Abbey opened his eyes only to found out that he was unable to move. He needed only a few secs to notice that he was handcuffed to a wooden chair. He looked around him. He was in a room without any window, and for the humidity he could feel, maybe it was in a basement. The light was poor.

He didn't understand how he arrived here. He remembered the men that attacked Daisy in the street, and then the hard pain in his head. He felt the taste of blood. With pain, he used his tongue to search for any wound in his mouth. He found two missing teeth, that reminded him the second hit he received in the mandible.

He didn't know what he was doing here... but he knew he had to get out. When he was searching for anything for freeing him, he heard a voice.

-Abbey! Are you awaken?


He followed the voice direction. Daisy was lying, chained over a metal platform. Her arms were tied together over her head to the top of the table, and her legs were tied to the opposing edges. She formed a head down Y with her body.

-Are you Ok? -asked Abbey

-I'm not hurt -replied her-. But I can't move! -screamed her, panicking.

-It... will.. all... be good. -grunted Abbey as he struggled against his restraints.

He could not open the handcuffs. But over a table, he saw some carpentry tools. Maybe he could use one of them...

Lucy awakened, but she didn't open her eyes. She was in a comfortable, warm bed. She heard a little wind in the exterior, but definitively it wasn't the big storm she remembered. Lucy smiled in her mind, thinking that maybe it was all a dream. It should still be the 18th December, and that night she would bring Sandy to Sue's party. Lucy only hoped that it would all be better than in her dream.

-Finally you are awaken. -said a soft, unknown female voice.

Alarmed, Lucy wide opened her eyes and stood over the bed. She was in an hospital's bed, surrounded by curtains. In front of her, there was a mid aged nurse that looked at her sweetly. Lucy wanted to talk, but her head started turning. Before she felt from the bed, the kind nurse held her.

-Slowly dear, you had a really rough night.

-But... what...?

-You felt into the river, do you remember?

Lucy didn't ask about the obvious. It wasn't a dream. Sandy came to the party. Mike was mad at Lucy. Paulo came to comfort her... and then...

-Where is Paulo? -She asked alarmed.

Putting all his effort in it, Abbey managed to move the chair. An action that took too many long and exasperating minutes until he reached the table. He could hear Daisy, sobbing in terror. Abbey looked over the table. He could see a saw, nails, a hammer, sandpaper... He tried to control his growing imagination about the use of those tools, and he focused his attention in the only thing that could help him:

An screwdriver. It was lying in one side. The chair impeded Abbey to stand over his feet, but he thought that maybe, if he could move the table, the screwdriver would roll and land in his hands.

-Fast Abbey! -begged Daisy.

-Try to free yourself too! -replied him.

-I can't!

Abbey used all his weight to hit the table with his back. The screwdriver didn't move at all. He tried again, and again, and again. Loud Bumps sounded in the little room. The screwdrivers moved a little to the table's edge, just as Abbey had calculated. He continued hitting the table, until he heard the screwdriver rolling over the table. He wide opened his hands, and the tool felt into them.

-Yeah! Come on...

Using the screwdriver blindly, Abbey tried to open the handcuffs. In that moment, Daisy heard footsteps in the upper floor.

-They are coming!

Abbey tried desperately to free himself. The footsteps descended some stairs, and got closer to the room's door.

-Ah yes -responded the nurse- the red-haired boy that was with you?

-Yes! Is he ok?

-He is fine. He's still sleeping, I think he has used all his forces to get you out of the river.

-I have to see him... -said Lucy.

-Of course, but slowly. Now, sit on the side of the bed...

Slowly, the nurse checked the motion control and the balance of Lucy. When she was sure that her patient was fine, the nurse guided her through the emergencies zone. She opened the curtain and let Lucy pass into the box where Paulo was sleeping.

He seemed to be fine -he was just sleeping deeply-. Silently, Lucy sat on a chair next to the bed. She felt an strange mix of emotions. Was it all her fault? The problem seemed to start just after she brought Sandy to the party. But in fact, it was so many years ago that they were attacked by Alejandro... and when Lucy and Mike had smacked him. Maybe, too much. Was her the responsible of provoking the revenge of Alejandro?

