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Chapter 1 - Prologue

"No. No guns. No lies. Just us. Just like I've always wanted. I've recently come into a little bit of money. So, any place you want to go. Any place at all, as long as it's sunny with little umbrella drinks. What I'm getting at here is... Sarah Walker will you do me the honor of... taking a vacation with me?" asked Chuck.

"Chuck, I'm leaving in the morning. The details are classified. But I'm working on the new Intersect Project with Bryce" responded Sarah.

Chuck was shattered; he left with a bottle to drown his sorrows. For the rest of the wedding Chuck mostly kept to himself, his dad had asked him what was wrong and he told him that he was in love with Sarah, but she was leaving in the morning with Bryce and his life was over. Bryce was uploaded with the Intersect 2.0 and he and Sarah had gone to Europe for intensive training and deployment.

2 weeks after the Wedding

Sarah and Bryce are at a top secret training facility in Prague, it appears to be a purpose built town with buildings and other structures to facilitate scenario training; it looked like no expense was spared.

"So Bryce how are you feeling and how are you adapting to the Intersect?" asked Sarah

"Sarah, it's unbelievable I feel invincible. The data flashes though are a little difficult to interpret, but I guess I will get better at that in time" said Bryce.

Sarah added "Well you are still human and still vulnerable to the same things, so don't get carried away"

Bryce responded" Live a little Sarah, trust me."

'Wish I was back in Burbank, I wonder what Chuck is up to' thought Sarah.

Sarah spent the rest of the afternoon wondering if Bryce was going to be ok with the Intersect 2.0, was it such a good idea to give a narcissist agent a further reason to believe in his own immortality, the extra skills that the 2.0 provided could be dangerous if not handled properly. Chuck did things to help people, what was Bryce's motivation, was it as simple as self gratification. Sarah decided there and then that nothing would ever happen between her and Bryce, and that it took someone special like Chuck for Sarah to realise what she needed in a relationship. She didn't think she would be able to find it again, lightning doesn't strike twice.

'I really miss you Chuck, I am sorry I left you. You will be the only man I will ever truly love.' Thought Sarah

4 weeks after Wedding

Both Bryce and Sarah are attending an after mission briefing. They are both standing in the conference room standing in front of the screen, when the picture of General Beckman appears on the screen and she does not look happy.

"Agent Larkin, this was not a red op you were only meant to observe and report, you killed all 5 of the agents we were investigating, what do you have to say for yourself?" screamed Beckman.

"With all due respect General you were not there and I had operational control, and my safety was more important then splitting hairs about whether the traitorous agents were taken out now or later" responded Bryce.

"Agent Walker, do you agree with Agent Larkins explanation of the circumstances?" asked Beckman.

"General, any danger to the Intersect should be taken seriously. However Agent Larkin had dealt with the other agents before I entered the scene" responded Sarah.

"Very well agents, but I warn you I will be keeping an eye on your future mission reports closely" stated Beckman.

The Conference was terminated, and Bryce looked at Sarah.

"Where does that bitch get off, it's my call and if I think a hundred people need to die then that is what will happen" said Bryce.

Sarah was concerned and admitted to herself that she was scared what Bryce might do in the future.

"Come on Sarah, lets go to bed, we have some celebrating to do" Bryce said.

Sarah immediately felt ill as soon as she understood his intentions.
"Um, Bryce I think we should keep this professional" Sarah responded.

"Sarah, you can not turn down this package, I will take you to places you couldn't imagine, and it will be like having sex with a god" Bryce added.

"Thanks but no thanks Bryce, we will talk in the morning" Sarah responded and walked out of the conference room.

"Well look who has become a frigid bitch after her time In Burbank, your loss" stated Bryce as he walked out.

Sarah went to her room alone and cried herself to sleep,

'why did I ever leave Chuck'

She realized it was the biggest mistake of her life, but it is a mistake she will have to live with.

8 weeks after wedding

Sarah and Bryce were on a mission that went horribly wrong, Sarah has made it back to base and has asked for a conference with General Beckman. The screen lights up and a picture of a concerned General Beckman appear.

"Agent Walker, please explain what happened in today's mission" asked Beckman

"General, I made the decision on the fly to tranquilize Agent Larkin. He had become dangerous to himself, other agents and the general public. He appeared to have no control over his actions; well at least I hope he had no control, as he was attacking innocent civilians without provocation. Civilian casualties was limited to three, a mother a father and five year old boy" said Sarah.

