Author's Notes: Sam's just gotten his soul back and it hits him hard. Castiel and Bobby can't even get near him, but Dean's always been able to reach his brother. That's what he's counting on now.

Summary: Season 6 spoilers. Getting Sam back to how he was hits the kid as hard as they were expecting. Maybe a bit worse. They didn't count on his powers flaring up.

This Disaster

Dean started toward Sam, alone in the center of the broken glass and cracked plaster in Bobby's study.

"He'll strike out at anything near him." Castiel cautioned him.

"Not me he won't"



Dean spoke gently. No way was he going to sit here and watch his brother suffer alone. Sam rocked on his knees, gripping his head. His eyes were clenched shut and he was making this keening noise that tore straight through Dean.

"Sammy-" Dean started, a bit closer and louder.

Sam screamed shortly and a nearby lamp exploded and a few of Bobby's bookcases toppled.

But Dean didn't stop; just kept inching closer to his brother.

"It's okay Sammy." He licked his lips as Bobby and Castiel watched apprehensively. "It's bad, I know, but you're gonna be alright."

More carnage as a blast of energy emanated out from Sam like a shockwave. Sam curled up tighter.

"I'm here, Sammy. I'm not gonna leave you." Not at the gates of hell and not now.

Sam became more distressed the closer Dean got and as he reached out a hand to touch his brother, Sam screamed. Shrill and loud and he didn't stop.

But neither did Dean.

"I gotcha…I gotcha." Dean pulled Sam into his arms fiercely. He hung onto the jagged shards of Sam like letting go would mean certain death. "I gotcha…"

It was the only reassurance Dean had that wasn't a lie.

Bobby and Castiel looked on in varying degrees of anguish for the brothers.

Hours and hours on into the night, Sam finally stopped gasping out soundless cries and collapsed bonelessly into Dean's never-wavering hold, too exhausted to do more than breathe.

But that was just fine with Dean.