This is something I couldn't help myself with. I've had it in my heaad for awhile now. What if the Delta Force (Touma, Aogami and Tsuchimikado) got serious? I didn't want to use the magic side, or get it too blown in proportion, so this simple two shot was born.

"Haaaa," Kamijou Touma sighed.

This first year high school boy was taking his day off to relax; he, Aogami Pierce, a tall blue haired boy with pierced ears, and Tsuchimikado Motoharu, a blond boy with a penchant for wearing loose chain necklaces were all together.

However; "I'm bored," a feeble Aogami grumbled lifelessly.

"Arcade?" Tsuchimikado suggested, equally drained of energy.

"No," Aogami replied. "Wanna go to the school grounds? I heard that the girl's basketball team is practicing."

"Nah. Besides, you just want to find a chance to talk to Suhana-san," Touma shot the idea down.

"Yeah," Aogami shrugged in response, not too disappointed that his idea had been shot down.

"Want to go take a look at the newest manga?" Touma added.

"Not really," Tsuchimikado was the one to answer.

As one, all three boys sighed.

In truth, they were just suggesting things as they came to them; not even they had more than a passing interest in what idea's they were giving on what they wanted to do today.

Right now, it was a bright Sunday morning, nearing noon. This would most likely be the last warm day before it got too cold to hang around outside.

They had found a clear area of the park; it was both quiet and peaceful, with only a single bench overlooking what was quickly becoming the boy's favourite view of Academy City.

From where they were, Academy City shone in the sunlight, a view that didn't get any worse in the night, when the City illuminated itself.

Touma was sitting on the bench, his head lolling back and his body completely relaxed. Aogami was laying face up on the soft grass in front and to the right of him Touma his eyes closed, as usual. Tsuchimikado was to Touma's left, sitting facing them with his back against a tree.

It was as though this trio, named the Delta Force by their classmates, a testament to both their energetic attitude and their idiocy, and a name they bore with pride, had had the life drained right out of them.

It was in this sorry state that they were approached.

Ten girls in all, every single one of them Middle school Ojou-sama's wearing the Tokiwadai winter uniform with their chests held high, a mistake that Aogami didn't even have the energy to capitalise on.

"Oh dear," the lead girl sigh, shaking her head from left to right slowly, causing her long dark hair to follow its movements. "It appears that some lowly boys have invaded our picnic spot."

Not one boy turned to regard the intruders; Aogami and Tsuchimikado exchanged glances, but Touma hadn't even raised his head to look forward.

At this blatant lack of acknowledgement, the girl frowned deeply. "If you would be so kind as to leave, we would most appreciate it," the girl smirked.

"There's plenty of room," Touma told them bluntly.

"You are mistaken; how could there ever be enough room for you with us here." Was the girl's increasingly terse response.

The other girls were strangely silent, and had been the whole time, simply watching the exchange.

Finally, Aogami was the first to regard the girls, giving them a brief once over. At any other time, he would be ecstatic and enthusiastic as he looked them over, paying special attention to everything about them from their height to their weight, to their bust, and even what they were wearing right.

Right now though, his energy was so low that even giving the younger girls a once over was turning out to be more effort than it was worth.

There were two second years and the other eight were first year students. The only one with a decent bust was a first year girl with her brown hair in a tight ponytail. The rest ranged from washboard flat to A-cup.

The girl who had been speaking was one of the second years, and had long dark hair flowing freely, pale skin and brown eyes; noting special, even to Aogami.

He much preferred the ponytailed girl, or perhaps the one directly to her right, who may have been washboard flat, but had shocking blue eyes.

Well, it wasn't like size mattered to Aogami anyway.

"Are you listening?" the Tokiwadai girl continued to talk, her voice now shaking in barely restrained anger.

"You're right," Aogami let out. "With you here, there is no way we could fit. The other girls can stay though."

"Ar-Are you calling me fat?"

"Don't worry. Chubby girls are good too."


"Either stay or go," Tsuchimikado let out. "But we can't be bothered leaving."

"Don't you know who I am? I am Motaki Ruri of the Motaki family, and I order you to-"

"We don't care," Touma stated, the loudest any of the three boys had been all day.

"How dare a bunch of delinquents like you ignore my words; you nothing but trashy bullies who-"

"Funny, I thought you were the bully. Coming all the way over here just to try and push us around."

"We are here for a picnic, not-"

"Then where is it?" Tsuchimikado asked.

"Where is what?"

"The picnic basket, and the blankets, and the drinks. You'll get grass stains if you're not careful; I wonder what you're classmates will think you were up too?" Tsuchimikado quipped, causing Aogami to chuckle and Touma to grin, not that anyone noticed. He still hadn't looked at the girls.

"Silence!" Ruri exploded. "I will not have a bunch of ruffians speak to me in that way." Her eyes narrowed dangerously at the blue haired boy. "I've heard of you, all of you," she swept her eyes to each of them, before turning back to look down on Aogami again. "Aogami Pierce, a degenerate Otaku who lusts after unsuspecting women. A dangerous man who attacked my dear friend Bo-chan," she gestured to a first year on her left, one with brown eyes and hair done in pigtails down her back.