"Agent Walker where is Agent Larkin now?" asked Beckman

"General he is under observation at a controlled mental institute, what are my orders?" responded Sarah

"Sarah, we will wait on a prognosis from Agent Larkins doctor" Said Beckman.

"General, is there an option to replace Larkin with another agent?" asked Sarah.

"Sarah, the Intersect facility was destroyed after Larkin had downloaded; also until we get confirmation from Larkins doctor we will not be having any other agents download the Intersect. The only person we know that has a brain capable of handling the Intersect is Charles Bartowski" said Beckman.

"General, what are you saying is there a reason to suggest the Intersect is dangerous to the Host?" asked Sarah.

"Sarah, we do not know, but before Charles Bartowski downloaded the Intersect, 20 separate agents lost there life attempting to download the same version, and the project for the Human Intersect was abandoned. We do know that the 2.0 is easier on the brain but we did not think of the psychological effects on the agents. We will have another briefing in the morning." said Beckman

Beckman terminated the conference.

Sarah started thinking about Chuck again and was glad that he was no longer involved in the Intersect project, and no longer involved with an agency that doesn't seem to care for its Agents welfare at all. Sarah let herself think about what she would do if she was brought back stateside. Would she get a chance to call into Burbank to see Chuck again?

Next Morning 10AM

The Conference between Sarah and the General Started

"Sarah, what is the update on Agent Larkins status?" asked Beckman

"General, it does not look good, the Doctor believes that Agent Larkin has suffered a full psychotic break and is suffering from Grandiose delusions, he does not believe that Agent Larkin will be able to recover sufficiently to regain field status" said Sarah.

"Ok Sarah, we will be terminating project Intersect, however you will stay in Europe and be joined by Carina Hansen. You will both attempt to continue on with the assignment without the Intersect. We will provide whatever intelligence we can to assist" responded Beckman.

"General, when will she be here, would it be better to meet her stateside so we can debrief properly?" asked Sarah, hoping she can get back to Burbank for a quick visit.

"Sarah, Carina Hansen has already left and she will meet you tonight" Beckman said.

With that Beckman disconnect to Video Conference.

'Oh well, maybe Carina and I can have some fun and maybe things will not be too bad and keep my mind of how much of a mess I have made of my life' thought Sarah.

That Night

Sarah hears a knock at her door; she walks to the door and looks through the hole to see who it is, and sees Carina.

"Carina, so good to see you come in" offered Sarah.

"Hey blondie, so what did you do to Bryce? I heard he is in a mental hospital, did you actually succeed in screwing his brains out?" asked Carina.

"Thanks a lot Carina, I didn't do anything to him, he lost the plot. Anyway I didn't sleep with Bryce at all" answered Sarah

"Sarah!, you broke him, you turned him down and he lost it" Carina screamed.

'No way was I going to sleep with that creep again' thought Sarah.

"Carina, settle down I had nothing to do with it, he had a psychotic break thinking he was God" Sarah said.

"OK, don't get your panties in a twist…..talking about cute pants how long did you wait till you got in the Nerds pants anyway?" asked Carina.

'I never did get to be with him, the man that I love, the only man that I will ever love and I never even had a chance to be with him. That is so depressing' thought Sarah.

"Never did, I got reassigned 2 months ago" replied Sarah.

A sad look came over her eyes and she looked away from Carina.

"Oh My God, you broke the Cardinal Rule" screamed Carina.

"You don't know what you are talking about Carina" Sarah responded

Sarah was clearly getting uncomfortable

'I don't need this I need to get over him, I can't handle crying myself to sleep every night'

"Whatever blondie, but your in love with him aren't you, want to talk about it?" asked Carina

"No I need to put it behind me, wanna go out for a drink?" said Sarah.




10 Months Later Monday 8AM

Carina and Sarah await a conference with General Beckman, the screen lights up and shows a very annoyed General Beckman

"Agent Walker, why was the mission a failure? We lost valuable intelligence and now the cell has gone to ground, I want answers" commanded Beckman.

"General, we believe our communications were compromised during our mission, and the Ring operatives where able to determine each of our moves" said Sarah.

"Agent Walker, you have been on this assignment for almost a year, with no real impact. I need to start seeing results. I also wanted to let you know that Bryce Larkin died yesterday, there will be a small service on Wednesday in Washington. What can I do to make your team more successful? " asked Beckman.

