I think you should come pick up Altair after school—like I predicted earlier, he's not getting along too well with Robert and Al Mualim, and he set up a large expanse of territory in the right side of the condo. Try to bring Maria with you in order to calm him down.

I don't want this to be too much of a rant-fest, but Altair is showing complete hostility towards my pets: As soon as he saw Robert and his flock, he swooped down and attempted to break the necks of his hatchlings, and later on, he somehow set Al Mualim's feathers on fire. And, please, do something about your eagle's crazy obsession with Golden Delicious apples—he nearly mauled Minerva when he saw the fruit in her talons.

And this one is pretty big: Malik's always grouchy around everybody, but today, he was different. He lost it; and by that, I meant he went totally berserk. For a falcon that's three times smaller than Altair, he sure knew how to put up a fight—and, no, I'm not cackling in glee. Just be prepared to hear a major bout of squawking when you come in.


P.S. Shaun is the pickiest hamster I've ever seen in my life—go take him home. My tolerance meter for him hit zero days ago.