"Hey, I would nev-" Aogami began, but was steamrolled over.

"Truly a dangerous man; the type that'll never find a lover, and will either spend the rest of his days alone or in prison. Tsuchimikado Motoharu," she turned to her next target, "a disgusting man with a disgusting interest in his younger sister. What would she o if she knew, I wonder? Most likely break all ties with you, we could only hope. And if she doesn't, well, she works at our school quite often; I'm sure we can talk to her."

By now, both Aogami and Tsuchimikado were openly glaring at the girl, who seemed to have regained her calm.

"And finally, we have Kamijou Touma, a skirt chasing, lazy, incompetent, and above all pretentious boy who dares to appear before Misaka-Onee-sama."

"Huh?" the three boys were confused. How did Misaka get involved in this?

"Geez Kami-yan, if this is because of one of your girls…" Aogami said playfully.

"Well, if its Kami-yan, there's always going to be trouble," Tsuchimikado agreed.

Both boys rose slowly, glaring at the girls.

"I may have a broad range of interests, but I would never attack a girl like that," Aogami growled.

"I don't take kindly to those who threaten my sister," Tsuchimikado warned, cracking his knuckles.

However, when Touma stood up, he turned his back to the girls. "Let's go."

"What, why?" Aogami spluttered.

"For a little thing like Misaka, its not worth it."

"How dare you!" Ruri yelled. "Surround them!" she ordered. Slowly and slightly reluctantly, the other girls obeyed.

"Hold it! This Judgement!" a semi-familiar voice cried.

Appearing out of thin air in the middle of the circle made up of Tokiwadai students, another student appeared. However, this one was familiar to Touma, her reddish twin-tails and short stature familiar to him.

"Shirai-san!" Touma greeted.

With all this excitement, the Delta Trio's energy levels were rising.

Shirai Kuroko, member of Judgement, sniffed. "Oh, its you. What kind of trouble are you up to now?"

"Oi, we weren't doing anything. These girls just started trying to push us around."

"A likely story," Kuroko rolled her eyes.

"It's not true!" Ruri yelled, a tear in her eye. They tried to hurt my dear friend, but we stepped into help just in time. We were about to subdue them and report them to Judgement."

"Motaki-san, please don't lie," Shirai told her bluntly.


Shirai sniffed. "I wasn't born yesterday; I can see it in your eyes. You're lying."

Motaki just glared, immediately changing tactics. "Stay out of it Shirai-san. I'm challenging Kamijou to a duel."

"Wha, a duel? You can't be serious?" Kuroko asked.

"Oi,oi, why should I have to fight a du-" Touma was cut off as Aogami grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him back, allowing Tsuchimikado to take centre stage.

"Let's make it interesting; shall we bet on it?"

"What did you have in mind?" Motaki smirked.

"Three on three. If you win, Touma will stay away from Misaka forever, and we'll never bother you again."

"Sounds great. I agree."

Tsuchimikado smirked, causing his sunglasses to glint. "Excellent. So if you lose, you and all those girls have to do whatever we say for a week."

"Wha? I never agreed to that!"

"I'm afraid you did," a much deeper female voice rumbled.

Instantly, all the Tokiwadai students stiffened. Slowly all fourteen people turned to face the origin of the voice.

There was a tall woman there, wearing a blue jacket and skirt, with a white shirt on underneath.

Her glasses glinted as she looked down on the ten girls.

"D-D-Dorm Mother," they stuttered. "H-How-"

"How long have I been here? From the very beginning. Quite frankly, I'm ashamed to have you in my Dorms. Now, considering you were the one to propose this duel, you will follow through with it. You have already accepted the conditions; its your own fault for not listening fully."


"The contest will be tomorrow in Tokiwadai; it will be a good learning experience. I assume it will be a battle?"

"Yes," the blond boy nodded.

"So violent," the Dorm Manager shook her head. "No matter. Understand this," she turned back to her charges. "If you win, I will decide your punishment. If you lose, they will. Shirai-san," she turned to the Judgement member. "You will act as referee, and in the event the Motaki-san and her party lose, you will decide how far these boys can go in bossing the girls around. Is all of that clear?"

"Crystal," Aogami smiled.

Touma looked to each interested party; his own friends anger and eagerness, Kuroko's confusion, Motaki's fear and the Dorm Manager's fury.

He had been hoping for a lazy day with his friends, Index with Himegami and out of his hair.

Instead he got this. Sure, he could understand his friend's feelings, but he didn't want to fight, not unless they tried to hurt his friends. Now, there didn't seem to be a choice. There was only one thing to say. "Fuko da."

A/N: Yes, I know that the three boys aren't exactly in character, but this is more or less intentional. They are having one of those days were you have no enegy or drive, not even to avoid a fight. Oh, and yes, Aogami will have an ability in this. I've already decided what. You should know though, I'll never use the same power for that guy twice.