Sarah was sad with the news about Larkin, while she didn't like what he had become he was another person the agency had destroyed.

"General, if you could arrange for improved communications that would help" said Sarah.

"Hmmm, let me see what I can do, briefing 8AM tomorrow morning" added Beckman.

Beckman terminated the conference.

"You ok blondie?" asked Carina.

"Yeah, it's all part of the life I guess, we all have to go at some stage" Sarah responded.

Tuesday 8AM

Sarah and Carina waited for the Conference with the General.

"Agent Walker, you will report to DC tomorrow at 10 AM to pick up the latest in communications equipment to take back with you. You will be briefed on its operations in DC, you may also want to pay your respects at Agent Larkins service." said Beckman

The General disconnected the call before Sarah or Carina could respond.

DC Wednesday 10AM

Sarah waits in the waiting room for her briefing with General Beckman, and gets called and enters her office and sits down on a chair.

"General, reporting as requested" said Sarah

"Agent Walker, these cases here contains the latest in secure communications. We have only started deploying these sets to the field. They are next gen in encryption and tracking avoidance and will give you considerable benefits in the field. Not only will they secure your communications but will assist you in breaking the opposition communications as well." stated Beckman.

"So the guys in the lab finally came up with something useful?" asked Sarah

"Ahh, not exactly they were developed by an external government contractor, and before you ask I have absolutely no doubts that we can trust them completely. If you go down to the lab and ask for James Lightman he will instruct you in their use" added Beckman.

"Ok thanks, was there anything else General?" asked Sarah.

"No Agent Walker, but I have arranged for your Flight back to Europe for tomorrow morning, that is all" responded Beckman.

'There goes the chance to call in at Burbank, probably best anyway, being gone for 12 months not like I should expect to be able to just turn up' Thought Sarah.

Sarah walked to the lab and started discussing the new communications sets with James Lightman. He is a real nerd and Sarah is sure that Chuck would have got along with James. James was really excited about the new communications sets, just like Chuck would have been. Sarah isn't too interested as long as it does its job, she can see that it will be useful in future missions.

Sarah discovers that she has been talking with James for longer then she thought and she should get going if she wanted to get to Bryce's service. She gets a cab to where the service was being held. It's a nice sunny day and Bryce service is being held outside.

When Sarah arrives she realizes that everyone is starting to leave, however she sees a familiar face and is surprised, she walks up to him.

"Casey, a surprise to see you here." said Sarah

"Walker, so you thought you would show your face, late too, social calendar too busy?" asked Casey.

"Thanks a lot Casey, was in a briefing and got here as soon as I could" responded Sarah.

"Well you missed Chuck by only a few minutes, was that the plan?" asked Casey

"What, Chuck was here?" said Sarah. Sarah wasn't happy, if only she had got here on time.

Casey just Grunted.

"So did you talk to him?" asked Sarah

"Well of course I did, I'm not the one avoiding him, am I?" replied Casey.

"Argh, Im not avoiding him, if I knew he was here I would have skipped out on the technical briefing I had on the new Nexus Communication sets. So how is he?"

Casey has another grunt, that sounded more like a series of grunts that blended into one.

"He is doing alright for himself, I have seen him a few times in the last 12 months" said Casey

"Really, what for? Why have you seen him?" asked Sarah. Sarah's tone is obviously asking a different question 'Is Chuck back involved with the Agency?'

"Keep your pants on Walker, it's been… well social, he bought me a Crown Vic about 6 months ago and we have caught up a few times since. Just mostly to grab a drink when we have been in town at the same time." casually stated Casey.

" Casey, he bought you a car, how did he have the money?" asked Sarah.

"Well he owed me one after he blew mine up, and I don't think it broke the bank" answered Casey.

'Don't think it broke the bank, where did Chuck get the money from? Surely he didn't use his agency payout money '

' I wonder if Casey knows where he is staying, I could try and catch him there?'

"Casey, you know where Chuck is staying in DC?" asked Sarah

Casey grunts and responds "He was flying straight back to LA from here"

'Why do I do this to myself, I was resigned to the fact of not seeing him then I hear his name mentioned and it's like I'm a schoolgirl with a crush'.

"Do you know if he is seeing anyone?" asked Sarah.

"What do you care Walker, you lost the right to know when you hopped back into Bryce's bed. Let's just drop this, I would rather not speak ill of the dead. I didn't like him much as a person but he did achieve a lot for the agency. Shame it was all for his ego though" said Casey.

