Harry surveyed the New Midgar from the top of the Shinra building. As a monument to his father, who most people knew Rufus had despised, the roof had been converted into a giant viewing gallery for the public. There was a larger-than-life statue of the late President in the very center of the floor, modeled on a younger and slimmer version of the man Harry had glimpsed in a helicopter. The ceiling and walls were made from broad panes of glass stretched across a thin iron cage.

It was dawn now, and the bright sunshine burst over the desert, carpeted with a thin layer of greenery already, to bathe the city in light. Since the removal of Mako as a power source, the Plate had been disassembled and the walls removed. The city looked naked and gutted and filthy for several months while the construction continued, and then the soaring apartment buildings had sprung up around the Shinra tower to house those who used to live above the Plate. The slums below had been cleaned up and the dilapidated buildings restored by teams of volunteers. The city was bright and clean now, and their economy had been boosted by an impossible influx of tourists.

There had been mass pandemonium after Harry advised the Planet to withdraw itself from the above-ground Mako, but Rufus' plans had kicked in a week later and the chaos ceased as quickly as it started. Harry never confessed to his hand in the 'mysterious power failure', but he knew Sephiroth suspected he was involved. Harry smiled. Keeping secrets from Sephiroth was like trying to dry water: some things can't be done.

Sephiroth had proved invaluable to the new President when it came to reforming the city. His ideas and foresight had made the city what it was today. The fact that he led the movement of social responsibility that inspired so many people to volunteer to help rebuild the city itself was a testament to his dedication. He was promoted from General to Vice President within a month of the reform movement, though he still found his way into the Military Base most days.

During the rebuilding Harry had spent a lot of time with Sephiroth. He had offered to house Harry in his rooms but Harry declined. He'd told himself that until he found a way to tell Sephiroth how he felt he had no business living in such close proximity to him. The temptation would inevitably prove too much for him and he knew that he would do something stupid and ruin any chance he had of having anything lasting with Sephiroth.

He ended up living in the old priest's quarters attached to Aerith's church. She was amused to hear that he didn't want to live in her attack on fear of Zack strangling him and offered to help him fix up the dusty old rooms. There was a small central room, a sink, and a bathroom. He set up a table in the center with a pair of chairs ("office"), a cabinet beside the sink ("kitchen"), and a sofa ("bedroom") against the wall. It was tiny but it suited his needs. He was hardly home except for nights anyway; most of his time was spent building the city and brainstorming with Sephiroth on everything from the plumbing problem to their air purification options. Harry borrowed inventions and ideas from Earth, things that had never occurred to the people on this planet, and repeatedly impressed the ex-General. Most of the ideas he shared were his own, though, so he didn't feel guilty for the recognition his contributions got him. He was offered as official place on the Shinra Board but declined. The other members reminded him of jackals and he didn't want anything to do with them. He claimed that he preferred to be thought of as a sort of independent consultant.

Now that the city was rebuilt he didn't have an excuse to spend most of his day with Sephiroth. He had spent the last week gardening with Aerith but found himself unable to stay away from Sephiroth.

He was on the roof trying to think of a way to see Sephiroth every day. He didn't want to spend too much time apart that the ex-General would forget him. He didn't know if he could stand it if Sephiroth was no longer part of his life.

He wished he could talk to Hermione. She would know what to do. Hell, she'd probably know how he could talk about his feelings with Sephiroth. But he knew that there was no way he would ever make it back to Earth again. The spell Luna had cast on him stopped whatever it was that let him rocket across the universe into this parallel existence. He'd tried experimenting with every kind of Materia he could get his hands on to no result.

Sephiroth appeared beside him. Harry jumped, heard him chuckle, and punched him in the arm. Sephiroth never tired of creeping up on him.

They stood together watching the sun creep higher in the sky, light refracting in a brilliant display from the shiny new chrome and glass buildings. It was a breathtaking, transparent morning.

"What are you doing up here all alone?" Sephiroth asked at last, turning from the view to look at Harry. Harry shrugged a shoulder.

"I was enjoying the view. It's easier to see it now than when this place is crowded with tourists."

"Hm," Sephiroth grunted and reached out a hand to touch Harry's cheek, "you're pale. Have you not been sleeping well lately?"

"No, I've been fine. Same as usual," Harry shrugged, trying to look casual. It'd grown impossible for him to sleep this past week without daily doses of Sephiroth's company, platonic though it was. He had no intention of admitting that, though. He'd look like a sentimental fool.

