - I'm sorry!") to reflexively aiming his dehydration gun at anyone approaching ("Back! Back I said! Err - I mean. . .Sorry!") to sneaking into Roxanne's apartment and kidnapping her when he wanted to see her.

At least she was being very forgiving about that last one.

Even so, despite all this, despite almost expecting for a supervillain to pop up at any time, he was still surprised when it happened.

All across the city, the TV and radio stations had all blanked out, feeding static, before a female voice announced, "Listen up! Megamind, I challenge you. I'll be on top of the Metro city tower until dusk. Face me - I dare you."

Neither he nor Minion heard the message, but Roxanne had. She called him up immediately.

He was almost ashamed to say his spirits lifted at just seeing her name displayed on his phone. Almost. He answered with a warbling, "Yeeeeeeeeeeeees?"

Normally his quirky answers amused her, coaxing a chuckle, but not this time.

"You've got trouble," she told him, tone serious.

A little red flag rose in his head. He snapped his fingers to get Minion's attention as he replied, "What kind of trouble?"

Minion scurried over with difficulty, having been testing out rocket-powered roller skates. He hobbled and stumbled as he took them off.

"Did you hear the news just now?"

"No. What happened?"

"Someone cut into the TV stations and issued you a challenge."

"Did you get a look at him?"

"The screen was blank the whole time - and it's a her."

His brows lifted. Well, that was rare. His ego surged up as he gave a careless laugh. "A woman, really? How dangerous could that be?" As he dissolved into disbelieving laughter, Minion joined in, though it was clear the fish didn't know exactly why they were laughing.

Roxanne's sharp growl snapped him back to reality, and the full implications of what he'd said came back to him. Before he could utter a single "oops" she shot back, "Just go to Metro tower! She said she'd be there until dusk." The line died.

Megamind winced. That. . .didn't go over well. With a sigh, he hung his head, almost bashing his skull into the table he was seated at.

"So. . .what was that about?" Minion asked, tentative.

After a moment, Megamind issued a low whistle and stood. Might as well go answer the challenge. Dusk was a half hour away, which meant he'd have to employ an air vehicle to get there in time. His fantastic brain went into calculations even as he explained the situation to Minion and assembled items he thought he'd need. Dehydration gun, always. Hologram watch, as usual. Jet boots, just in case - providing they launched correctly.

The jet boots were tricky. When they worked, he could fly fairly well, and it beat having a heavy pack on his back. However, the jets had to extend before firing, and therein lie the problem. Despite a dozen redesigns and calibrations, he could only get them to work forty-three percent of the time.

As he grabbed a few other trinkets, he ordered Minion to ready his rocketbike. Without having to be told, the Brain Bots came to him with his cape. Well, technically, Metroman's cape. But Megamind never went on hero business without it.

It was just so warm and fuzzy. He loved it!

Minion rode the rocketbike into the hangar/garage (which sported more in-progress and in-repair vehicles than running ones) from its usual place in the main garage with the invisible car.

"You know," Minion began as he dismounted, "if you could get those rocket roller blades to work -"

"Later, Minion," Megamind reminded him. "Just write down anything you think needs to be addressed. I'll be back once this woman is behind bars," he added, unable to keep acid from his tone. Blast that woman - it was her fault he made that snippy comment. Her fault Roxanne was peeved with him!

Oh, she was going down.

He took off faster than usual, darting into the sky and quickly reaching two-hundred on the speedometer. Grumbling to himself the whole way (he hated fights with Roxanne), he almost missed the shiny glimmer atop the tower when he reached it. With his cape whipping behind him, he came to a stop on the highest floor.

This tower brought back a slew of memories for him, and not many he particularly cared for. Lucky for him, the sight of the woman in front of him shocked most of the bad ones back into hiding.

She hadn't noticed him yet; her back was turned as she surveyed the ground, and the rocketbike had mufflers to make it as silent as possible - which, he discovered, was quiet enough that the sound of the wind up this high drowned it out completely.