"Why does everyone think I was having a relationship with Bryce?" asked Sarah.

Sarah was starting to get angry, 'is this what Chuck thinks too, did he think that I left to go with Bryce to resume the relationship with him?'

"Why else would you have gone off with him?" asked Casey.

"That really hurts Casey, I was doing my duty" responded Sarah while tears started to form in her eyes.

'What have I done, surely Chuck knows how I feel about him and would never just shack up with Bryce'

"Oh it hurts does it, poor girl, you have no idea the pain you put Chuck through" Casey responded sarcastically.

'Pain what is he talking about, I know he would have been hurt that I left, but I'm a spy he knew that it could happen'

"He was really messed up and decided the best way to get over it was to be completely committed to his career" said Casey.

"So he is not seeing anyone then?" Sarah said hopefully.

"Leave it alone Walker he is finally starting to get his life together, he doesn't need you coming back and destroying it" angered Casey.

'Destroying it, why would he think I would do anything to hurt Chuck? Oh maybe because that's all I ever seem to do to him'

"Why are you so protective of him anyway, you guys never really got along" asked Sarah.

"Chuck is one of the few people in this world I am proud to call a good friend. He helped me out when I really needed it and there is no way I will let you go back and hurt him again" said Casey.

'Wow, Casey is showing some real emotions, he must really care about Chuck. I guess it's not surprising he does have that effect on people. Hang on; he helped Casey out, with what?'

"Casey, what did Chuck help you out with" asked Sarah

"Leave it alone Walker, its personal" responded Casey quietly.

'Something is going on here; I need to do some research'

"Casey, maybe I will see you in another 12 months then." said Sarah.

"Yeah, you have a good life Walker" responded Casey.

Just then Sarah's phone rang she could see that it was Carina, she walked away from the Crowd and answered the call.

"Walker Secure"

"Sarah, do you know when you will be coming back yet?" asked Carina

"Yeah, I am booked on the flight back tomorrow morning. I'm just at Bryce's service." responded Sarah.

"Ok, anyone I know there?" asked Carina.

"Casey, and I missed Chuck apparently" responded Sarah.

"Say hi to Casey for me" asked Carina.

"Yeah I talk to you when I get in tomorrow" finished Sarah.
Sarah ended the call, and walked back over to Casey "Carina says hi" Casey just grunted, and walked away to where the cars where parked.

Sarah started wondering what she could do this evening; she started thinking how lonely her life was, she didn't really have anyone in her life. Outside of missions she really had nothing to do and no one to talk to. I wonder how my life would be different if I stayed with Chuck. Yeah maybe I would have a pretty basic job with just enough money to pay the bills but I wouldn't be sad and lonely.

She decided to go to the range; she knew she had to do some work for re-certification soon and may as well get it over with while she was in DC.

She walked onto the range picked up some ammunition, targets and ear protection and started to do some drills. After completing her drills she went off to ask about re-certification when she saw an old friend.

"Cole Barker, is that you?" asked Sarah.

"Sarah, how the hell are you?" asked Cole.

"Pretty good, what are you doing in DC?" replied Sarah

"I have been working on a joint review and evaluation of the new Nexus Communication suite. We have finished the work and looks like they will be getting deployed to the field" responded Cole.

"Yeah I picked up mine to take on assignment today, head back undercover tomorrow. We had a seriously compromised op because of communications, so I hope this new crap can help." said Sarah.
Sarah could see that Cole was deep in thought then he responded

"We worked with the company that produces them, and put them through some grueling field tests. They are the real deal. Do you have any plans tonight it would be good to catch up?" added Cole.

'It would be good to get out and maybe a night out with Cole would keep my mind of other things' thought Sarah.

"Yeah that will be good you can pick me up at 7PM" responded Sarah.

Sarah decided she would go back to her room to take a have a quick sleep so she wasn't too tired to enjoy her evening with Cole. Sarah got back into her room and she decided she would do some quick research on Chuck to see if she could get any hints to what he has been up to over the last year.

'He is no longer involved with the agency so where could I look, hmmm'

She decided to use Google to start with to see if she could stumble onto something, she enter Charles Bartowski into the Search. She got several hits she found a picture of him with several others that appeared to be wearing Stanford T-shirts. The site mentioned that it was a group of Stanford students enjoying some down time.