Sephiroth smirked. He put his arm around Harry's neck and gently, very gently, he bit his ear. Harry stood stock still, stunned into a statue. He heard Sephiroth whisper, "You're lying. Why? Does it have something to do with…me?"

Harry closed his eyes. He should have known that there was no way Sephiroth didn't know. Of course he knew. He probably knew exactly how Harry felt, and could even put into words that funny fluttery feeling he got whenever Sephiroth so much as breathed in his direction. He'd been playing with him, just waiting for him to say something stupid like how much he loved the way he said his name or flexed his fingers when they were sore from typing.


It took him a moment to realize that he had been the one to say it. He made to step away but Sephiroth stopped him by laying his other hand on the small of his back. Harry stared at his chest, mind uncomprehending. Why was Sephiroth standing so close to him? He knew that the ex-General didn't have the best idea of how to use physical affection as he was still new to it, but this was different somehow.


"I-" Harry didn't know what to say. So he didn't say anything at all. In a burst of bravery he tilted up his head and kissed the underside of Sephiroth's chin. Sephiroth smiled and bent his head, the arm around Harry's neck slipping down to join its twin around his hips, and touched his nose to his. Harry smiled back.

And then he went and said, "I love you."

Sephiroth, instead of rejecting or misunderstanding him, said, "I know. I was wondering when you were going to tell me."


Well, he felt stupid.


They kept their relationship private. Neither of them wanted the publicity that the news of Sephiroth dating anyone would bring, much less a man. Not one to ever enjoy flaunting his happiness in front of others, Harry told Aerith and left it at that. They didn't make eyes at each other in public, though they did exclusively sit beside each other when Harry was invited to a meeting with the Board.

In private things moved slowly. Harry had never had a relationship that he would call healthy and Sephiroth had never had a relationship at all, so they stepped carefully and kept their hands to themselves. It was more than a month before they exchanged anything more than a kiss.

When they slept together for the first time, it was almost an accident.

They'd been up late working on a project that would revolutionize the way they imported food into the city, and because they didn't want anyone to know about it just yet they held their meeting in Harry's priest quarters, sitting at the table that dominated his flat. It was eight feet long and five feet wide, the perfect surface for spreading out their materials.

Unconsciously, Harry, while talking, had placed his foot on one of the bars of the chair upon which Sephiroth was sitting. As they talked, their chairs were moved closer to one another. And then, as Harry was drawing a diagram to explain something, leaning forward with his lower lip between his teeth, Sephiroth leaned in and kissed his bare neck. Harry kept drawing but he reached back with his free hand and yanked on his hair to retaliate.

"Don't distract me."

"Why not? You're distracting me."

Harry snorted, "How?"

Instead of answering right away Sephiroth pulled him out of his chair and onto his lap, putting his chin on his shoulder. Harry could feel him smiling against his cheek.

"You look very nice tonight. Is that for me?"

Harry flushed at getting caught putting some extra grooming into his routine, a routine that normally consisted of rolling out of bed and putting on whatever smelled cleanest while still half-asleep. Out loud he huffed, "Would you rather I looked sloppy as usual?"

"I like you sloppy, but I like you like this too."

Harry rolled his eyes, smiling. He tried to go back to his diagram but Sephiroth shifted position in the chair and Harry felt something suspiciously like arousal pressing into his lower back. A flush began to spread down his chest beneath his shirt as his body temperature spiked. He tried not to show that he'd noticed, but the mouth on his neck proved that once again he was completely transparent.


"I won't distract you. You just go on explaining and I promise to behave."

Sephiroth, despite his words, was not behaving. Broad palms moved to Harry's thighs and maneuvered them so that his legs splayed on either side of the chair. Harry felt excited at this unexpected move and his body betrayed every spare bit of electricity in his veins. After spreading his legs, the hands began to slide up the inseams of his trousers thumbs first. Harry stopped breathing.

The hands stopped just short of his crotch and Sephiroth asked, "Why are you so quiet? I thought you were going to explain your diagram."

Harry inhaled deeply through his nose and let it out slowly through his mouth. He felt marginally calmer. Some blood returned from his groin to his brain. He began to fumble his way through an explanation of why the delivery companies would support being replaced by a bullet train if they were appropriately compensated and recommended to the developing city of Sappho (named by Harry without anyone else being aware of the connotations associated with it).

