"What was that for?"

Altair cupped his cheek and brushed another kiss along his neck.

"Because I felt like it."



Fluttering his eyes shut, Malik raked his nails down the inside of the other's thigh, allowing a gust of hot air to tease the length before him—he smirked as he quickly got up without a word and left the room with all his tactile pride in tow.

"Payback is quite the bastard, is it not?"


Sometimes, Altair dreams about fucking Malik over the Grand Master's desk.

One day, it will come true.

All the time, Malik dreams about hurling Altair out the window.

It always comes true.


"Someone will see."

Altair hastily stripped off the other's sirwal and slid his hand up a quivering leg.

"Then, let us put on a show."


"I like the view."


"The weather is mild."


"It is a good day for a mission."


" … I like your boots—"

"Are you going to shut up and kiss me, or what?"