The girls were beaten, while Touma and Aogami had sustained superficial wounds only. The one suffering the most damage was Tsuchimikado.

As soon as the battle was over, Miaka immediately began to badger him to let her have a look and began to treat his wounds as best she could. How was she to know that his Auto Regeneration was already working and that he'd be fine before the sun set?

Meanwhile, as Tsuchimikado happily got treatment from his lovable little sister, Aogami and Touma made their way to the Dorm Manager.

They didn't even get half way there before a flood of identical Misaka's surrounded Touma.

"Congratulations, Misaka 10032 makes sure to speak first."

"No fair, I wanted to be first Misaka 12204 grumbles. Well done, Misaka offers for honest thoughts."

"Umm, could you look that way? Misaka 19090 asks shyly." So saying she pointed to Touma's left.

He turned to face that way, wondering what she wanted him to look at when he felt soft warm lips on his cheeks.

With red cheeks, Touma looked back at the Misaka in front of him, who was lightly blushing.

"You were really amazing out there, Misaka 19090 happily expresses her awe."

"What are you trying to pull? Misaka 12204 screeches to show her anger." So saying, she and five other Misaka Imouto pulled the girl away from Touma, who was in shock.

"Yeah! Misaka 10039 agrees."

"Why did you do that? Misaka 15224 asks, intending to understand the reasoning behind your actions."

The Misaka's all continued to crowd around Misaka 19090.

This Misaka, who dieted and was displaying hints of shyness more and more often, blushingly explained; "I'd read it was one way to congratulate someone Misaka 19090 displays her findings."

The Misaka's exchanged glances, before turning to Touma as one. "Offering congratulations in this way is acceptable Misaka agrees," most of the Misaka intoned, crowding around the boy for one purpose only.

However, before they could make another move, an arc of electricity caused them all to jump away.

The original stood there, her shoulder trembling as she pointed an accusing finger at Touma. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" Mikoto yelled, her face red in anger.

"Well, I-" Touma began, desperately trying to defend himself.

"Ah, Onee-sama can't be honest, Misaka 10032 teasingly points out her observation. Most likely the Original wants to congratulate the saviour too Misaka suggests."

"Well, we shouldn't complain Misaka 15224 happily adds her comments."

"All the better for us Misaka 12204 grins victoriously as she claims her prize." So saying, that Misaka grabbed onto Touma's arm and pressed herself close to him.

"Hey! Misaka 10032 protests. This Misaka is the one that is closest to him, Misaka 10032 points out in an angry tone."

"Ha, yo-" Misaka was cut off as a scramble once again comensed, with the added complication of Misaka Mikoto adding in her own thunder as she tried to separate the group.

"HOLD IT!" Fukiyose appeared on the scene. She spoke with authority that caused the Misaka's to listen, stopping them in their tracks. "If you want to offer your thoughts, get in line. One at a time, no more than 30 seconds for each person. If you want more time, you'll have to line up from the back!"

Scrambling, the Misaka's got formed a single file line. In the confusion, the Original Misaka was lost; the clones weren't wearing their military goggles, and so the Sisters were identical.


"You, you and you!" Fukiyose pointed to three of the clones in turn. "Back of the line; you've already spoken your piece once."

The three opened their mouths as if to argue, but ended up closing their mouths with a snap at the look Fukiyose was giving them. Soon, they were nodding and rushed to the back.

Meanwhile, as Fukiyose maintained the carful balance of oestrogen around Kamijou, most of the rest of the class headed over to either Aogami or Tsuchimikado.

Aogami and the boys that surrounded him looked on at Touma's group in jealousy. How dare he have so many cute girls all trying to give him on the cheek? And he says he is unlucky? Pah!

There were a few girls in the group, and though they weren't glaring on in jealousy, they were shaking their heads in distaste. They wanted to tell him how good a job he did too, but doing it now would be too much of a hassle what with all those little girls trying to play lovers with him.

"Um, excuse me," a feminine voice shyly broke the tense atmosphere.

Aogami dragged his attention away from Touma and the line of cute girls literally lining up to catch his attention to the younger girl in front who had approached. It was Saten. Along with her was Uiharu, who was desperately trying to hide how intimidated she was surrounded by all these high school students.

Aogami smiled, something that caused Uiharu to shudder slightly. It was a creepy grin.

"Yes?" Aogami asked the longer haired of the two.

With a small blush on her face, Saten thrust forward her sign. "Could I please get your autograph!" she quickly bowed.

Slightly taken aback, it took a moment for Aogami to process what he'd been asked. But when he did, he jumped up into the air with a "Whoop!"

With one arm, Aogami hugged Saten close to him and shouted "HA! Take this Kami-yan, you're not the only one with female fans!" The blue haired boy was practically crying tears of happiness; on the other hand, Saten was blushing brightly at having herself pressed against the firm chest of a buff older guy.

When she finally managed to pry loose from his hold, she caught a glimpse of how happy he was as he signed his name. She didn't have the heart to tell him she was going to get the other two member's of the Delta Force's signature as well.

Something of this must have shown on her face though, as one of the girls leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"Don't worry about it," she reassured her. "Aogami is a big boy; he's just happy that someone appreciates his efforts. Ahh," the girl sighed. "Neither he nor Tsuchimikado are bad guys, but they both have weird tastes, so the girls sometimes ignore them. It's a shame really, considering how hot they are."

Looking at the three members of the Delta Force, Saten and Uiharu couldn't help but unconsciously nod their heads in agreement, causing the surrounding girls to giggle.