'Chuck looked so good; I wish I could just be held by him. I always loved our date night cuddles on the couch in front of the TV when he would just hold me. I felt so safe; it felt like I had found my place in the world in his arms. Sigh'.

She chooses another link, something about software, it brought up an article about some software that had been developed, and it mentioned something about Internet Banking, Ecommerce and Privacy. She skimmed the article to find out why it was listed on a search for Chuck's name. She found his name listed as Charles Bartowski CEO Aegis Systems. The article mentions that Aegis was a newcomer and has been around for less the 12 months, but should not be underestimated; she doesn't read the article that closely as she doesn't really understand what it was talking about.

'hmmm, everyone underestimates Chuck including me, I wonder if Aegis has a website?'

Sarah looks on the Aegis website, notices that it is based out of LA, it is a privately held company but little else. She then remembered that Chuck had a Facebook page, she quickly found it had no updates in the last twelve months, she saw some pictures of him and started daydreaming again. She shutdown her laptop, got on her bed and was thinking about that morning in Barstow.

'I still find it hard to believe how turned on I was that morning, I have never wanted someone more then that moment. Morgan is very lucky I didn't kill him, but it was still me that left that incredible man'

She set the alarm clock and drifted off to sleep.

Later that evening

Her alarm woke her and told her it was time to get ready for the evening with Cole, she was originally looking forward to it, but thinking about Chuck made her realize that being with anyone else was only going to bring back memories, especially if they also knew Chuck. But she told Cole she would go out so she will, she thinks if she drinks enough maybe she will forget about Chuck even for a little while.

Cole and Sarah had arrived at the restaurant, it was a quaint almost romantic French restaurant. They were shown to the table and Cole had pulled Sarah's chair out for her. They sat down and started to look at the menu, Cole couldn't stop looking at Sarah and see the sadness in her eyes.

"Sarah, if you didn't want to come out, you should have said so, I wouldn't be offended there is obviously something on your mind." inquired Cole

"No, its ok I wanted to get out, I would have just been in my hotel room alone anyway" answered Sarah. She gave him a forced smile.

"Sarah, what ended up happening between you and Chuck?" asked Cole.

"Nothing" stated Sarah, rather mechanically then Cole saw her rub her eyes.

"What do you mean nothing, it was obvious that you both cared about each other, how could nothing happen, surely Chuck didn't turn you down?" asked Cole.

This was getting Sarah frustrated she didn't want to talk about Chuck, it was only going to get her more depressed.

"Chuck had the Intersect removed and he is no longer involved with the Agency and I got reassigned, it's been about 12 months" answered Sarah.

"12 months, no longer involved with the Agency!" Cole said surprised.

Sarah could discern a confused look on Cole's face.

"What, you don't think he deserves a normal life?" Sarah said angrily.

Cole did not respond for several seconds clearly mulling something over in his mind.

"No it's not that, I am just surprised. Did you at least tell him how you felt?" responded Cole. Sarah could see on Coles face there was more to it.

"No, though I am sure he understood how I felt" said Sarah.

"Sarah, I am a little surprised you didn't even let him know. He probably just thinks whatever you did with him, was just your assignment and you did it because it was your duty" said Cole.

'I need to stop this discussion but I also need to find out what Cole isn't telling me'

"Cole, tell me the truth, what do you know? Have you talked to Chuck. I could see the look on your face, there is something you are not telling me" Sarah said in frustration.

Cole looked at her and said "Um, I guess I am just surprised, he seemed a smart talented lad, I am surprised the agency let him go. I do not think my agency would have let him go without a fight at least in a consultant or contractor capacity." replied Cole.

"Well it still appears he keeps in touch with people within the agency, he was in DC today for Bryce's funeral, and apparently he is pretty friendly with Casey." said Sarah.

"So you saw him today did you, how is he?" asked Cole.

"Look Cole can we drop it, no I didn't see him, I was late and he already left, Casey told me. According to Casey he has sorted out his life, doing well and the last thing he needs is the bitch that loves him but keeps on hurting him coming back into his life" answered Sarah starting to lose patience.

'Did I just admit to Cole that I love Chuck?'

Cole's eyebrows jump for a second when he hears Sarah admit that she loves him.

"Ok, so when was the last time you spoke to him?" asked Cole.

"His sisters wedding 12 months ago, can we drop it now?" answered Sarah

"So you and Chuck were never really together, you haven't seen or spoken to him in 12 months, however you admit to me that you are still in love with him" stated Cole.

"And what is your point?" asked Sarah clearly frustrated.

