25 days of Christmas 2

First: One song title

On the first day of Christmas my true love said to me…

Man, last year had been a blast, hadn't it?

Jazz couldn't help his smug grin as he remembered all those CPUs he messed around with. Especially Prowl's, of course.

Shifting, he stretched with a yawn, as he settled back with a huff. He felt almost sorry for Prowler now that the next Christmas was sneaking up on them. Last year had been a total success and Jazz was considering if he should create another Christmas mayhem, if anything for those who had 'forgotten'.

But then again, was there much else he could have done? He introduced them to traditions, decorations, games, new pranks… and to each other.

Most of them hadn't even known before the last December. The war had simply not given the Cybertronians time to think deeper about their own individual situation.

Red Alert and Inferno had stuck together through thick and thin, basically. They did that before Christmas too, being friends to begin with, and Red Alert honestly did trust Inferno. It wasn't much of a surprise.

Hound and Mirage… true, they had their confrontations, bad moments of different opinions on pretty much everything. But the humans had that thing… opposite attract? They always seemed to make it up to each other, none of them being stubborn enough to stay angry.

And him, of course, he had Prowler. His logical, strict second in command who he alone could mess with, and still get away with it. His boring Prowl with doorwings flaring up in annoyance when he was teased. And none the less, the Prowler only he knew how to make relax.

Jazz sighed softly, settling his visored gaze on the opposite wall.

It was the first of December. Jazz didn't need his chronometer to figure that out. He was subconsciously counting the days in the back of his CPU.

The first of December… and Jazz just wished he could see something else than the glowing energon bars in front of his cell.

Don't wait up for me.

A/N: What, wait, it's back? 80

Hey everyone, 25 days of Christmas is back after last year's success. 25 small drabbles, one each day. I must be crazy taking this up again… But you guys seemed to like it, right?

I'll do my very best, even though this year it'll be different. I can't repeat it, gotta think of something new, you know.

Anyways, '25 days of Christmas 2' is a working title, and I really need a proper one. I'm open for suggestions, rather I could really use the help.

And general suggestions of course too.

Yes, what's this, slightly more drama than last time? Don't worry, humor should come back soon… god I hate those noisy commercials…

Btw, anyone else noted that we can't use more than one mark? Not two question marks '?' or a question and exclamation mark. '?' which sucks...