A finger tracing over his zipper made him stutter to a stop. Sephiroth stopped when he did and made an inquiring sound. Harry cleared his throat and continued only to stop seconds later when his zipper was drawn down (button long flicked open) and a hand slithered inside. Sephiroth made no coy comments this time. Harry dimly heard him panting over the sound of roaring in his ears.

He stroked and squeezed and his mouth began to suck on Harry's neck with a fervor he'd never exhibited before. Harry moaned and squirmed restlessly on his lap, his body knowing what it wanted and frustrated that it wasn't getting it. Without warning he was bodily lifted up and flipped over onto his back on the table. Sephiroth loomed over him, his hair a solid curtain to one side of his long neck. His eyes were black with a thin strip of electric green around them.

Harry couldn't seem to get enough air in his lungs. Sephiroth kissed his lips, his neck, and his chest with abandon. His eyes were half-closed but whenever they chanced to meet Harry's they glowed. In a dizzying movement he pulled Harry into a seated position to remove his shirt in one smooth upward jerk. Then Harry was on his back again and lips were exploring his hipbones, the places where his ribs still jutted out even after all these years; he kissed his navel. Harry laughed breathlessly from the ticklish sensation.

Not wanting to be a passive participant in what was turning into their most passionate encounter yet, he tugged on the silver hair until Sephiroth moved away from his chest and back to his face. Harry kissed him with parted lips, letting his lips enclose first the upper than the lower half of Sephiroth's mouth. Scrambling further towards the center of the table, he drew Sephiroth with him until Sephiroth's longer body was between his bent knees. He flicked his tongue against Sephiroth's until he felt the hands wandering across his bent knees trembling.

Sephiroth pulled away from his lips to remove his sweater, tossing it over his shoulder in a theatrical gesture that made Harry snort.

He smirked and then swooped down straight for the front of Harry's trousers. Harry gasped when he felt teeth nipping with care at the most sensitive part of his body. He bit his hand and rested the other gently on the crown of Sephiroth's head. His trousers were pulled down to his thighs.

To his disappointment, Sephiroth only kissed the shaft before getting off the table to remove his trousers completely. Harry became acutely aware of how exposed he was when Sephiroth didn't get back on the table with him. He propped himself up on his elbows and touched Sephiroth with his foot.

"Are you okay?"

He snapped out whatever had frozen him in place and nodded. He picked up Harry like he was a sleepy child and laid him on the sofa. Harry watched him shuck off his work trousers and peel off the maroon socks he bought him as a joke. Sephiroth smiled when he saw Harry looking at the socks.

"I like them, even if they are supposed to be some kind of joke."

He lay down on top of him, frowned, and squirmed until Harry was resting on his chest. He ran his palms down his back, stopped to squeeze his backside, and back up to his shoulders. Harry sighed and dropped a kiss on his collarbone. This was the first time they'd both been completely naked together, and Harry realized how similar and different it felt to lie against a male naked body versus a female one.

"Do you have any…?" Sephiroth raised his eyebrows and Harry knew what he meant. He nodded and reached into the drawer of the cabinet he kept his clothes in. Sephiroth took the bottle from him and frowned at the label. "Is this the cheap kind?"

Harry groaned and thumped his forehead against Sephiroth's clavicle, "Does it matter? It was bought for me, not for us." Did Sephiroth have to choose now to be a snob? Sephiroth's surprising flashes of snobbiness normally amused the hell out of him but he really didn't want anything to stand in the way of the mood right now. He'd wanted Sephiroth for a long time and if this didn't go through, who knew when they would get to this point again? Sephiroth wasn't like other men in their twenties. Somehow he managed to think straight where others were blinded by their hormones.

He should have been the one living in priest's quarters, not Harry.

A slick hand stroking down his spine and between his cheeks startled him into the present. Sephiroth snickered and began to massage the sensitive skin just beyond his perineum. Harry shuddered and shook on his chest, fingers spastically gripping and releasing his hair. He jerked up almost onto his knees when a finger slipped inside and crooked to flirt with his prostate.


Since when did Sephiroth know how to do that? He felt another finger slide in, and then another. They scissored and jabbed until he was a whimpering mess. His only comfort was the fluid he could feel leaking out of Sephiroth. It was the only sign that he was feeling as aroused as Harry was, though Harry was past the point of arousal now. He was teetering on the cliffs of ecstasy, held back by the single functioning brain cell he had left that told him that there were better things to come.