"I have only one more question, and then I will drop it" said Cole.

"Fine, get on with it" said Sarah.

"Do you see yourself ever getting over him?" asked Cole.

Sarah closed her eyes and within seconds she just started crying

'Of course I will never get over him, he is the great love of my life my soul mate'.

Cole called for the bill and took Sarah back to her room. They approached Sarah's door, "Cole, please stay with me, I don't want to be alone" pleaded Sarah.

"Sarah I can't, I can not be with you when I know you are only thinking about him. If you speak to him and tell him how you feel and you are still wanting company I will come to you, until then good luck" answered Cole then started leaving.

"Cole, how can you leave me alone like this, why are you punishing me?" pleaded Sarah.

"Sarah, you are alone because you choose to be, you left Chuck alone. If you ever hope to be able to get over him, you have to face him and tell him how you feel." Cole answered and left.

Sarah broke down again and lay on the bed and cried herself off to sleep. The next morning Sarah woke up and decided she would call him and see if he would take her call before getting the cab to the airport. She picked up her phone and called the number for Aegis Systems.

"Aegis Systems how may I help you?" A woman's voice answered

"Yes I would like to speak to Charles Bartowski" said Sarah.

"Please hold" "Umm ok" Sarah stammered.

"Charles Bartowski's office can I help you?" another women answered.

"Um yes, can I please speak to Charles please?" Sarah asked

'how many receptionists does he have'

"What is this in regard to?" she asked

"Its personal, um I am an old friend" said Sarah

'Whats wrong with this women, just let me talk to him'

"I am sorry Mr Bartowski is a very busy man, if you leave your name and number I will get him to return your call" she said

"Look I can't leave you my number as I will not be contactable, can you please see if he will take my call, let him know it is Sarah" Sarah pleaded.

"I am sorry Sarah, he has just gone into a meeting and will not be finished till lunch I will let him know you called" the women on the phone hung up on her.

"Bitch" Sarah yelled into the disconnected phone.

'What was that bitch's problem anyway'

Sarah started googling Aegis Systems and found an article stating that it was rumoured that Microsoft was trying to buy them out, but the majority share holder would not agree to terms. So now it appears that Aegis Systems have agreed to terms to supply licenses to all of Microsoft's Web browsers, this will enable those browsers to have unparalleled security protection when using the Internet for Banking or Ecommerce style transactions. It is also believed that Aegis is also in talks with Apple.

The significance of this was lost on Sarah.

'So it looks like Chuck is doing ok', it was time to get to the airport.

Back in Europe

Sarah arrived back with Carina and started to show her the new Communications devices she had been given and giving her a quick run through on the operation of them.

"Yeah whatever, all very boring, as long as they work then that's all that matters" said Carina

"Chuck would really like these, you should have heard the tech talking about them" said Sarah

"Geeks hehe, so did you get to talk to him?" asked Carina

Sarah explained about how he appears to have his own business doing well and how she tried to call him at his office but was apparently too busy.

"So what does this business of Chucks do anyway?" asked Carina.

"Dunno writes software, Internet of some type, I found out that they were talking about licensing the software to Microsoft and Apple not that I know what that means" said Sarah

"So Chuck's business uses Microsoft and Apple software to do something on the Internet?" asked Carina.

"No I think it is Microsoft and Apple will use his software and license on the browsers or something, if you want just google Aegis Systems" said Sarah.

"I can't be bothered, so Chuckie's going to be loaded. Good on him he deserves it" said Carina.

Two weeks go past and they find out that a sale of Biological weapons will be occurring in two days time. They contact the Director and get instructed to take down both the sellers and the buyers and will be assigned a tactical team to assist in the take down. They were informed they will meet Colonel Saunders at 8AM in the morning to plan the takedown.

The next morning Sarah and Carina got up and went for an early morning run. Carina was looking at Sarah and could still see that her mind was elsewhere and was worried that her mind was not on the mission.

"Sarah, you ok ? your mind hasn't seemed to be on the job since you got back." asked Carina.

"Yeah I'm ok, don't know what your talking about " replied Sarah.

"Come on, If I was to guess I think your mind is still on a curly haired nerd. When are you going to get over him?" huffed Carina.

"Aggghh, leave me alone. What if im not and what if I never do, I can't do anything about it." stressed Sarah.