From the back, he could see she had short pink hair and darkish bronze skin (which may or may not have something to do with the golden sunlight striking her). A body suit climbed to the top of her neck but left her shoulders and thighs bared. Stiletto, plat formed boots reached halfway up her thighs, with gloves mimicking them. Only the gloves are also covered in metallic claws, going from below her elbows to another inch or two off her fingertips in plates.

Though her clothes were mainly black, there was a duo of red lightning slashes down her back, and an additional pair on her gloves (top to claws) and boots (top to ankles). And all of it was shiny, like vinyl or latex. It reflected the last golden rays of sunlight.

She was surprising, in a sense. This was supposed to be a villain? He could have laughed. She didn't have an imposing collar, no intimidating shoulder pads, and there wasn't a single spike on her anywhere! Well, if you counted her spiked heels she did. Those things looked deadly.

"Ahem," he said, loud enough to carry over the wind. He crossed his arms.

She glanced over her shoulder, her expression unconcerned, then turned fully to face him. Her eyes were yellow, her lips red, and there was a series of slashing red tattoos down her left eye, from above her brow to her cheek. Her nose and bottom lip bore silver stud piercings. It all stood out against her brownish skin.

Okay, with that and her slightly-annoyed-but-all-confident expression, she looked a little bit more the part. Not by much though.

From the front, he could see matching red lightning slashes down her front as were on her back. However, she also had small jagged yellow bolts meeting across her chest and two more down her hips. She braced her hands there as he took her in, no change coming to her face.

"So you're Megamind," she said.

His eyes widened before he could control his reaction to her voice. Was the wind playing tricks with him? Must be - there was no way that was a human's voice. It was far too close to singing, bringing to mind old stories of sirens luring seamen to their deaths.

"Yes, I am," he managed, proud to find his reactions had not gone beyond that one look of disbelief. "And you are?" he prompted with a jut of his chin.

She waved her arm out and bowed graciously. "Syphon," she answered, smirking as she righted.

Syphon, his mind repeated, but he recalled no mention of her anywhere in the news. He began a slow pace around her, careful of the edge of the building. He made an act as though he were sizing her up, though he'd already made his conclusion.

She may think herself a villain, but she had a long way to go (not that he'd let her go anywhere but prison if she actually went through with the challenge). Obviously, the only reason why she wore those claws was because she had no real offensive powers. That was the same reason why he'd always used destructive weapons and controlled giant robots. Her heels and platforms added height, but she still wasn't on eye level with him, so she must have chosen them to increase her stout size.

Her bored look, while achieving its intended effect of making her appear confident in herself, was acted. After years of pretending nonchalance, he knew an act when he saw it. And while her tattoo looked distinctly bad, like a horrible scar, and her piercings labeled her a troublemaker, her hot pink hair undid that vision.

He tisked, stopping before her. "Syphon," he repeated on a sigh, as though disappointed. "Are you sure you want to challenge me? Really?" He purposefully made his voice soft, giving her a chance to back out.

She thrummed her claws on her hips, clinking them. "No," she answered, and stun struck him. She really was backing out? Some villain! "No, I really don't." Then she smirked, a wicked twist of her (abnormally) thick lips. "What I wanted was to meet you. Megamind," she added in a hushed tone, full of awe. Her brows quirked.

Well. He wasn't so sure what to make of that. His confusion must have shown on his face, because she grinned.

"I'm surprised at you, actually," she went on. He had to shake off an icicle of lethargy at the sound of her voice - maybe that was her power? Her voice made people sleepy? - before he could refocus. "All these news articles about Megamind and his great creations and great plots and admittedly great entrances, and this is what I get?" Like he had done before, she circled him, shaking her head as though she found him lacking.

His gaze narrowed on her. How dare she. Almost as though it was an angry animal being poked with a stick, his bad side was rising up. He'd dehydrate her and leave her in the desert. That'd show her!