Noticing this, another girl grinned mischievously. "We can get you pictures if you want? Double price for pics when they they're serious though."

Shyly, Saten bought three pictures of each; one normal, one shirtless and the last serious, plus a picture of them all together. Well, she bought duplicates of Touma; she had a feeling Misaka would want them.

Strangely, Uiharu didn't say anything at her buying candid photos of half naked boys; she looked vaguely interested in buying one herself, causing Saten to grin.

"Um, what are they really like?" Uiharu forced herself to ask after a moment. Now she was curious; in the majority of pictures, looked like they were causing trouble.

"Well, Aogami is just what you see; an otaku who sometimes mixes 2-D and 3-D logic. Apart from that though, he's an idiot of the highest order. Tsuchimikado is known as the Sis-con Sergeant because of his feelings for his little step sister. No blood relation. He is also really mysterious; disappearing at odd moments, constantly on the phone to strange people. We really don't understand him at all."

"And the third?" Saten asked.

"Kamijou is the jewel of our class. All the bad things happen to him, like he is sucking up all the bad luck in the area, leaving the rest of us with only good luck. Poor guy," the girl shook her head. "That's why we girls try our best to help him how ever we can."

"Yeah," one of the boys snorted. "He gets all the girls' attention. Really unlucky."

"Don't mind him," the suddenly flustered girl tried to wave off that guy's words.

Saten and Uiharu sweatdropped.

"Kamijou is always willing to help though."

"It sounds like Kamijou-san is the only good one of the group."

"Don't say that," one of the guys scolded Uiharu.

"Yeah," another girl agreed. "The Delta Force is lively and exciting; they make every class fun. And when they get serious…. Well, let's just say even Level 5's would be afraid."

They were being loaded up on stretchers; all the girls that had been hurt were being taken to the hospital for treatment.

Beside Motaki's stretcher, the Dorm Manager stood.

Motaki was confused. Her mind and heart were shaken; how were they beaten by a bunch of Level 0's?

Her thoughts must have shown in her eyes, as the Dorm Manager began to speak. "You were arrogant. You expected them to be easy pickings because of your abilities, and so didn't prepare accordingly. You know, don't you? They could have won without using their abilities, if they wanted. You forced them to when you threatened that girl. You will be punished for that, by the way. Using such under handed tactics is disgraceful."

"But," Motaki weakly tried to protest, but a single shake of the Dorm Managers head silenced her.

"You should've given up once they were up close; after that, you had no chance of winning.

"How were you so sure we would lose?" Motaki couldn't help but ask.

The woman's glasses glinted. "Because I just knew."

"Are you okay, Aniki?" Tsuchimikado Maika asked her elder brother as she finished applying the bandages.

"All thanks to you!" he enthused.

"Why?" she suddenly asked.

"Because I won't let anyone hurt you," he told her somberly.

"Idiot," Maika replied, whacking him on the head. "You get your favourite tonight."


A blushing Touma didn't know what to do or say as what felt like a dozen Misaka's continued to try and give him congratulatory kisses and offer to take him out for lunch or dinner to celebrate his victory.

Then the next girl, another Misaka, stepped in front of him, electricity arcing off of her freely as she delivered a series of sharp pokes to his chest. "Don't you dare do anything with my little sisters, you hear me?"

"Ah," Touma stumbled back, "Mikoto?" he asked. There were too many Misakas here, so it was easier to use her given name.

"In fact, I'll be keeping an eye on you, just to make sure you don't even think of anything."

"Eh? Isn't that just sticking to me for a whole day?" he asked.

"Eh?" Mikoto blushed. "Well, I guess that's t-t-true." Mikoto nodded her head as though to herself. "Well, while I'm watching you, I may as well treat you to something for a job well done."

"Erm, thanks?" Touma said uncertainly.

"And don't worry about those girls. I'll give her and the others a good talking to, so they never bother us again."

"Er, us?"

"Wha, what are you talking about?" Mikoto's face turned even redder than before as she realised what she'd just said. "Shut up!" she let out a spark, but before she could do anything that big breasted girl had grabbed her shoulder and pulled her away.

"Next!" Fukiyose shouted as she directed Mikoto to the back of the line.

'76, 75, 74, 73, 72, 71,' a certain white haired albino counted backwards. He'd tried doing so from ten, but that hadn't helped at all. He was trying to calm himself down, but with the way people kept sneaking glances and snickering at him, he was in a killing mood.

He couldn't leave though. Last Order was hugging the fucking hero around the legs, asking him if he enjoyed their dance routine.

Until then, Accelerator could hold in his anger, but when the hero's eyes flickered over to him for that brief second, the number 1 Esper lost it.

Wasting no time, he flipped on his switch and charged. "FUCKING HERO! DON'T YOU DARE LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! I'LL KILL YOU!"

And so began a chase for Touma's life, in which Touma yelled many a Fuko da!

And where was Kuroko during all this? On the floor, unconscious, a small stream of blood coming out of her nose and drool escaping from the corner of her lips, which even looked like she'd been frothing from the mouth.

It seems she woke up just in time, and at just the right angle, to witness an upskirt view of all the Misaka's when they kicked upwards.

Poor girl could have died of happiness right there and then.

And the girls punishment? Well, let's just say it involved Maid costumes, tea, every fetish outfit Aogami could think up of, and lots of hugging.

A/N: Well, this two shot became a three shot and then what I can only describe as a short story. I hope you've enjoyed it.

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