She couldn't help but looking at Paulo, waiting until he was awaken. He had saved Lucy that night, probably from a destiny way worse than dead. She felt a shiver of fear when she guessed what Alejandro would have done to her if she was caught...

Suddenly, the curtain opened, and the nurse entered in the box with an smoking cup.

-Here you have girl, some hot cocoa.

-Thanks -responded Lucy taking the cup.

-Wait here for the moment. The police that found you will come to talk to you. Also, we need a to prevent your family about what happened.

-What? You didn't call them? -asked Lucy.

-Dear, you had no identifications, We don't even know your names.

Lucy agreed and gave the nurse some phone numbers to call her mother, and Paulo's dad.

Suddenly, the door of the room was opened with violence. Before Abbey had any chance to free himself, a dog walked took the screwdriver from his hands. Abbey tried to fight back or shout, but he was hit in the stomach. Before he could recover the breath, Abbey was taken away from the table.

Daisy stayed silent, shocked in fear. In the room, Alejandro and his pal looked at the kidnapped couple, smiling bloodily.

-How much time has it been bitch? Almost four years, isn't it? -said Alejandro to Daisy.

She didn't respond, and tried again to free herself.

-Relax girl, you are going to hurt yourself before I have even touched you. -said Alejandro with a laugh.

-What do you want from us? We don't know you!

-Shut up! -responded the dog, hitting Abbey in the face.

-ABBEY! -shouted Daisy

The dog was about to hit Abbey again, but Alejandro stopped him.

-Not so fast my friend... maybe they want to know what are they doing here.

Abbey shacked his head to recover from the hit. A little drop of blood came out from his mouth. Alejandro continued talking.

-So you aren't even aware who I am? Didn't your little girlfriend tell you about what happened three years ago?

-No no no please! -begged Daisy- I did nothing! I met Abbey last year... he doesn't... AH!

Alejandro slapped her in the face, and yelled:


-Let her alone! -shouted Abbey, fighting against the handcuffs.

The dog hit Abbey one, two, three times, in the head and the stomach. The teenager felt his head turning due to the pain, but he fought to stare the two men in front of him. Alejandro waited some seconds before talking again.

Some minutes later, Paulo moved a little and opened the eyes. He looked around him, confused, but he soon saw Lucy that was standing near him.

-Hey babe.

-How are you? -asked Lucy

-I guess this is the best morning of my life -he said sitting on the bed-. We did it.

-Yeah -said Lucy with a little smile.

They stared each other for a moment. Before they though why they did it, they both hugged. They were two childhood friends that had escaped from death, that had avoided a terrible destiny. But, at that moment, they were alive. Alive and safe.

-Thank you Paulo -said Lucy

-No problem Lucy. I would do it again.

They separated a little and stayed each other for some seconds


Soon Lucy avoided Paulo's eyes, scared for the mix of sentiments she was feeling. But suddenly, a rough cough in the other side of the curtains made them wide open their eyes. The curtains was opened, and two policemen entered in the box.

-I'm sorry to interrupt -said the first of them, an aged boxer.

-Your parents have been called, they will come here in some minutes. -continued the other policeman, a younger white and brown cat.

Lucy and Paulo looked at them.

-Eh.. hello agent -said Paulo, nervously.

-And you are...? -asked Lucy recovering her normal manners

-I am lieutenant Derick Tylar, and this is my partner Jim. We both found you yesterday night.

Both teenagers looked at the policemen.

-I can't remember you... -said Paulo.

-That's normal, you were unconscious and almost frozen to dead when we found you -said Jim.

-Eh... thank you very much officer. -replied Paulo.

-Your welcome -said lieutenant Tylar-. May I ask you what happened?

Nor Paulo or Lucy knew what to respond. They could say the truth... but how to explain the events occurred almost 4 years ago? How to explain that Lucy and Mike had smacked a guy that almost raped Lucy, when they kept the secret all those years? Even their mothers though that they were only robbed...