As she circled she went on, "Look at you. Not at all the big blue alien I read about. What's this?" she asked, flicking her claw under his cape to flutter it. "White? And faux fur? Really. No high collar - I thought they were your thing - and not a spike anywhere on you," she echoed his earlier thoughts. Back at his front, she looked him up and down, brows drawn in contemplation.

- Dehydrate her and then bury her in the desert.

Then, meeting his gaze again, she smirked and shrugged. "Oh well. I guess things change. I guess I'm to blame for this. . ." she twirled her hand as if searching for the right word, "unimpressive meeting. If I'd gotten my act together a few months ago, I'm sure I would've been rightly intimidated."

At that, her odd behavior clicked into place, and he felt his face twist in disbelief. She still thought he was a villain, didn't she?

Before he could ask, she stalked towards him, forcing him to step back as she kept coming closer. When he was backed into the poles jutting up from the building (and suitably uncomfortable from the abrupt change in her attitude), she slid her arms over his shoulders, gripping the poles without nicking him with those claws.

"That's fine," she purred. He had to give himself another mental shake - her voice was much more alluring now than it was before. He had the urge to drop where he was and sleep. "I'll take what I can get," she said.

Take what? Wait -

His brain felt sluggish, but it began putting two and two together despite it.

A clang drew his eyes down to the left, and what he saw left him wondering whether he should be paling or blushing.

Her booted heel had lifted and was now braced against a low winding beam. Add that to her arms and he realized she was boxing him in. But why?

Wait. Wait wait. Oh, no. . .

Her hands, her voice, her foot, the dark look in her eyes -

Was she attempting to seduce him?

He almost dropped his jaw. This was. . .beyond. . . His mind went incoherent, fumbling over thoughts. What was he supposed to do now? This situation had never arisen before! In fact, before Roxanne, he'd never even considered anything romantic before, let alone what Syphon was up to. This was because, before Roxanne, no woman had ever looked past his alien appearance (and he reminded himself that Roxanne hadn't seen past it either, until he had a stolen image she liked.)

Anger began to thread through him. Oohhhh, no. If he was going to picture anyone in this position with him, it was damn well going to be Roxanne.

With a frustrated growl, he shoved her back, breaking her grip with the poles. She stumbled, but he managed to keep a grip on her until her dangerous wavering had ebbed.

Pointing at her, he snapped, "Don't you ever try that again."

Her brows hiked up, surprise and not a little respect coloring her expression. "Really?" she checked. At his hard look, she gave a laugh - and he almost stumbled from the sound of it, damn her voice. "Alright, fine. But I'm surprised at you. Here I thought -"

"Yeah, you thought," he interrupted. He made his tone brutal. "You thought I would show up here with a huge procession, covered in spikes to threaten you with pain of death. Sorry to disappoint."

She narrowed her gaze, determination flickering in her yellow eyes. "No you're not. But as I was saying, I thought you would respond in kind."

To what? he wondered. Your forceful attempt at seduction?

She went on, "I know how cruel this world can be, just as well as you do." He thought she knew nothing. "So I know how. . .difficult it might be for you to find a willing partner."

Partner? Ah, so she was talking about a girlfriend. He bit out, "I have one already." His pride stung that she would admit it so easily.

She quirked a brow, then sauntered closer again. Against his will, he backed up, but at least this time she stopped nearing him when he did. "Maybe," she murmured, "but does she love blue like I do?"

For a moment, the only thing he could focus on was the way her voice seemed to caress his ears. His eyelids grew heavy. But then her words snapped into place and he stared, both enraged and dumbfounded.

His inane reply was, "Now you're lying. You're not even wearing any blue!"

She snorted, and even that was a welcome sound. "Because I look better in black and red."

He needed to find out what she was. Before, he'd thought no human could have a voice like that, and now he knew it for sure. She wasn't human. Which meant he had work to do, facts to dig up. And since she wasn't actually breaking any laws, he couldn't stuff her in a jail cell until he had his answers.

Heading towards his rocketbike, he swung a leg over as he replied, "We're done here."


