Final Fantasy Seven: TFLN Cues
(Texts from Last Night)

Rating: T
BETA: Ziggy Pasta…

For: Yumiko21 because of placing in the Honey Bee Inn Contest.
Cue: "Fuck you ..."
Warning: Genesis is easily distracted.
Disclaimer: Don't own FF7 Fandom, just using for my own amusement. Do not profit from this endeavour.
Characters: Genesis, Cloud, and Angeal.
POV: Genesis


Genesis chewed his lip as he leaned over the rail and looked at all the shirtless cadets while they trained. It was a sight that was making him really wish he was the one training this class. If he knew it was going to be a hot day, he would've been like Angeal—standing amongst the sweaty trainees.

And Cloud was there in the centre of it all. The vibrant youth was holding up his wooden sword with a stern look on his face that was more like a determined pout. The blond was focused on a tall opponent in front of him, forcing him to look up. His well-formed chest heaved as he panted, and he shook some of the sweat-soaked hair out of his naturally mako blue eyes.

The boy was lean, strong — still needed to build some muscle tone, but far from being unfit — and more agile than should have been legal. Genesis watched with delight as the nimble Cloud launched into an attack against his larger opponent. With a high leap and sturdy swing of his arm, Cloud's muscles rippled as his blow was countered. It caused him to flip backwards and land close to where Genesis was watching. They kept up their sparing match until Cloud had to concede as the other man held him in a headlock effortlessly.

Cloud was gasping for air and tapping the arm for release. He was dropped to the ground, and he lay there. He ran a hand over his face, which had a look of disappointment, before setting his expression back into a determined pout, thenherose to his feet.

Genesis could've stared at the scene for hours if a hand on his arm hadn't turned him around, revealing a very angry-looking Sephiroth.

"Hello," Sephiroth said. "I see what had distracted you and made you forget all about our meeting!"

"Huh?" Genesis said and shook his arm out of Sephiroth's grip.

"Quit ogling the cadets!" Sephiroth spat in his face and stormed off.

Genesis glared after the silver-haired man. They were supposed to have a 'meeting' two hours ago when he came across the cadets, and had only meant to watch for five minutes as a little bit of a warm up.

He had lost track of time.

... and was extremely distracted by the young, attractive, and sweaty men practicing in the yard.

Now he wasn't going to get laid, and the perfect ass was stalking off, most likely to find someone else to join him for a 'meeting'.

Letting out a frustrated scream, Genesis looked over to the cadets who were now all looking at him with concern ... everyone but Angeal, who had his hands covering his face while shaking his head.

Cloud looked at him with such innocent blue eyes, but eyes that were laced with concern and confusion.

Genesis pointed a finger accusingly at him. "Fuck you and your — your stupid hot-as-hell face!" he yelled, and then went running after Sephiroth with the hope that he would be able to make it up to him.

... even if he had to wear a stupid skirt to make him happy.

Full Inspirational text from the Text from Last Night Website "Fuck you and your stupid hot as hell face."