I always felt Della put up with an awful lot of crap from Laura and from Perry (the closest I ever came to not liking him) in TCOT Lost Love.

Maybe, just maybe, she had a little mental trick for dealing with it... although sometimes those tricks can be difficult to turn off.

By E. Wallace

There had been looks and touches; she suspected a kiss, maybe two, as well.

There had been demeaning questions and snide insinuations though never when Perry was around.

There had been a smug special prosecutor, lies of arrogance and of omission, culminating in the entirely avoidable heart-wrenching courtroom scene complete with moist, pleading eyes.

Now that it was all over, Della wanted only one thing - to get that damn song out of her head.

"There is nothing sadder than
a one-man woman looking for
the man that got away."

She would never hear it again without thinking of Laura.


The Man That Got Away
music by Harold Arlen
lyrics by Ira Gershwin