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Accelerator groaned as Last Order ran around, searching for Yomikawa-sensei.

The albino used her crutch to try and catch up with that shitty brat, but had a hard time with trying to keep up.

That energetic kid had almost no consideration for Accelerators predicament. Something that had happened while the Level 5 had been fighting for her sake.

A bullet to the brain had resulted in a loss of calculation capacity, reducing the once proud Number One to a pitiable fate.

An electrode and help from the Sister Network was the only thing that allowed the albino to walk and talk. The time limit on those functions was 48 hours. ESPer mode was even less than that, a mere 15 minutes.

Right now, the Level 5 and Last Order had been asked to deliver something their caretaker, Yomikawa-sensei, an Anti-Skill member and teacher at a highschool, had left at home.

After a simple call, both had set off for that Certain Highschool, which they had now found themselves in front of.

Last Order continued to run into the grounds, while Accelerator hobbled after her.

Just as they were about to enter through the closet side door though, Yomikawa-sensei came out to greet them.

She smiled at the sight of the scowling Accelerator, and the cheering Last Order, who was still running around.

"Here you go!" Accelerator grumbled, thrusting a thick brown envelope into Yomikawa's hands.

"Thanks for this. I would've really been lost if you hadn't brought these documents."

"No problem."

"No, no, I wouldn't feel right without praising you for this. What would a boy your age like, I wonder?" she mused.

Accelerator's scowl deepened. "I don't want anything," the albino turned to leave.

However, before a single step could be taken, a vaguely familiar voice called out from above.

Accelerator looked up, surprised.


It was too late.

ESPer mode, and therefore Reflection, was off.

There was no debris, or even, confusingly enough, any sign of a container. However, there was noodles. Lots and lots of noodles.

They dribbled over Accelerator's semi-baggy shirt, causing the fabric to stick to pale skin uncomfortably.

From up above, there was a shout of "Fuko da!"

Instantly, Accelerator saw red. Broth soaked fingers went for the black choker that could turn on the powers of the Strongest, Vector Control.

However, before the fingers could reach, that arm was stopped.

Yomikawa-sensei had grabbed on pale arm, unintentionally stopping Accelerator from murdering the bastard who spilt all those noodles out the window.

"You're soaked," she pointed out. "We'd better get you changed. There are spare uniforms in the health room," she told the albino, already beginning to drag Accelerator into the bulding.

There was no time to protest as Yomikawa shouted upwards.


From out of the window, a black haired girls head popped forth. "Take care of this little girl," the Anti-Skill shouted, pointing towards Last Order.

She would've asked someone from her own, on average more competent class, but this one was closer.

Fukiyose nodded decisively as she retreated into the classroom.

Just before Accelerator crossed the threshold into the building, a cry of "Kamijou!" could be heard, before being abruptly cut off.

Every time Accelerator tried to protest, Yomikawa began to speak, taking quick turns as she led the albino to where the spare uniforms were kept.

"Honestly, Komoe-sensei's class."

"It's always full of trouble makers"

"Don't get me wrong, they're mostly good kids, but really now."

"That Kamijou is the worst of the bunch and the best of the bunch too."

"I'll get him to come apologize to you," she continued to spout off words one after another, coincidently every time Accelerator tried to speak.

Finally, they arrived at the Health room, which Yomikawa proceeded to shove Accelerator into before stomping off, shouting out, "You'll find boys uniforms on the left!"

With one final sigh, Accelerator gave up, and decided that getting changed would probably be the best option.

Peeling off the shirt, the albino grimaced at the state of the thick bandages that were wrapped over the chest of the Strongest. They were soaked.

Quickly, Accelerator took off the white trousers that had become equally stained.

This left the red eyed ESPer dressed only in underwear. Finally, Accelerator unwrapped the bandages.

This was the Health room, there was bound to be some bandages to replace them somewhere.

However, just as that task was finished, there was a sound that struck momentary fear into the heart of the Strongest.

Spinning, Accelerator found a certain spiky haired lad at the now open doorway.

Thankfully, there was no Yomikawa; the boy was alone.

However, that boy's face began to redden as his boy eyes in advertently roamed the body of the strongest ESPer.

In an instant, that lad took note of certain things. The first of which was, surprisingly enough, the identity of the mostly naked person.

Touma, said spiky haired boy, would never forget that face as he fought over the life of Misaka 10032, or Misaka Imouto.

The second thing, and technically the third thing too, was the bare chest. The sight of breasts, however small, on the pale chest of Accelerator was forever going to be burned into Touma's mind.

The fourth thing was the panties. They were pure white, and rather plain. However, they were tight, revelling to Touma one thing. Accelerator, was not, in point of fact, a boy.

The fifth thing Touma took note of was in fact, the general shape of the body. Looking at it laid bare, it was full of rather feminine curves, not the blocky build a boy would expect to have.

The second to last thing Touma noted, was that, blushing like she was, Accelerator was rather cute.

And finally, the last thing Touma realised was the looking of fury on the albino's face.

However, this Kamijou Touma tried to diffuse the situation in the worst possible way.

"So, you're really a girl?"