They got back to the room with enough time for a quick shower and breakfast before they were due to meet Colonel Saunders. They heard a knock at the door, Sarah went to the door and after verifying with pass phrases they let Colonel Saunders and two of his men enter their room.

"Colonel Saunders, thanks for joining us on short notice. No doubt you have been informed of the objective of this mission" asked Sarah.

"Yes we are to assist you in taking down and detaining all involved in the transaction of Biological weapons and securing the biological weapons for evaluation and secure destruction" answered Saunders.

They go over all the plans for the take down and one of Colonel Saunders men that was introduced as Captain Wickens, asks about communications and that he and Colonel Saunders, would coordinate communications between the agents and the tactical team from there mobile command center. Sarah realizes that this may be an opportunity to test out the new communications system.

"Oh, we have acquired a new Nexus communications suite that we could use for the whole team, have you had any experience with it?" asked Sarah.

"You have a Nexus, wow. Um no haven't used it before they are the latest and greatest. I heard the guy behind it is a genius" said Captain Wickens excitedly.

"Are you comfortable in working them or would you prefer if I could get a tech to give you the run through?" asked Sarah.

"Um with the timeframes we are dealing with it would be better if I could get a run through" answered Captain Wickens.

Sarah placed a call to General Beckman and asked if she could assist in getting a tech to give the run through on the Nexus sets to Captain Wickens.

An hour later Sarah's phone rings "Walker secure, Yes General how can I help you?" asked Sarah

"Walker, I have someone on the phone that can help Captain Wickens are you in a position to give the phone to Captain Wickens for the conversation?"

"Yes General I will give the phone to him now" answered Sarah.

"Captain General Beckman has arranged for the tech for the Nexus Set run through" said Sarah.

Sarah hands him the phone, when she hears Captain Wickens talking excitedly with the tech she thinks back to Chuck and how he would get excited about new technology.

Some time later Sarah sees the Captain approaching her with her phone with a big smile on his face.

"Captain, you look happy was that a help?" asked Sarah

"Wow, do you know who that was? That was him, wow. He was the one who created the Nexus Set, he is a genius" excited Captain Wickens.

"Ok, so you are all up to speed and ready for using them in the mission?" asked Sarah.

"Yes Mam, looking forward to it" excited Captain Wickens.

'oh boy, she is going to have to keep an eye on him'

The operation goes successfully; both the buyers and sellers of the biological weapons were captured. All the Biological material has been recovered and has been sent to a secure laboratory for analysis and destruction. General Beckman is very happy with the success of the mission and also the success of the newly secured communications.

"Congratulations Agents Walker and Hansen on a Job well done I hope that this is a start of a string of very successful missions from your team. Was there anything else?" said Beckman.

"Thankyou General, yes can you thank the Tech that gave Captain Wickens the run down on the Nexus sets he said he was very helpful." Said Sarah

1 Week later

Sarah phone starts ringing, she looks at the phone and answers.

"Walker Secure"

"Agent Walker, this is Director Reynolds you and Agent Miller are being reassigned to a priority assignment in South America, Report to CIA Station in Rio De Janeiro"

3 years after Wedding

Sarah and Carina after 2 years in South America finish the assignment and have come back to DC for reassignment. In the last two years they have minimal contact with the outside world and then only intelligence provided by the CIA Station in Rio.

Carina turns on the TV to see what is on and a program catches her Interest.

"Hello everyone have we got a show for you tonight. Tonight we have a man that has not only been voted as Americas most eligible bachelor but is also listed on Forbes rich list all before his 35th Birthday. Yes I will have him on my couch on just the other side of the break and yes I am excited"

"Hey Sarah, you want to see the hunk they have voted as the most eligible bachelor in the US" asked Carina.

"Isn't something else on?" replied Sarah.

"Come on let me have some fun and fantasies, just because you are still hung up on the nerd doesn't mean you can't have some fantasies too." responded Carina.

"Whatever, just because I haven't had a serious relationship doesn't mean I am still hung up on him" said Sarah.

"Sarah, well the fact you haven't had a serious relationship is one thing but I'm more talking about how you still cry yourself to sleep when you are not drunk and I hear you screaming his name in your sleep" said Carina.

"Shut up Carina" said Sarah.

They were both sitting down when the talk show came back on.

"OK so my next guest was voted No 1 as the most eligible Bachelor in the US, he also appears on the Forbes Rich List and is also a self professed adrenalin junkie. Please welcome the owner of Aegis Systems and the best buns, Mr Charles Bartowski".

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