Her clawed hands were gripping the handlebars now, fury on her face, in her eyes. She bit out, "You're gonna leave me here, just like that?"

"Yeah, just like that," he agreed, swiping at her hands. But she had a firm grip, and all he managed to do was bruise his hands against the metal gauntlets.

"Oh I don't think so. Now listen here, Minimind," she hissed, making him scowl at her. "You've gone and hurt my sensitive woman feelings. I wanted to unite with you, become a supervillain team-up the likes of which this world has never seen."

Now he knew for sure that she didn't know he was Metro city's new superhero. Well, it was time to break her image of him, then.

"A supervillain team-up?" he echoed, allowing an incredulous tone. There was that bad side again - wanting to mock her. "You don't read the newspaper, do you? Watch the news?"

Her eyes narrowed and she bared her teeth, rage filling her face. "Your point?" she snarled.

"Things change, like you so keenly pointed out. A few months ago, I changed to the hero side. In fact, if you break a single law - if you step one foot outside a crosswalk when crossing the street - I'll be carting you off to prison. Get my meaning?"

She released the handlebars, jerking back as though he'd turned into a snake. "You'll be regretting this, you know. Being the hero makes you my target. You passed up having all this -" she patted her hips "- as your partner in every sense of the word." Her eyes stressed the word every. "Now, instead of getting high-fives and massages from me, you'll be getting slaps and torn tendons from these," she hissed, wiggling her fingers, claws clinging together.

Okay, so maybe she was a better villain than he'd thought. He'd certainly never reached that level of pissed off. And what's worse, even her death threats sounded pleasant, which had the effect of nulling the impact.

"Oh," he mocked, grasping his face in fake terror, "now I'm just so contrite! I made a terrible mistake, please don't threaten me anymore!"

Tension shot through her, and more hatred filled her expression than anything he'd ever seen. She sucked in a deep breath, then tossed her head back and screeched. Instantly his hands clamped down over his ears.

Unlike all of the other sounds to emanate from her vocal cords, this one rocked him, made his head throb. All around him he could dimly hear glass shattering. The scream was almost solid. He felt like he could reach out and touch it - if he dared uncover his ears to do such a thing.

That voice was unbearable.

His sight began to waver, going blurry. His ears were ringing in time with her scream. But blessedly, at last, it ended. All the strength seemed to pour from him when it did, and he slid off his bike and onto the ground.

Sweet. Heaven. That. . .was the worst moment of his entire life. Her vocal cords were clearly a force to be reckoned with. Soft and lulling one moment, devastating the next.

He was dizzy, his head swimming. Through the haze, he perceived her standing over him, but couldn't bring himself to move. She glared, hands limp at her sides, before kneeling down.



Syphon's glance shot off to the side, and she made a sound of annoyance. He tried to turn his head, to look in that same direction, yet his body wasn't obeying. Trying to concentrate now (a feat in and of itself), he focused on moving his right arm.

Twitch. Twitch.

He focused harder, panic starting to course through his veins. If Roxanne got here. . .and he wasn't back on his feet. . . She didn't know Syphon's power. She could get hurt.

Twitch. Twist. Yes! Slide. Yes, yes!

Close to his gun now. Syphon was backing off - no, no! If he lost sight of her, he might not be able to dehydrate her in time. And now, thankfully, he had a reason to arrest her.

He heard the hum of another rocketbike - Roxanne's. He almost smiled, remembering when he'd presented it to her. But now wasn't the time for this. His fingers itched closer. . .

"Megamind!" Roxanne gasped. Her bike shut off and then she was in his field of vision. He blinked slowly.

Closer. . .

She spared him a worried once-over before turning a hard glare to - where he guessed Syphon was.

"You!" she snapped. "What did you do to him?"

"Nothing you need to concern yourself with," Syphon answered, her voice careless - and lulling once more. He saw Roxanne sway; she was affected too? "Now, if I were to use these, you might have to be concerned."

