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Disclaimer. This story is based on the events of the Dark Xena comic series, which is like early season four only with the Yin Yang Chakram. This is the third book in The Waking Light Series. The first book in this series is Up On The Reaches Of The Darkest Moonlight and the second book is As The Winged Serpent Rises.


In the Roman city of Ancona two years ago

Chara felt the pain as her mistress's fist smashed in to her face sending her crashing painfully against the wooden dresser. The taller woman dressed in red and purple robes sneered as she walked over to her the anger in her brown eyes. "You disgusting slave! You do not have sex with the other female house slaves." Chara eyed her disgust she hated this bitch! She had been sold to this older Roman woman three months ago she was one of ten slaves in her house hold. She was a wealthy woman whose husband had died two years ago. It was true that she was kind to her slaves but not to her, maybe because she'd been sold to her as broken goods by her last master who had gotten rid of her.

When her former master had tried to have his daily sex with her with she'd lost it and had tried to break his man hood and very successfully she might add. That thing he called a dick would be bent for the rest for his days. She had come so close to death and been beaten to with in her inch of her life by his guards but it was worth it to hear him scream in pain even it meant a permanent scar on her face from his knife blade. She'd then been sold to this roman noble bitch at half price she didn't care that she was nice because she was still controlling and she didn't care for her rules. Plus she had such good looking slaves so well behaved and such forbidden fruit and what could she say it had so long time since she'd had any that was good, so she saw fit to please herself.

Oh she had been nice she hadn't forced she'd just whispered in to the young woman's ear and she'd been nice to her during the act. She didn't give a damn about the young girl or her feelings to her. No to her it was just sex plain and simple and she only cared about herself at the end of the day she couldn't care less if the young woman died for it. No she used to be a free woman with power and prowess and a member of a royal council of Illyria, she'd had it all! Then it had been taken away from her all thanks to Gabrielle who had been wearing the godly pendent of Ares which had turned her in to a man a man who had won the heart of Princess Sophia.

Sophia that bitch! she wished now that when she's sexually assaulted her all that time ago that she'd done it twice for good measure! She also wished now that when Gabrielle's pendent had stopped working and she'd revealed her self as a woman that she'd manipulated Sophia in to hanging her instead of having her beaten while chained. Then maybe she wouldn't be in this Roman house hold serving some noble bitch as her slave! That had been Sophia's twisted punishment to take away her power and control all that time ago by selling her in to slavery and denying her, her freedom. All because she'd had an illegal slave herself who'd she'd denied his freedom and because she'd manipulating her in to sending Kolina's younger sister to her death by accusing her of sexual assaulting Sophia.

She spat out the blood in her mouth watched as the Roman noble woman put a hand on her face her frustration showing. What could she say slavery really wasn't working out for her the pain only fuelled her to stay alive longer. She was in essence waiting for a loop hole or a moment when she'd could manipulate someone honest and flee Rome. Even she could admit that she should be dead but she wasn't yet and that perplexed her. The roman noble woman turned to her, the uncertainty showing as she spoke quietly finally finding some control. It was obvious that she was not accustomed to hitting her slaves unlike her former master who took pleasure in it. "Why do you make this difficult?"

Chara eyed her not bothering to stand up. "Because I can..." The roman woman sighed aloud her voice hitting the air. "Why did you not tell me the truth of your sexuality I asked you about it after I brought you? We could have talked this though and come to an arrangement, I know a few noble women in separate circles who would like that kind of thing." Chara laughed hearing her cold laugher hit the air oh how amusing she had no interest in that kind of thing, her master obviously thought off her as self noble by offering to make her a sex toy for others, how flattering. Frankly the thought of pleasing any of a noble woman disgusted her on so many levels, she only liked sex when it was on her own terms not one else's.

She looked up ignoring the other woman's look of anger. "The thought of serving any of your noble friends disgusts me, you know there was a time when I wasn't a slave when I could have, had a woman like you hung." She eyed the Roman slave branding on her shoulder as she sat up. "You know though that if I ever had that power again I'd make a bitch like you afraid of her own shadow." The taller woman walked forward folding her arms her rage as clear as day as her voice hit the air coldly. "You are a slave! What ever power you had long ago is gone you are here now to serve others and to serve me in any way I see fit! I brought you because I felt sorry for you, many of my others slaves are just like you they were treated badly by their former noble masters and mistress's."

She came closer her dark hair catching the candle light. "The difference is that all the others have seen me for my good graces and become loyal to me, but you your different you don't wish to serve me despite that I have been nothing but fair to you. You're in my chamber now not just because you had sex I could let it go, as I have said I can allow you other outlets for your sexuality. She shook her head. "No you are here because you really hurt that young girl by breaking her heart!" Chara rolled her eyes. "Oh please if she was smart she would have seen it for what it was and what she was which was a good lay." The Roman woman seated herself on her chair staring back in disgust as she spoke. "What is it with you, do you want to be sold in to the mines, is that it?"

Chara eyed her running her fingers over the long scar which went through her left eye. "No the problem is that I hate you." The roman noble woman eyed her for a long moment before standing up breathing in deeply as she spoke. "Then I see only one possibility, to both our issues and that is to send you to one of the private gladiator schools for women." She turned slightly. "I'm sure you have heard that they have female warriors who are used for private functions and a few even have a place in the Arena. Maybe there all that hated you have can be disciplined in to something more worth while. If you survive the trails and training that is and most don't as I am sure you are well aware. It is obvious to me that you are not fit to be a house slave as you cannot submit and you are still very aggressive despite all my kind treatment."

She moved towards the door way that led out in to the beautifully decorated courtyard the moonlight was shining down from above lighting up all the white marble statues. "I don't believe in selling slaves to the mines, I believe that all slaves should find there place. I think yours might be there in among the warriors, after all you have the right aptitude." She turned meeting the blonde haired woman's dark green gaze. "I heard that you hurt your last master in a quite a serious way which made me cringe so maybe your better suited to fighting. Who knows you might even get a thrill out of cutting others open in the Arena and in the private function rooms of nobles. It might even make you happy and if you win you'll reserve money may be then you can buy the time of women willing to pander to your sexuality."

End of part 1

This story is the third and final book of The Waking Light Series.