Seaside Hill Slide

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Happy December first, everyone! Wow... 2010 went by fast. Or did it go by slow? Anyhoo, once December finishes, we're going straight into 2011. So let's hope I get off my lazy ass and finish most of my fanfics by then, if I could... and I haz a sad, because no one is dramatically reading my fanfics. (sigh) That's my only wish if I ever had one. Anyway, now that I got that dribble out of the way, enjoy the fanfic! And this time, instead of the usual pairing, it's Waluigi and Toadette who go off to Seaside Hill! Yay!

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their owners.

Waluigi screamed with joy as he slid down the grassy slide in Seaside Hill, being followed by Toadette, who opted to journey with him today. The two plucky adventurers went through the checkerboard loop de loop as they went soaring in the air, spinning around and doing several poses as they laughed, high fiving each other as they landed on the other side of the cliff. Suddenly, the ground collapsed, and both Waluigi and Toadette went sliding downwards again as they flailed their arms in the air, screamin with joy.

"I told you finding this slide was a good idea!" Toadette chimed back to Waluigi while giggling.

Waluigi agreed, though he didn't say anything as a branch in the slide caused him to be knocked into the air, spinning around as he crashed into the wall of a cliff, landing several stories below in the cool salty water.

Toadette gasped as she jumped off of the slide, rushing to where Waluigi was. She bent down, staying as close to the surface as possible as she reached out her right arm, with Waluigi popping his head out of the water and grabbing Toadette. Suddenly, Waluigi was snatched by a mechanical monster red and yellow striped fish, which laughed at Toadette as it too Waluigi under the sea. Toadette gasped in horror, but then became determined as she rolled up her sleeves and jumped right into the water, chasing after the mechanical fish.