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Wednesday 1 December

Merry Christmas Lireach!

This is a free-standing story, the genre is Wynja-type humor. I'll tell you Lireach's prompt word afterwards.

Needs and Necessities

It was early afternoon In Jump City and all was not well. In fact, Slade and Robin had suddenly found themselves disagreeing with each other, and, being two of the most stubborn males on earth, their discussion had now dragged on for over an hour.

They had lived together for only a week, and Robin started to wonder if it had been such a great idea to begin with. It had put a strain on his relationship with his team, even though Robin hadn't even left the Tower, but had a floor remodeled into a very nice apartment, more than big enough for the two of them.

There was something about Slade, though, which kept his team on edge. Even though the man had been a legal bounty-hunter for the past two years, not stepping out of line even once, they still hadn't warmed up to him. It might have been the shock when he and Robin had started seeing each other, outside of purely professional contexts, about six months ago. Oh, and the time the other Titans had caught them kissing just before that. Awkward didn't even begin to describe that.

Since living together full time, however, Robin had started to notice that the man's demands on him only seemed to grow. One of these demands was the reason of the discussion.

"Come on, Robin… you know you want to…" Slade purred. His target, however, only straightened up, crossed his arms, and glared.

"That's your sex-voice, Slade. Not allowed. You're playing dirty."

"But I know you love to get a little dirty… which is why this is perfect for you."

"Have someone else do it."

"Really…? Would you want someone else to touch what belongs to you?" Slade smirked.

"See if I care!" Robin hissed rather childishly and stalked away.

"Robin…" the man now growled, about to put his foot down, but, at the same time, he didn't want to stomp on a land-mine.

"No! Do it yourself! I bet you did it all the time before we met." Robin snarled.

"Oh no, those times were rare… there were lots of willing people, let me tell you…" Slade smirked. "For you on the other hand…"

"Don't go there, or I might tell you something you don't want to hear." Robin warned the man darkly.

Slade eye narrowed.

"Man? Woman?"

"Both. What? I'm nineteen; don't you think I've had some experiences? And I'm not going to tell you anymore about them, so forget it." Robin snorted.

"Any of the Titans?"

"We were five teens living together… sure we helped each other out." Robin smirked at the man. "That's what friends do."

"It doesn't bother me who took care of your needs in the past. " Slade growled. "The point is, you should take care of mine now."

"And why is that? I don't mind it, Slade, but I don't want you to expect it from me!"

"And why not? I work all day, is it too much to ask for you to-"


'Bang' went the land mine.

"That came out wrong-" Slade tried to piece things together.

"You THINK? I work around the clock, protecting this city! You take on assignments, for god's sake, and you are damn picky about them too!" Robin full-out roared.

"Just because I didn't have time to track that dealer-" Slade was getting defensive again, which was a bad move.

"No time? His hideout was in the swamp, that's why you didn't take it." Robin claimed.

"I have better things to do than to get soaked and eaten by mosquitoes for a week." Slade muttered. "And the other job paid better."

"Yeah. The other job. In Vegas." Robin muttered bitterly.

"I asked if you wanted to come-"

"Hello? City?" Robin gestured to the window in general.

"Hello? Team?" Slade smirked.

Robin blinked and then chuckled at the way the man had pointed out his immature way to argue. He had started using the debating technique of a much younger teenager, and hadn't even noticed.

"Okay… okay… this isn't about who works more and with what. This is a relationship, not a competition." Robin sighed.

"Someone has been watching Dr Phil again." Slade chuckled, and got a glare in reply. "Fine, fine, you make a good point."

"Then do you agree that we are in a relationship? That we should treat each other as equals?" Robin asked carefully.

"Yes. Of course. I'm out of practice." Slade admitted, somewhat reluctantly. "I apologize."

"Good. Thank you. Accepted." Robin nodded.

"And what about my little problem?" the man asked hopefully.

The Titan's alarm chose that moment to go off, and Robin hurriedly grabbed his belt.

"We'll talk more tonight!" he promised, heading for the door. Just before he opened it, he glanced over his shoulder. "And until then, Slade… do your own damn laundry."

The End

A/N Lireach asked for Slade/Robin, prompt word/sentence: Sex voice. The other comments were that there should be no non-con, but dub -con might work… In a way, this IS dub-con, right? Maybe even non-con (oops!) but not in the usual way… -grin-

I could have taken this in a million different directions, it was a VERY good prompt, but, somehow, I started thinking "domestic dispute" and I couldn't let the joke go after that, so… short, but, hopefully it got a giggle? See you tomorrow!