"Nala?" My mothers voice questioned. I sobbed unflatteringly and ran to her hugging her with every thing I had. "Nala dear what's wrong?" She asked.

"Si-Simbas really mad at me because Sparks my boyfriend." I cried. She picked me by the scruff and began walking home. Spark saw me crying as mother carried me in. He ran to me and nuzzled my cheek. "What's wrong love?" He purred.

"Simbas mad at me because we're going out." I whispered.

"Who cares what that loser thinks?" He spat. I stared at him bewildered. My face turned into a harsh snarl.

"That loser is our best friend!" I growled. He scoffed at me.

"Nala he's pretending to like you to get to Jade his real love you're the person that he hates most. He told me he was repulsed by you!" I shook my head furiously. "I really love you and that you can't fake," He said placing his paw on mine. I forced a smiled at him. He's so sweet. So Simba doesn't really like me, oh well I have my gorgeous Spark.

The next morning Mufassa walked in carrying Simba. Simba looked like hell he scowled at me and I snarled right back. Spark came to my side and nuzzled my cheek. Simba glared. Spark glared. I huffed and walked off the tension was too much. I kicked rocks as I walked down to the waterhole. Spark came down quickly after me. "Hey! Hey! Why am I the one getting the silent treatment?" He growled.

"Because he was my best friend. I don't know why, but he was. He didn't even like me, he was pretending! And now he hates me and I wanna smash his stupid head in!" I yelled. "Look I'm going to see Honor. Bye." I pressed my lips to his cheek and ran for the waterhole full pelt, leaving Spark with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

I reached the water hole panting. I scanned Honors usual hangs. I began to turn when she was practically sitting on me. "Nala!" she squealed jumping up and down on the spot.

"What Honor?" I asked trying to slow her.

"You've taken Emiles spot!" I looked at her confused. "Your top girl!" she squealed.

"What how did this happen?" I asked shocked.

"You got Emiles man so you got her social spot to." I was so happy. I never thought something this superficial could make me this happy.

Within minutes I was surrounded by girls trying to be my friend and boys flirting with me. I sat under the shady tree with Honor and Mica at my sides. I excused myself while I went to get a drink. I began to walk back when I saw Spark walking down. I waved shyly. He waved back and began to run. I stood awkwardly waiting for him to arrive. When he was at me side we walk back to the other cubs. I licked him on his cheek blushing slightly. I discovered the more public promiscuous and ditsy I acted the more popular I became. I nuzzled Honor and all the other girls and started my way back up to pride rock. I saw a beautiful flower so I picked it to give it to Simba. I don't care if he doesn't like me. It was a truce symbol.

When I got back to the path Spark was at my side. "Well hello there little miss popular." He smiled. I beamed back at him and curled my tail with his.

We walked with our heads together purring. "Your so cute," He chuckled.

"Not as cute as you!" I giggled back. Honor raced past.

"C'mon lovebirds you'll be late for dinner!" She laughed. I shook my head laughing.

"I love you Spark." I stated blushing deep crimson. He froze and began to twitch.

"Um yeah you to," He muttered. "Honors right we'll be late." He said beginning to run. I felt the cold stab of rejection swelling within me. He didn't love me. I was just another girl to him. "Yeah I'll catch up!" I shouted. I sighed heavily. Maybe I did something wrong. When I got up to the den I saw Simba lying with Emile and Jade. The two girls giggled flirtatiously. Simba reached over and brushed some hair out of Emiles eye. I felt anger swell in me. Emile turned and glared but then she saw the look I was giving her and smiled smugly. She leaned in and whispered into Simbas ear softly. He turned and glanced at me as she whispered again. They all burst out laughing. I felt tears making there way to my eyes so I ran to my sleeping area. Great he got what he wanted and I'm left here with no oneā€¦