And come they did. Sephiroth deemed him stretched enough and tugged on him. Harry awoke as though from a daze and found himself straddling him. Sephiroth smiled up at him, looking flushed and breathless. "Ready?"

Harry could only nod, lips somehow chapped and swollen all at once when he licked them.

Sephiroth took hold of his hipbone with one hand and put the other beneath Harry, presumably around his erection. He guided Harry down onto it. Harry breathed deep and slow, eyes slipping shut. With one sense gone the others amplified. Sephiroth felt huge and impossible as he popped through the first ring of muscle. He also felt wonderful. There was something about the knowledge that he was inside Harry that made him pleasantly shivery at the thought. He slid in further. Harry thought that perhaps that was the end of it, but then he slid in further still, and then some more. Harry yelped, eyes flying open.

He was beginning to feel stretched. It kind of hurt too, now that he was paying more attention. He deepened his breaths and locked eyes with Sephiroth. The look of tortured control on his face made the stretched feeling less painful. He felt his lips twitch up.

Finally he slid all the way down onto Sephiroth's hips. He felt his long legs bent up behind him in support, like the back of a chair. He leaned back and exhaled slowly, clenching his insides to let out the last of the breath. Sephiroth groaned and grabbed his hips so hard Harry jumped.

"Don't…I can't…"

Harry nodded and swiped a hand through his hair, trying to get it out of his eyes. He tentatively moved up a fraction of an inch and then down again. Sephiroth hummed and loosened his stranglehold on Harry's hips. They came to rest on Harry's tensed thighs. Harry moved again, more this time. Sephiroth jerked his hips in time with his shallow thrusts, giving Harry confidence to move bolder. It was starting to feel good, the sliding sensation of flesh inside him. He reached back and put his palms on Sephiroth's knees for leverage, pushing his chest forward.

Having a better idea of what he was doing, he started a shy rhythm. For about 30 seconds all was well, and then the angle changed and Sephiroth hit his prostate. Harry shouted and had to grab the base of his erection to hold off orgasm. Sephiroth grinned wolfishly at him. Harry had a second to be very, very afraid before the hands moved from where they had been idly worshipping his torso to his hips. He was bodily lifted and slammed down. Stars exploded behind his eyes and he threw back his head.

This was repeated over and over and over again until he was sure something in there was bruised. Or he would have thought that if he still had the ability to do more than make loud and embarrassing noises.

Sephiroth began to sweat profusely, the strain of holding off his orgasm while lifting Harry simultaneously showing itself. In a desperate maneuver for more time, he changed their positions with a flex of his legs that ended with Harry on his back and Sephiroth over him. His fists dug into the arm of the sofa on either side of Harry's head as he used all of his weight to slam as hard as he could with dead accuracy into Harry's prostate.

Harry screamed hoarsely and his nails clawed at his back, his ankles tight around his hips and digging into his lower back. Sephiroth tucked his face into Harry's neck and began to kiss the tense tendons there to distract himself from the increasingly vocal sounds Harry was making. They were in some strange language full of vowels.

He sped up his thrusts and felt him clenching tighter and tighter with an impending orgasm.

He lowered himself onto his elbow arms and spared a hand to stroke Harry's erection. He pushed his thumb against the slit, spreading the generous droplets of pre-come, and felt Harry go tense as a bowstring, his back arched. There was one more loud cry, this one sounding a lot like his name, and then Harry shuddered his release.

The combination of the sight and sensation of Harry made him follow him into euphoria.

When the aftershocks faded away enough for him to think about something other than sex, he noticed that Harry was no longer conscious. He made sure he hadn't broken anything and then carefully got up for a damp cloth to clean up the evidence. He pulled on his underwear and found some pajama trousers for Harry to wear.

That accomplished, he turned out the lights and wrapped himself around Harry. He kissed Harry's forehead and fell asleep.

On the floor, a piece of Materia from Sephiroth's pocket began to glow. With a burst of light it ignited the room and the sofa and its occupants vanished.


The next morning Harry and Sephiroth woke up in Kings Cross Station to find a crowd of curious Muggles surrounding them, some of them taking pictures with their phones.


End Epilogue

Thanks for reading and reviewing! I enjoyed writing in this style, which is considerably more fast-paced and action-packed than my usual deal (with the exception of this epilogue). I hope the lemon is enough to shut up the perverts in the peanut gallery. If not, well, what more do you want from me? This baby is done.