25 days of Christmas 2

Twenty-fifth: Twenty-five hurried happenings

His system slowly woke up to the sound of snoring. Or rather, since Cybertronians didn't snore, a ventilation system slowly working in a stasis-like state known as recharging. He let his optical inputs flicker online as his system rebooted, feeling oddly refreshed and light. How strange… He hadn't felt like this in quite a while, it was a nice feeling.

He stared at the orange ceiling above him, confirming his suspicion that he was back at the Ark, back home. How delightful, but how on Cybertron had he gotten out? Something… something… The seekers? Nah, that couldn't be… but still, something just told him that the Decepticons had helped him somehow. He did wonder why.

Suddenly he sat, whole memory core rebooted.

"Christmas!" Jazz exclaimed loudly, hearing a snort and a stumble next to him.

Looking to his side, the saboteur saw a rather perplexed Prowl sitting on the floor and still waking up. The chair he had been sleeping in was lying toppled over from where he had fallen. "What?"

"Did I miss Christmas?-!" Jazz continued, staring behind the visor, really hoping it wasn't so.

"What? No, it's morning on the 25th." Prowl frowned, raising an optic ridge at the same time. "Jazz, I-"

"Perfect! Just in time," Jazz grinned as he moved to the berth's edge, already standing.

Prowl was quick to get to his feet when Jazz swayed, stumbled and was inches from falling hadn't the second in command caught him. "Get back to the berth, Jazz, I doubt you've recharged enough."

"Pff, I ain't done nothin' but recharge for ages, Prowler," Jazz simply huffed and pushed Prowl a bit away, already standing more secure on former wobbly legs. "Can't be late for Christmas," he grinned.

Prowl was at least taken aback by this, staring a bit as Jazz left the medical bay. He wasn't sure what exactly he had expected. Maybe a smile to him, a simple 'hey'. But of course Jazz had his mysteries ways when it came to December and this Christmas.

Ratchet moved away from the doorway in surprise when Jazz passed him, already halfway down the hallway before the medic reacted.

"Just what is he doing up?" the 'Hatchet' said dangerously to Prowl, the tactician doing what was right and backed a little away.

"I have no idea, he got up and left before I could react," he said, trying to sound calm like he always was, not slightly perplexed and… some bad feeling that might have been disappointment.

"Well what are you waiting for, go get him back! He shouldn't be up and running yet," Ratchet grumbled, moving himself from the door so Prowl could leave to run after the just returned Jazz.


"Whooah, Jazz, what're you doing up already?"

Jazz just snorted, waving off the concern. "Please, Sideswipe, like I'd stay away at Christmas."

"True," Sideswipe grinned back, just letting Jazz pass, though the red warrior had to move away from a hurried Prowler shortly afterwards.

Jazz was soon in the recreation room, standing straight and tall as he grinned widely, as he expected drawing a lot of attention.


"Dude, you alright already?"

"What do you know, just in time…"

"Wha' did Ah tell ya, he woul'n't miss Christmas."

"Thank you."

Jazz looked to his side as he heard Hound beside him, feeling the green hand on his shoulder. And the mech was giving him a sincere smile of gratitude. Which probably wasn't a wonder, really. Mirage sat by a table, all good and back to his old self.

"Ah, don't be thankful to me, man," Jazz said, lightly shrugging the hand off, wincing a little at the movement. Okay, he wasn't all healed. "I gotta lil'… bird's help."

Jazz left Hound, the scout raising an optic ridge but didn't ask more into it. Why should he, he was happy with how it was.

The saboteur glanced around, mighty pleased with his small Christmas minions' work. Up against a wall, fake snow had been piled. He was later told, and laughed at, that the recreation room had become one big snowy battlefield, only to be cleaned later on. They couldn't keep the temperature that low all the time, so they had replaced the snow.

And of course it was messily, comfortingly decorated, the whole room. Jazz had no idea how many had been at it, but there had clearly not been a plan. And they had found his customized decorations, obviously.