Roxanne's eyes widened, then narrowed again. Was Syphon displaying her claws?

Got it!

Uh, but now he had to lift the gun. He began a mental chant for strength.

"You- !You- !" Roxanne hissed.

"Me, me!" Syphon mocked. "Name's Syphon, birdie. And you are?"

Megamind's eyes widened. Don't tell her! he urged, though he found he could only make his jaw move. No sound came from his throat. Damn it!

- Dehydrated and buried deep in the arctic. Good plan.

"Roxanne," his love ground out, ignoring his mental protests.

Damn it!

"I take it you're the partner?" Syphon guessed. "The willing one?"

Roxanne's brows drew together in confusion; she didn't get the reference. "If you're talking about a partner against crime, you'd be right. Oh, and if you're talking about being his fiancé, you're also right."

Syphon humphed.

"Now tell me what you did to him!" Roxanne demanded.

Chuckling was her reply. "I sang for him," Syphon answered. "He'll be fully recovered in around two hours."

Still no luck lifting the gun. If only he could tell Roxanne to aim and shoot for him. That would work.

"Reverse it, now!"

Ah, his brave little love, standing up to a villain like that. He supposed he'd always admired her for that. Dozens of times he'd kidnapped her, and never once had she screamed in terror or blanched in horror.

Although, demanding things of a woman he was starting to believe was more dangerous than he'd ever been seemed like a stupid move to him.

Don't provoke her! he mentally begged, his jaw moving. Air escaped his lips, but still no sound emerged.

"Okay, I will," Syphon said with that same bored tone.

He tensed what muscles he could. Oh, that was bad. He knew that tone. Maybe Roxanne did too; she cast a suspicious look as the other woman's footfalls neared.

Bad. Bad, bad, bad. This was bad. His previous panic grew stronger. Syphon was lying.

Then Syphon was back in his range of vision, leaning close.

"Hey!" Roxanne snapped, grabbing her by her high collar.

Syphon regarded her with a raised brow. "Yes?"

"Whatever you're thinking -"

"Do you want him fixed or not?" she demanded impatiently.

With a growl, Roxanne released her.

Syphon looked down again, meeting his gaze. As she leaned in close - his panic flaring, trying to lift the gun; Roxanne tapping her nails irritably - she whispered, "Here's a little treat, just for you. I introduced you to one of my powers. Now I'm going to introduce you to the strongest one."

He really didn't like the sound of that. His jaw worked as he tried to curse her. It did no good.

Cupping his face with one hand, she ducked down and pressed their cheeks together. An instant wave of pain went through him. His muscles all tensed and bunched, twitching as they faltered and then reasserted themselves. His breath caught in his throat, his eyes squeezing shut. He wondered if being electrocuted felt like this. Probably - it left no part of him untouched, just kept growing in agonizing waves.

And beyond that, a curious. . .lifting occurred. As if she were peeling back a layer of his skin. Between the pain and this feeling of being drained, he was thoughtless, mindless. Which was a feat itself considering at no other time in his life had his brain stopped working.

The blank slate of his mind upset him more than anything else.

He heard Roxanne yell out, but couldn't discern the words - as if he'd forgotten them. Then Syphon yanked herself back and he heard Roxanne scream.

Roxanne never screams.

He snapped his eyes open, forcing his deadened body to sit up -

Just in time to see the girls struggling with one another and pitch over the edge. He struggled to get to his feet, failed, and scrambled to the edge of the building.

Both women were freefalling, but his eyes were glued to Roxanne. No - no no no!

Pushing himself as hard as he could, he got to his hands and knees, hardly able to coordinate himself. His previous panic was nothing compared to this. All he could think of was getting to Roxanne.

Nonononono! Have to get to her - Roxanne - nonono!

She was still screaming. The sound was so wrong coming from her.

He forced himself up and onto the rocketbike, fumbling to turn it on, glaring at his useless fingers. Quickly! he snapped at himself.

It roared to life. This. . .was going to be tricky. But he'd be damned if he didn't try.

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