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Chapter One: A Stranger for a Father


Elizabeth, being her truthful self, wouldn't have denied she felt a bit... apprehensive that day. You might even say she was scared. Who could blame her? She was going to meet her father, for the first time, and then stay with him for good. Perhaps she should have been joyous a the fact that she was finally going to meet the man that granted her existence... she wasn't. Not in the slightest. In fact, resentment had seeded itself in her heart, had spread it's roots, formed a bud and now, finally, it was slowly beginning to unfurl it's black petals. Resentment so strong, it was almost hatred. She didn't understand how he could have thrown aside her mother, leaving her pregnant. He hadn't been there when Elizabeth had said her first hadn't been there when she finished her first book. He hadn't been there when she started school. He hadn't been there when she began adolescence. He had never been there. Through all the hardships, the tears, the laughter... he hadn't been there. If Elizabeth believed in Fate, she would have wondered why it had conspired against her to make me grow up father-less.

She felt her eyes burn with tears and wiped them inconspictuously to rid them of the moisture. She tried to focus on something, anything else to aid her in ignoring the fear of the unknown, that throbbed in her chest with an almost palpable pain. Elizabeth focused on the coarse, worn taxi seats. She focused on the grubby windows. She focused on the smell of tobacco that came from the driver, that mingled with her mother's subtle perfume, creating an interesting odour... not one that Elizabeth would recommend as a scent. She glanced at her mother. She, as usual, was wrapped up in her own little world. Her little cocoon of self-pity. This time she had cause... and the cause came under the name: 'Cancer'. However, she did not don the dress of self-pity specially for her illness... no, it had been there as long as Elizabeth had been alive. Elizabeth could understand at first. Her mother's lover had left her, that would be painful for anyone. But after a while, Elizabeth realised her mother was selfish at heart. True she sent Elizabeth to school, gave her shelter, food and clothing, but she never gave her daughter any affection. No, everything stopped at the neccesities. All the books Elizabeth had read, she bought from the money she earned by sweeping the stage at the 'Elite Theatre'. All the clothes she wore were from those same funds, and when she was large enough, discarded clothes from her mother. That day as they drove to the docks, Elizabeth's mother stared out of the window with empty eyes and a stoic face. She always wore that mask of indifference. She also always wore the regal clothing she barely had enough money for, flaunting them in peoples faces, so when coupled with her aristocratic air, people wouldn't guess she was a woman that was nearly bankrupt.

The taxi came to an abrupt stop, and Elizabeth stepped out and brushed down her skirt. It wasn't anything special, neither was her blouse or her jacket, but they were clean. Elizabeth heaved her heavy trunk out of the taxi. The only things in it were about five changes of clothing and around seventy books and my journal. Despite Elizabeth's lack of money, she previously have more novels, but her mother insisted that she throw most of them out, as there wouldn't be much room on the ship for them. She didn't even know that Elizabeth had the amount that she did in her suitcase, on the contrary, she believed Elizabeth had considerably less.

Eliabeth breathed in the sharp winter air. The smell of inumerable fish and sailors' sweat was carried by the harsh breeze, that blew back the young woman's hair, which had somehow found it's way out of it's bun. Elizabeth grunted and hurriedly put her golden locks into a pony-tail, as her mother had made it clear she was not going to wait for her daughter. Elizabeth couldn't help thinking that her father had good reason to leave her mother, as she watched her strut across the deck with her head held high, as proud as a peacock. Elizabeth smirked.

She actually thinks she is someone important. Elizabeth thought.

She overates herself, grossly. The pair approached a large white ship, and Elizabeth hoped that her father worked on that one. But her mother swiftly led her past it onto the next one. This one was significantly smaller, and a good deal grubbier. Elizabeth looked at it's name that was engraved upon it. The Venture.

"How delightfully clicheed." She mumbled to herself irritably. She snapped out of her daydream as she bumped full force into her mother. The older woman stumbled forward, falling on the man in front of her. Elizabeth couldn't help but feel a prick of satisfaction.

"Watch out!" Elizabeth's mother exclaimed, giving her daughter an ice cold glare and a sound wack with her hand bag. The man she had bumped into meanwhile, was looking at the two women with amusement, which disappeared as soon as it had came. He then looked at Elizabeth with a mixture of interest... and something the woman couldn't put her finger on. He had a saucy smile plastered on his features. Elizabeth shifted and tapped her foot on the floor, feeling uncomfortable in his penetrating gaze. She looked at him closer, and decided he had some rugged handsomeness about him.