Ah, and the Christmas tree. An apparent must at this time. It was definitely quite the beauty they had found and they had had a little more plan of it this time, not just one big pile of stuff dumped on it. It almost made Jazz miss his own little Christmas tree which was now alone on the Nemes-

Jazz stopped when he had walked a little around the tree, seeing the very thing he had been speculating about stand there next to the much larger, real one. His Christmas tree? What was it doing here?

"It was beside you and Mirage as we located you both," a voice huffed in annoyance above him.

Jazz had kneeled to study his weirdly decorated tree as he heard the voice, looking over his shoulder and grinning to Prowl who now stood behind him, giving the other mech a look.



"… You've got some presents waiting for you."

"Oh, I do?" Jazz looked to the bigger tree and indeed under it were several presents left from several mechs. And the saboteur grinned at that. "Y'all never doubted I'd come back."

"Not even a click."

"Aw, how fuzzily sweet of ya," Jazz joked, smiling widely as Prowl sighed and kneeled behind him, wrapping his arms around the returned mech's neck.

"One day I'm going to deactivate you for all this."

"C'mon, without me ya'd grow bored."

Prowl huffed, not dignifying that with an answer, just staying close to Jazz as the mech reached out to take hold of a present. Prowl didn't mind the looks and small chuckles the two of them was getting from the rest. He didn't care. He had missed staying close to the other's frame, though he would never admit so. So he just stayed seated behind Jazz, his arms now around the other one's waist.

"I missed ya too, Prowler," Jazz eventually mumbled, as if reading Prowl's mind easily. Was he really that much of a open book for the saboteur?

"Just…" Prowl sighed again, resting his head on Jazz' shoulder, watching as his mate examined the package "don't get captured again for a while."

"Alright, alright, don't fret, worry-bot."

At least it was over now. Jazz had returned, the Cons hadn't gotten any important details and Jazz had returned in time for Christmas. Prowl wouldn't admit it, ever, but he internally thanked whatever Christmas miracle had been at work. He didn't know how the two winged Christmas 'angels' had taken a chance with it all.

"Dude, I even gotta present from Mr. Humbug."

"Oh… You heard about that already? That was fast."


"I'm telling you, you don't have anything on it."

Thundercracker sighed, looking back to Starscream. The security room was darkened to get the details of the monitors through, and the blue seeker sitting in the chair was giving out evidence of evidence to prove that the accusations were wrong.

"Look, it's slag that the Autobot Mirage got through security," the seeker continued, waving at the screen that showed the cell open, no one enter and then the prisoner disappearing in a cloak, apparently. "But I don't see how you can blame this on Skywarp."

"Is that so?" Starscream did not sound happy to a point where he almost seethed. "Then how can it be that he wasn't in his room like you said?"

"You'll have to ask him about that," Thundercracker huffed, already connecting the communication to the brig where a pouting Skywarp sat.

"Sky', Starscream wants to know where you went yesterday?"

"Uh…" Skywarp hesitated a bit, the monitor to the brig showing him shuffling a bit where he sat.

"Skywarp…" Thundercracker frowned.

"Well… I went to get more coal. Just for fun, you know. And then I couldn't return, think the field was up. So I had to walk back…"

Starscream groaned. There went the question of why he had returned to the Nemesis. "I'll find proof, just you wait!" he growled as he hurried out. Thundercracker just sat back, smiling lightly.


"Here, come on, Starscream gave up," the blue seeker said as he opened the cell, Skywarp grinning as he skipped out of the place.

"Thank you, TC, I owe you one."

"You have absolutely no idea how much you owe me," Thundercracker huffed. "All that trouble for rescuing an Autobot… In the name of Christmas, even. You're crazy."

"Aw, but you had fun."

Thundercracker scoffed, but didn't seem to think more about it. Either he agreed or he didn't. Skywarp didn't really care, he had been cleared of all 'false' accusations, he had given his Christmas miracle, so he would come back to him somehow.

"Hey, Skywarp."

Skywarp glanced to his blue wingmate, a wide smile spreading on his face when he saw Thundercracker hand him a wrapped up present. The blue one offered a small smile to his purple counterpart.

"Merry Christmas, Sky'."

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