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Something had woken her up. Something she couldn't get a handle on. The loving arms of her boyfriend were still in place, her alarm clock had yet to ring and her cell, or his for that matter, hadn't rung.

The young woman was sure it wasn't something life threatening either. While at the moment threats and stalkers were a rather rare installment in their life, or hers to be exact, she was sure her boyfriend would have been the first to wake up, but he hadn't, so all was good.

Reluctantly she opened her eyes, but didn't move otherwise.

The light was different. It was atypically bright in the room.

Glancing out of the window by lifting her head a little and squealed in delight seconds later.

Woken up by the unusual sound a tired voice became audible. "Everything alright, Abs?" His worry evident.

She turned to face him and kissed his lips softly. "Yes I'm perfect, it's snowing." He lifted his head to look above her frame towards the window. She was right, snow was indeed falling.

"I want to go outside." While speaking, she was already trying to free herself from his embrace. "Abs it is three in the morning, and by the looks of it the snow will be there tomorrow morning, lets go back to sleep." During his speech he had began to draw soft circles with his thumb on top of her hipbone.

He couldn't help but smile a little. In some ways she was just like a child, easily excited by something trivial as snow.

She sighed an okay and turned in his embrace, facing his chest.

In other ways she was a woman through and through, he thought while her hand wandered toward his boxers..

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