"Can I help you maam?" He asked Elizabeth's mother. He had a distinct accent, but Elizabeth gave up trying to identify it after the first few guesses. Accents were not my strong point. I thoughtit was German... I was probably wrong.

"That depends." Elizabeth's mother replied icily.

"Are you the Captain of this ship?" She said, gesturing to The Venture. Elizabet let out a groan, and her mother gave her a sharp kick on her ankle. The Captain smirked before answering the older woman's question.

"That I am." Elizabeth bit her tongue and stifled another groan.

"And you have a Mr. Hayes on board do you not?"

Hayes. Father. Elizabeth thought to herself. The Captain took a while longer in answering that question.


"Fetch him." Elizabeth's mother said imperiously, waving a hand, in a disdaintful action, at the ship. A brief flash of anger flashed in the Captain's eyes which was soon replaced by amusement. He gave half a laugh, half an incredulous snort and then bellowed from the top of his lungs.

"Mr Hayes!" Elizabeth jumped a foot in the air at his yell, of which the women had no warning.

"How rude!" The girl's mother muttered quietly. Elizabeth gave a small smirk. Soon a black man came up beside the Captain. Elizabeth's mother gave a curt nod to the Captain and then ignored him completely, her eyes locking themselves on the other man, who Elizabeth presumed was Mr Hayes, her father.

"Miss Wilkinson." He said, the muscles in his jaw rippling. Apart from that tell-tale sign, his face was stoic.

"Mr Hayes." Elizabeth's mother replied, feigning amiableness. The Captan meanwhile had turned to a bunch of crates and appeared to be signing them off. Elizabeth found her eyes unwillingly roaming over his figure and suddenly, he turned his head around and caught the girl's eye. She felt a rush of heat creep up her neck. He gave her a wink and then turned back around. The girl looked at the floor. She could feel the heat eminating off of her cheeks and could feel my eyebrows being drawn together in a scowl. She decided then that she didn't like him.

"...daughter," Elizabeth heard her mother say. She looked up at Mr Hayes, right into his eyes, which suddenly glimmered with anger.

"Elizabeth Wilkinson." Elizabeth held out her hand.

"Mr Hayes." She said politely. He gripped her hand firmly. His voice had a slight waver to it as he spoke, as if he was struggling with his anger, only just managing to keep it under check.

"Elizabeth." There was an awkward pause, and then he said to her mother.

"She looks like a fine girl, but why have you brought her here?" Elizabeth's mother gave a small malicious smile.

"I expect you to take her in." Elizabeth heard her father inhale sharply, and heard a clatter from behind her. She risked a look and saw that the Captain had dropped the board he had been writing on. Her father dropped her hand abruptly.

"Can I ask why?"

"I have had the burden of caring for her for seventeen years,"

Thank you mother. Elizabeth thought to myself.

"It's your turn now." Hayes snorted.

"Besides, I am... dying." She said quietly. Hayes gave her a funny look and snorted again.

"You're kidding... right?" He asked. She shook her head.

"Cancer." There was another awkward pause.

"Give me a..." Hayes began and then rushed to the Captain's walked along the gangplank, all the while Hayes making animated gestures and looking towards Elizabeth. The Captain said nothing, only gave the girl sorry glances. The Captain said something calmy, and Elizabeth's father became more subdued. They then came over to the women. The Captain offered his hand to Elizabeth.

"Welcome aboard Miss Wilkinson." He said. She took said hand and shook it. He looked down at her skirt.

"I hope you have clothes more suited to work?" He asked.

"Umm..." The girl looked at my mother and laughed nervously.

"No matter. Jimmy's about your size. Maybe he has some spare. Jimmy!" The Captain gave another of his earth shattering yells, eliciting yet another jerk from both Elizabeth and her mother. The latter frowned sourly. She then turned to face her daughter.

"So... this is goodbye then." The latter said, a small lump forming in her throat. No matter how much she detested that woman, she had taken care of her, unlike the girl's father. She gave her best effort of forming a smile.

"You'll be fine... and maybe one day you'll settle down and get off this godforsaken tin can." She said, motioning towards The Venture. Elizabeth heard the Captain mumble something under his breath.

"Yes. Maybe." She replied. There was an uncomfortable pause.

"Well, stay safe." she said grasping Elizabeth's shoulder with an iron grip.

"Likewise." Then she pulled away from the girl and walked down the old, wooden boards to the cab. At that moment, Elizabeth turned back towards the Captain... her Captain. There was a young lad beside him, shooting the young woman dirty looks.

"Jimmy," The Captain said.

