A/N: We'd like to take a minute to address this recent accusation:

From: Anonymous

: You are copywriting another author who has the exact storyline. Stop writing
someone else's story. It's not right.

The term you are looking for is Plagiarism. Something that is very different and not to be confused with the more legally binding copyright so please don't make things worse than they already are by confusing matters.

In the world of fan fiction, we are not bound by copyright laws other than the ones that surround CBS and NCIS. There are plenty of disclaimers at the beginning of stories to cover authors from the copyright laws that are in place with NCIS, but as far as we know, (C) is not in play with fan fiction; merely the free reign to use creativity as authors see fit

With that in mind, let us just say this:

We would just like to say that we never have and never will plagiarize a story. Our work is completely original and written by our own hand. We abhor plagiarists so frankly, you're accusation is hurtful to us.

You may have noticed that your accusation was not allowed to be posted with the story reviews. In all fairness, this is so we can pursue the facts before judgement can be made on what you accuse us of. Surely you can understand, that accusations of this sort can harm our reputation and it is with heavy hearts that we have to post this the way we have because of your anonymity.

For reference, when you make such a claim, it is only fair that you provide more identifying information regarding the story, that you feel has been copied, so that we can respond to the accusation with facts, rather than sit here wondering which story you are referring too and who's story we have allegedly copied so that we can read the story and make our own assumptions.

We are horrified that you could leave such a claim and dismayed that you chose to do this anonymously, as accusations made anon are tantamount to cowardice and we cannot get to the bottom of this rationally with you leading us to respond in a manner which is unacceptable. Please disclose your name next time or don't bother at all. It is strange that we have had numerous reviews for this story and not one of the has mentioned it sounding familiar.

In complete fairness to the writer of either story, a claim such as the one you have made needs to be taken seriously, by both the accuser and the accused. By not disclosing any information you have made an accusation on behalf of another writer. You need to be aware that if you leave reviews, or contact the author of the other story, this can lead to a lot of malice towards us from readers and authors alike for something you claim and we have no idea about. In order for us to understand where you are coming from, we need the necessary information. For this reason, we respectfully request the additional information so we can deal with this accordingly.

Please provide this to us with further communication via a pm that includes the following:

·The name of the story, which you are claiming we have plagiarized; as well as the name of the author, so that we may be sure we have the correct story. As you know there are often times more than one story with the same title. .you reassurance that you have not used this to start a hate campaign, or some kind of campaign to get our story taken down or abolished without first looking at the facts.

We took the time to search for similar stories to rule out this very problem BEFORE we posted this; which, by the way, we had written for a number of weeks before even posting it.

Respectful Regards

Smartkid37 and Shelbylou

PS…We look forward to hearing from you with those details we have requested.

Please, bear in mind, we cannot respond to your atrocious accusations if you chose to hide behind your cowardly anonymity.

Nor can we allow those accusations to be used to tarnish our reputation as writers.

To our loyal readers and reviewers, a note of apology if your wonderful reviews were inadvertently deleted with the change in this note for us, your authors.