Suddenly, Waluigi and Toadette were both trapped in a net, the two holding onto each other as two red colored Eggpawns jumped out from the bushes, laughing evilly.

"Ha ha! We caught some intruders!" The first Eggpawn stated as he clapped his hands together like an idiot.

The second Eggpawn jumped in joy, reciting, "Yeah yeah yeah! Da boss will be super happy that we caught someone! Da boss be happy!"

Waluigi and Toadette looked at each other and narrowed their eyes as Waluigi performed his Waluigi Whirl, using the purple tornado to break through as Toadette quickly blew kisses out, charming both of the Eggpawns. Toadette then head smashed the robots into pieces, giggling as she posed, with Waluigi dusting himself off.

"Great job, Toadette!" Waluigi commented as he patted Toadette on the head, "Let's go get some smoothies and skidaddle before more of these jokers show up!"

Toadette nodded in agreement, chiming in a high pitched squeal, "Oh boy! That sounds delightful!" And thus, Waluigi and Toadette ran off towards the southern direction, for some nice smoothies.