"Give Elizabeth here a pair of clothes suitable for work and show her around the ship. Oh but first... show her to the..." The Captain smirked.

"Cabin." He gave Jimmy a wink. Elizabeth hurridely undid her hair, now that she would be free of her mother's reprimands

"Yessir." Jimmy answered, and without waiting for Elizabeth, went up the walking board to the ship. The girl heaved her trunk up and followed him. She gritted my teeth. Would She have a word or two for him!

A few moments later, the pair were traversing some steps which Elizabeth could only presume lead down to the cargo hold. It was dark and damp and had a terrible stench. She inhaled it, trying to identify it. Urine! She made a face. Glancing at the cages, she presumed that this ship carried live animals, and had failed to clean one (or more) of the cages from their last load. The stairs creaked under the weight of Elizabeth and the trunk as she wondered, why on earth Jimmy was leading her down there?

"Why are we going down here?" She asked him.

"Aren't you supposed to be taking me to my cabin first?" He didn't give an answer, but Elizabeth swore she heard him let out a chuckle. By this time we had reached the bottom of the stairs he was walking over to a cage. Elizabeth looked in and saw two rusty bed nailed to the floor, with clean but worn matresses on top. There was also a stained looking blanket folded neatly on top. Elizabeth looked from the beds to Jimmy.

"Oh no..." She said. He smirked and opened the cage door.

"Your cabin." He said in a mocking voice, bowing dramatically and indicating to the cage with one hand. He looked up, a cheeky grin on his face.

"Well, our cabin."

"You can't be serious..." She said. He didn't answer, but turned and went into the cage next to it, whistling some sort of shanty. He opened a chest and rumaged around in it, eventually pulling out a faded but clean blue shirt, grey vest and creased black trousers with a wrinkled leather belt. He came out of that cage and went into the one with the beds, with Elizabeth hard on his heels.

"I love your courtesy here I must say!" She exclaimed sarcastically.

"Oh yes, dumping me in a cage, giving me the honour of struggling with a heavy trunk paired with a strained bicep. Is there no end to your generosity?" She unzipped her trunk with a flourish and pulled out some plimsolls. She hurriedly shut the case again before he could spy her books. She ripped my right shoe off, involuntarily raising her leg to a point where her skirt may have fallen to an immodest position.

"Slightly revealing, non?" Jimmy asked in a French accent. Elizabeth realised the position she was in and lowered her leg hurridely. She could feel her cheeks burning up. Jimmy had practically fallen on the floor and was laughing until his face was blue. Elizabeth flung her shoe at him irritably, hitting him squarely on the back of the head.

"Hey!" He exclaimed, his happy demeanor suddenly taking flight. The girl shrugged and tugged off her other shoe. She flung it at the wall.

"Temper..." He observed. He looked at her expectantly.

"What?" She snapped.

"You gonna get changed? Or do you need me to help you?" She felt her cheeks getting hotter once more.

"I think I'll manage." She said making a face. She stared at him.

"What?" He asked innocently.

"I don't want you in here while I'm changing!"

"I'll be in here all the time! Or someone else will! So you might as well get used to it now!" Elizabeth glared at him, then sighed.

"Well at least turn around." He rolled his eyes, but did so.

"Alright. Say 'OK' when you're done."

"Alright." Even though he wasn't looking, she decided not to take a chance and pulled on the trousers underneath her skirt. While she did so Jimmy asked:

"So... why are you here?" Elizabeth could tell by the tone of his voice he didn't want to talk to her. She paused while taking off her skirt. It still felt strange with him there, but she tried to ignore him.

"I'd rather not say." She answered quietly, resuming taking off her skirt.

"C'mon, tell me." He coaxed.





"No!" Elizabeth yelled again, her voice muffled as she took off her blouse, it's buttons still done up to the half way point. She had given up trying to undo them with her numb hands.

"C'mon already!" He persisted. Elizabeth sighed exasperatedly flinging my blouse onto the bed.

"OK." She said, defeatedly. Jimmy spun around.

"No!" Elizabeth screamed. Too late. Jimmy's face turned as red as a beetroot. The girl flopped on the bed.

My first day and a crew member had seen me half naked. Elizabeth thought. Jimmy's eyes were still gazing over at her, his mouth slightly open. She glared at him.

"Oh, sorry." He mumbled turning an even brighter red and spinning around once more. Elizabeth sighed again and yanked on the vest and then slipped her arms into the shirt's sleeves. She managed to button it up, despite the fact that her hands ontop of being numb were now shaking uncontrolably.

At least he had stopped asking me why I was there...