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It seems that despite living in very close proximity to each other in the Heads Quarters, there has been a serious lack of communication between us for these past few weeks, which is why I am owling this to you rather than telling you face-to-face. What concerns me most is the fact that despite my continued efforts to carry out Dumbledore's wishes and achieve a strong headship through house unity, you seem to be very unresponsive.

I suggest we arrange a regular time to meet up and discuss our duties. Please reply by return owl as soon as possible.

– Hermione



Who the hell are you to tell me what to do? I'm HEAD BOY, in case you didn't notice. And if you think you can blame ME for the fact that you spend all of your free time reading some sodding BOOK when we could be discussing important things like, I don't know, our HEAD DUTIES perhaps, then you have another think coming. Merlin, I can't believe you had the audacity to call me 'unresponsive' when YOU barely show your face in our Common Room. You are truly the most annoying person I have ever had the misfortune to have cross my path.

But if you want to meet and discuss duties, then whatever. I'll be in our Common Room at seven tonight. You think you can handle that, Granger? That's about eight hours from now. Or is that not soon enough?

– Draco Malfoy, HEAD BOY



Seven o'clock will be fine. But I did not appreciate the tone of your letter, and your attitude really frustrates me. Why can't you just cooperate? And surely at this point in our Hogwarts career, you could find it in yourself to call me by my name? This whole Granger thing really isn't going to help this working relationship.

And just for the record, when I am in the common room reading, you generally arrive with some whore in tow, ready to disappear up to your bedroom to live up to your Slytherin Sex God reputation. Are you suggesting that we discuss our head duties then? Oh, please. Give me a break.

– Hermione

PS: I know that you're Head Boy, you don't need to be so arrogant.


Fuck's sake, Granger—

Fine, I'll meet you there. Just leave me alone. You piss me off more than anything in the world.




AARRRGHHHHH YOU ARE SO FRUSTRATING! NO, WORSE THAN FRUSTRATING, YOU'RE COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY EXASPERATING! Why can't you just get on with idea without having to insult me every step of the way?



Really, Granger...

"Exasperating" was the worst put-down you could think of? We are really going to have to train you in the art of insult...

Seven o'clock. Stop owling me.



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