First, before start writing this fanfict, I want to apologize in advance for my bad English. It is the first time that I am going to try to write such a long thing. I hope it is still possible to read it without making your eyes bleed.

So, here it starts. I hope you like it. Review me if you want. The reviews are the fuel that speeds my writing. Normally I listen to some music to get in the mood for writing. In this case, I used "Eyes on you", performed by Faye Wong for Final Fantasy VIII.

Lucy waked up, the 1st November. She remembered how the Halloween night went, a damn disaster. Blame that stupid jerk that gave Mike the sleeping pills. And the worst of all was when Mike started talking in dreams.

"Sandy, read my eulogy."

Lucy remembered how pissed she was at the heard of these words. She looked down at her bed: Yashy and Chirpy were still sleeping, Lilly had surely went out. How was it possible? Why she could not accept that Mike didn't love her? That was stupid.

-Stupid, stupid, stupid –she repeated whispering.

She rose up from her bed, and putted on her pink ribbon. Lucy decided to not wake her pets still, she wanted to go for a walk. Alone. Saying a fast "Morning" to her brother, she took a little breakfast and hurried up to the street.

The weather was cold, but it didn't bothered her. Lucy took the way to the river. Even with her phobia to the water, it was a nice place for a calmly walk. Well, at least, if she stood apart from the river edge.

Lucy remembered all the times that she thought that Michael was... gone. When Mike almost drowned in the river. She had to risk her life for him, because the sight of a life without Mike was even worst than dead itself.

Then, when that guy attacked them in a little street, Lucy forced her beyond her forces to defend Mike. To the point that Lucy was close of being raped.

And finally, in Acapulco, when Mike felt off the cliff and Lucy thought he was dead. She lost all the will to live. Damn, Zachary was so damn right! She wasn't ready to lose Michael!

But, in fact, she knew that Michael was lost. He didn't love her in return.

Lucy continued walking, and saw in the distance the waterfall. A light wind made her fur dance around all her body. She sat down in the grass, still thinking on her feelings.

Then there was Paulo. That damn Somali. Why did he rejected her? He told Lucy that she was hysterical And then he... he banged those two sluts. To finish dating with that freshmen, Jazzmine. He didnt love Lucy, that was obvious.

Then, she realized something: She had to do something about it. She had to take an step forward, to demonstrate her that she could handle it. That she could go over all this. As it is said in Spanish: "Pasar página".

Taking strongly that decision, she rose, and walked her way back to home. Suddenly Lucy knew what she was going to do. And how.

And she was sure that it would work. That it would help.

Some days after, in the night, Lucy came back home after a long study evening in Mike's home. She was tired, but she didn't go to sleep still. Instead, she started searching in her notebooks for a phone number.

In fact, Sandy's phone number.

It wasn't difficult for Lucy to take it. When she was at Mike's house, she only had to look in his phone for the only call to another state. Copying the number was easy, but in fact, making the next step was fairly more difficult to her.

She looked at the long number for some minutes, with her hearth beating madly. Lucy guessed if she would be brave enough to do that. Yeah, it would be a significant change in her life. And also in Mike's life.

She finally took the decision. She grab her telephone, and slowly tipped all the numbers. As she entered each number, she felt as if her breath was going away. But she didn't stop.

Finally, as she entered the last number, a few seconds of silence came, before the call started. Some "Beeps" after, someone answered. A young girl voice, with foreign accent, said:


Lucy didn't respond to the moment. She was Sandy, and Lucy didn't know what to say.

-Who is there? –asked Sandy.

Lucy took air before answering.

-Hi... my name... Are you Sandy? –she asked finally.

-Yes, its me. Who are you? –Sandy responded.

-My name is... Lucy.

Sandy didn't respond for some seconds.

-Lucy? You are Mike's friend, aren't you?

-Yes, it's me. I call you because I wanted to ask you for something...