"So," Touma began slowly, "who else knows that you're really a girl?"

Now fully dressed and looking like a boy again, Touma was escorting Accelerator out the door, looking for Last Order.

The white haired girl threw Touma a small glare, but answered anyway. "Just this Frog Faced doctor I know. Last Order may suspect, but I'm not sure. If anyone else knows, I don't have a fucking clue. Now shut up about it!" she spat out.

"Hai, hai," Touma said placating.

The female Accelerator just growled in response.

But then, Touma suddenly let out a little laugh. "I just remembered a random thought I just had. For some reason, I thought you would be a girl transferring into my class under the name Suzushina Yuriko."

Accelerator stopped suddenly. "That name…" she mumbled. "It's not a bad name," she finally said as she set off again.

"Accelerator! Misaka cheers as Misaka spots her saviour and embraces him tightly round the middle. Oh, and Misaka's other saviour Misaka notes as Misaka's happiness grows."

These were the words the little girl known as Last Order let out as she spotted and hugged Accelerator, and then Touma.

"Wha, Last Order?" Touma frowned in confusion.

"I'm taking care of her. Got a problem with that?" Accelerator challenged, her voice back to being a low gravelly growl.

"Really? I'm glad," Touma gave her a soft smile. "I heard a lot of good things form Last Order about her guardian; she really cares about you."

"Stop it Misaka shyly demands, holding Misaka's cheeks to cover up Misaka's embarrassment."

"I hope you continue to do such a good job."

"Tch," Accelerator replied softly.

"Misaka has a question Misaka states as Misaka turns to the first saviour of the Sister's. Misaka and the Sisters would like your contact details so that even the Misaka overseas can speak to you Misaka asks hopefully as Misaka attempts to give you the puppy dog eyes."

Gazing into Last Orders earnest gaze, Touma couldn't find it within himself to say no.

She took the details gratefully, silently sending them all over the world via the Misaka network.

"Now that the business as well as lucky encounters are over with, Misaka wishes to declare her intention to return home as Misaka rubs her hungry stomach."

"C'mon you little brat," Accelerator said, beginning to walk away.

However, just before she reached the exit, she turned back to look at Touma.

With a "Tch" she continued walking. It would have been nice to spend more time with that guy. He was interesting.

Once Touma had seen the duo of Last Order and Accelerator off, he turned to head back to class.

However, before he'd taken two steps, he had mail on his phone.

He flicked it open as he walked, finding an unknown number had sent him a message, reading "This Misaka would like to thank you, please come to Seven Heaven at 6pm. Misaka 16757."

Touma was just about to send a message back when he noticed more messages had arrived, all from unknown numbers.

100, 200, 250 mails, more and more piled up.

This was to be expected, though Touma had no way of knowing this. After all, 9978 teenage girls had just obtained the number of their saviour, and each one wanted to offer him their thanks.

As Touma wandered back to class, muttering curses at his phone, he didn't even notice the stares he was getting as he walked into his home room.

Aogami was sulking in the corner, while Tsuchimikado was stood beside him, a small smirk on his lips as he kept an eye on Kamijou.

However, it was neither of these two that made the first move. Instead, it was the girl named Fukiyose.

She stepped forward with a scowl, poking Touma in the chest to get his attention.

Touma looked up from his phone in surprise, taking an involuntary step back after catching a glimpse of Fukiyose Seirei, AKA the Iron Wall's face.

"I sent you to apologise to the poor boy you soaked because of your blunder, not make out with pretty albino girl! What to do you have to say for yourself?"

"Hey, wait, you're wrong! I didn't do that!"

"Then what were you doing with that girl that blue haired perv told us about!"

"Damn it Aogami, this is the sort of thing you don't tell people!" This was something that should be part of the man code, damn it.

"Sorry Kami-yan, she forced it out of me when she heard me telling Tsuchimikado!"

"Oh, so you are hiding something from me. What happened?"

"Nothing, nothing. She was just in there when I walked in, and got angry at me! Aogami walked in at the worst possible time."

"Hmph, a likely story," she said sarcastically. However, after another moment she ended up sighing. After all, this was Kamijou Touma they were talking about; this sort of thing happened to him a lot. "I can't tell if you are lying or not, so we'll let the class decided," the Iron Wall turned to address her classmates. "What do you guys think?"

Touma too, turned to assess his classmates' expressions. Every single one was glaring at him.

"It's always Touma!" the boys cried out.

"That bitch!" the girls followed up with.

"Guilty!" they all chorused.


Accelerator lazed on the couch as Last Order watched TV; it was some educational show disguised as a magical girl program, subtly exposing and teaching kids different possible uses certain powers could have, along with the standard moral overtones that came with the genre.

Accelerator ignored it as she tried and failed to keep her mind off that hero.

What nonsense was he speaking?

Practically congratulating her on taking care of Last Order, all with that peaceful smile on his face.

Shouldn't he be taking Last Order off of her, the villains, hands?

That guy should know better.

And then he had the gall to tell her to keep up the good work.

Righteous bastard!

"Are you okay? Misaka asks as Misaka takes note of your unease. Your face is red Misaka continues as Misaka points out her observation."

"I'm fine!" Accelerator snapped.

"Misaka doesn't believe you Misaka honestly replies as Misaka stands firm."

Quickly, Last Order placed her hand on Accelerator forehead, paying no attention to the fact that Accelerator continued to try and knock her arms away.

"You are not feverish Misaka sighs as Misaka feels relieved. Perhaps you are feeling uneasy due to your unexpected meeting with the saviour, Misaka suggests as Misaka recalls any unusual occurrences in the day."

Accelerator flushed. "Shut it you damned brat!"

"Ah, so I was right Misaka smiles as Misaka silently congratulates herself. How do you feel about him? Misaka asks as Misaka displays honest curiosity."

"What kind of question is that? I don't care about that fucking hero."

"Ah, so you see him as a hero too, Misaka points out to unintentional answer to her question as Misaka smiles in agreement."

"Shut up!" Accelerator thundered.

Last Order didn't even flinch at the even more aggressive than usual tone. "Misaka wishes to speak to him more often Misaka requests as Misaka pouts forth her honest opinion."

At these words, Accelerators heart shook. However, she didn't let this show on her face. However, Last Order must have spotted something, for her next words were said softly and kindly.

"Misaka wishes you to be there also Misaka stresses as Misaka speaks from the heart. Misaka believes you will get along well Misaka advises as Misaka lets her hopes be known."

"Tch," Accelerator scowled. "Like that hero would want anything to do with me."

"Misaka disagrees; Misaka believes you two would become fast friends Misaka reiterates as Misaka states her opinion. Please meet with him once again Misaka begins to tug on your arm as Misaka begins to whine."

Accelerator sent the younger girl glare, but Last Order merely pouted in response.

Finally, the albino girl sighed. "Fine; if you insist," she grumbled.

With that said, Accelerator retreated to her room, utterly unwilling to let this conversation continue.

"Hopefully he will show you that you are not as bad as you pretend Misaka whispers to herself as Misaka reveals her true plans to the empty room. And maybe even get you to stop pretending to be a male Misaka continues as Misaka takes out her phone and goes to her newest contact address."

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