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Previously :

"Sheesh ! Okokok we got it " Sruji raised his hand in surrender

And both of them leave the place.

Now :

Chou eyes widened in horror as the black haired male walk closer and closer while holding the knife. She close her eyes and wait for another pain that has yet to come. To her surprise the man squat down and cut the rope.

Chou stare at the man's cold eyes. She flinch at first at the cold and deadness but it quickly change to curiosity and acknowledgement ?

" Strange ... He seems so familiar..."

With a sudden courage, she ask

" Have we met ? "

"No... " Samui said in cold voice after a short silence.

She narrow her eyes.

" If I didn't know you then why do you seem so familiar ? My instinct never failed me before and I don't think that one of the assassin that was ordered to kill me would help me."

" You have a big mouth for a hostage. How do you know that I'm going to help you or know you for that matter ? " He said amused

" I trust my instinct and my instinct never failed me before "

"..."." as ever eh little mistress?"

Chou's eyes widened at the word

"Y-you could it be ? " She said flabbergasted

For the first time since this story started Shamui smiled


A 5 years old girl with a very dark brown hair was walking through the corridor of Mihashi's mansion. She wore a very beautiful red dress with blue-white scarf that was too big for herand a soft warm brown boots.

The Mihashi's mansion have an interior of an olden japanese mansion with a mixture of western style. The little girl finally reached the end of the corridor. In front of her there was big wooden door that is twice or thrice her height.

Little Chou, open the door ; despite the size and weight of the door, it could be open very easily by the Mihashi clan, this is because it have certain seal that could recognise a clan member or a foe.

"Finally ! away from that awful ridicules and GIANT pile of BOOKS ! " Chou thought relieved

She shiver inwardly remembering the amount of books she has to read.
she shook her head to erase that horrifyying thought and went to the direction of the entrance and the garden


A teen with jet black hair and blue eyes that almost black was panting and limping in front of the mansion, he wore long black leather jacket with black pants and black gloves that were stain with blood from injury and from the 'others' . After reaching the main gate, he decided to stop for a while and take a rest as the pain in one of his wounds become unbearable.

" Tch .. Damn amature sniper can't shot accurately! Why must Iyashii-sama give me this mission after my assassination mission ? Oh right... the stupid sniper.. " He growl through his clench teeth after remembering the memory

" Oh well , because of his foolishness he died anyway " he sighed

Samui's eyes suddenly lost his focus for a moment and causing him to almost fall.

"Shoot ! I must get a medic fast ! " He exclaimed.

Samui quickened his paced painfully. He knew that the situation was getting worst, from the weather broadcast today they predicted that there are going to be a snow storm and its already snowing heavily, in addition to his injury he could die from freezing to death or his loss of blood.

His vision is getting bad to worst. After struggling to get into the mansion. He is on the verge to lost his consciousness. A person was standing near there and he could not see clearly.
Ignoring his pride, he ask the person for help and suddenly everything turns dark.

Chou was just about to enter the garden when she hear a strained voice

"HELP Me.." A rasped voice called

Chou turned around and gasped, she quickly ran to the unconscious teen and try to wake him up
" In case he is conscious again " her naive mind thought

After few times of shaking, she hurriedly go back to the mansion for help