Merry Christmas 2012! Please enjoy some scenes that we planned, but couldn't fit into the storyline.

Deleted Scenes


Probably somewhere during the 16th chapter

"Making Christmas, making Christmas~–"

"Shut up, Korea!"


"Saving Christmas, saving Christmas~–"

"Shut up, America!"


The 22nd chapter, during the time the Rescue team sits in the forest wondering what to do

Suddenly Finland seemed to remember something. "Does someone have a working cellphone?"

Germany raised his eyebrows. No one could really come to their help on time even if they contacted them. "Here," he said, giving the phone anyway.

"Thank you," Finland answered, taking the device. "Excuse me, I'll make an important phone call."

They all waited, confused, but with interest when Finland dialled a number and waited for an answer. Their eager wait didn't pay off when someone finally seemed to pick up, because Finland blurted his answer out with very irritated Finnish.

"Jorma," he growled, letting the 'r' roll on his tongue. "Meillä on puhuttavaa..."*


The 23rd chapter, during the last preparation for Christmas

Sweden helped Finland to feed his dog by keeping some stuff out of his way while he searched Hanatamago's special Christmas food from the closet. It seemed Ukraine had shoved all the dog food pretty far back into the cabinet with her team.

"I still can't believ'," Sweden said, breaking the continual huffing from Finland's direction. "Ya left Hana 'lone without food."

Finland straightened in surprise, hitting his head against shelves. "Ouch... eh, what?" he asked, massaging his head. "But I did leave him food. A five days share one too."

It was Sweden's turn to look surprised. "Bu' when I first cam', i' was jes three days since ya left an'... ther' was none left."

Finland started to defend himself. "Yes, but–" he stopped awkwardly and they shared a moment of silence. Then both of them turned to look at the white dog sitting behind them, looking innocent. Sweden frowned and Finland slapped a palm to his face.

"Hana... You'll get fat if you eat like that..."

Hanatamago barked, informing them that she was hungry and they should hurry it up.


The 23rd chapter, during the last preparation for Christmas

Finland stomped down the stairs. "Switzerland! Where's my rifle!"

Switzerland raised his eyebrows. "By the entrance. Beside the umbrella under the jackets."

"Great." Finland continued his way past the confused Swiss, anger clear in his eyes. "Russia! Russia! Drag yourself here, you perverted pain in the ass! You hear me, Russia?! That means now!"

"What happened?" Liechtenstein asked Norway who was leaning against the railing of the stairs, careful not to ruin Japan's flowers..

"He listen'd to his phone messages," the Nordic answered simply.

"Figures..." Turkey said, rolling his eyes.

"Shouldn't we stop him?" Liechtenstein wondered aloud.

"Tha's already taken care of," Norway answered and, as if to mark his words, a white ball of fluff spurted past them all and after Finland.


The 24th chapter, during the time the nations start eating

Christmas bristled happily and nibbled on the lamb.

Egypt and Australia looked at it for a while and then turned their questioning eyes to Iceland.

Iceland snorted. "Okay, okay…"


The 24th chapter, the Christmas present scene

France stared at his present and then stomped back to Finland. "Where did you get this?" he demanded, holding the wine carefully in his hands when shoving it towards the Nordic. "I... I didn't... it's the only one I never found from your shops. The last one had been booked earlier."

"Of course you didn't find any. I was the one who booked it," Finland explained. "That stuff is popular you know. I booked some before it ran out. For you."

"For... me?" France repeated. "But... but how could you–?"

"I told you," Finland stopped him gently, but with a victorious tone in his voice. "I know exactly what everyone wants for Christmas."

France straightened. "You're dangerous, Finland."

Finland smiled. "Especially at Christmas."


The 24th chapter, after the Christmas present scene

Russia glanced at the window to the yard where all the snow lanterns made by Latvia and Sealand were peacefully burning. Russia, however, looked a bit scared.

"Um... comrade Finland?" he called, coming closer to said nation.

"Yes, Russia?" Finland asked and then added in self defense. "I won't become one with you."

"Pity. But it's not that." Russia shook his head. "You have any idea, why the General keeps looking at me all the time?" he asked and glanced at the window, where they could see General Winter just before the old man hid behind the window frame. He didn't seem to notice he had already been seen. Then their sight of the outdoors was disturbed by Italy who was escaping Germany who kept telling Italy he couldn't wear only his underwear when visiting someone, even if they were brand new and Armani, meaning expensive.

"He acts like a school girl with a crush," Japan analysed General Winter's behavior before turning away from the scene that was offending his sense of conventionality.

"I... I have no idea," Finland answered after hesitating for a second. "But Russia, do you like your present this year?"

Russia nodded, smiling and raising his mitten-covered hands. He insisted to keep them on even while inside. "Yes. They're very comfy and keep me warm. Thank you, comrade~."

"You're welcome." Finland smiled as well and Russia left to find someone to hug.

"You know, don't you?" Cuba said between sipping his drink. "About the General."

Finland fidgeted slightly and then nodded. "Yes, of course I do. He wanted to find out if Russia liked his mittens."

"Why?" Ukraine asked, baffled.

Finland shrugged. "General made them."


The 24th chapter, after the Christmas present scene, before the drinking scene

Prussia hauled the box of wines in his arms towards the living room where they had agreed to make their little drinking corner. Austria was a few steps behind him with another box. The latter watched in carefully hidden interest how the other man was humming to himself, probably thinking all the precious drinks he was soon going to have. Austria didn't have intentions of getting drunk like the other, but he wasn't going to leave all the wine and brandy to the three bottomless alcohol wells. When they entered the living room, Austria watched out for the mistletoe above the door.

"Look West!" Prussia shouted across the room louder than necessary. "Ya think this is enough?"

"More than enough," Germany answered and smiled.

"You have any whisky there?" England asked. "That'd make a nice shot with these." He raised a couple of bottles from Austria's box.

"I don't think there is," Austria said and turned. "I'll go see if there is some in the cellar."

"Yeah, we'll drink all the stuff and then dance through the night on the table!" Prussia laughed cynically, knowing the Austrian would never do that, or at least wouldn't admit it afterwards. "Ya can dance, prissy? Like this!" Before Austria could react, Prussia had him in a firm grip and seemed to attemp to waltz. With Austria struggling to get away, it ended up with both of the almost falling. Austria saved them by grabbing the doorframe.

"You're already drunk," he accused, frowning.

"So are you," Prussia shot back, grinning and snickered. Then he noticed Austria wasn't paying any attention to him anymore, but gazing upwards. Prussia followed his gaze and then quickly lowered it, suddenly a fair amount more sober than just a moment ago.

Austria lowered his gaze from the mistletoe as well and met Prussia's red eyes with firm a gaze. Prussia's cheeks turned slightly red when they continued to gaze into each other's eyes. Then Austria's expression changed and Prussia blushed properly.

"Maybe I truly am drunk," Austria said playfully, smiling.

A/N: *translations: "Jorma. Meillä on puhuttavaa..." = "Jorma. We got to talk." (Approximately.) This is a very old scene we liked, but had to abandon. If someone gets the joke in this, I'm going to applaud.

Thank you Talon and Naru for proofreading.

Merry Christmas!