-We...felt into the river. -lied Lucy

Derick Tylar walked through the box. He crossed his arms and looked to the teenager couple.

-You must think that I'm idiot, don't you?

Alejandro waited until Daisy and Abbey shut up. Then he continued talking.

-As I was saying, I see your little girlfriend didn't tell you anything of me.

The cat walked near Daisy. She was tense, shivering, but she didn't talk or try to free herself. Maybe she though that if she was a "good girl" it will all be better. Poor girl. Alejandro caressed slowly the fur that covered Daisy's side.

-Three years ago I was smacked by your friends, Green eyes and his white slut.

Abbey needed a few secs to understand that he was referring to Mike and Lucy.

-But we aren't responsive of it! -said Abbey-

-Do you think I care?

While he said that, Alejandro passed his hand over Daisy's face.

-The problem is that being smacked by a couple of 13 years old kids is... bad for my business. People hear about that, and they think they can bypass me, to attack me. After all, if two kids were able to beat me... I would not be a menace.

Abbey swallowed with difficulty. Even without knowing the whole history, he knew what was going to happen.

Derick Tylar looked directly to Paulo and Lucy.

-All seems to turn around you and your friends. Yesterday, a girl called Amaya was smacked almost to dead in the street.

-AMAYA? -said Paulo

-Is she ok? -asked Lucy

-It's not up to me to share that information.

Derick looked at both teenagers. He could feel their anxiety. He observed how they looked each other in complicity. They knew something that they didn't share with him. It was a good moment to press a little further. Derick looked to Jim, who remained in silence. Then he continued talking.

-And then, at the same time we received your call for help, a couple of teenagers were attacked at their home.

-What? -asked Lucy- Who was attacked?

-A Rose Ville's boy called Mike, and a girl called Sandy. Do you know them?

Lucy nodded in shock. Mike had been attacked. Was he ok? What was happening?

-Are they hurt? -asked Paulo.

-It is up to them and their relatives to share that information with you. -said Derick.

Derick looked to Jim, and he nodded. The eternal game of the good and the bad police.

-Kids -said Jim- we are willing to help you. But if you don't tell us something...

Then Jim was interrupted by Derick.

-For example, why we had a gunfight with three armed man when we came to help you!

-WE ARE NOT RESPONSIVE OF THIS! -cried Paulo, scared of the way that conversation was going.

Jim looked at the couple. The boy seemed to be saying the truth. He was scared because he though that Derick was accusing him. But the girl had a different look in her eyes. She looked to the wall breathing fast and deeply when the boy proclaimed their innocence. What was she hiding?

-So tell us -said Jim-. Tell us what do you know. I'm pretty sure that you didn't fall into the river by accident.

All remained silent for a few seconds. Paulo looked at Lucy before talking.

-We... didn't fall into the river. We had to jump to scape from a group of men that pursued us.

-Why were they pursuing you? -asked Jim while taking note.

-Because... we had an encounter with one of them when we were 13... I think he was the boss of the group.

Jim looked to Lucy. She seemed worried and anxious, about to loose control. Just as if she had just noticed a big mistake she did a long time ago. He was sure that she would start talking sooner or later. He took a chair and sat in front of the couple.

-Continue please.

-But we can seek for a solution! -begged Abbey-. Another thing than a simple revenge over us! We aren't even responsive of what happened!

-Ha ha ha Abraham... that's your name, isn't it? -said Alejandro while laughing- it isn't that simple.

Abbey stared at Alejandro while he said his real name. Abraham, Abraham, Abraham... only one guy in the neighborhood called him that way. Augustus. He had told that man about him and Daisy. But why did he ask them to fly away?

-This is not only about revenge. This is about proving that I am not a wuss to play with. This is about demonstrate what happens to my enemies, and their relatives.

Abbey and Daisy heard his words with fear, and they tried to free themselves again.

-Are you afraid about if I'm going to kill you? Hahahaha! -he laughed- don't worry kids.

Daisy stopped fighting against the ropes. She resisted to lose all hope, and those words from Alejandro made her believe that maybe he would release them.

-Soon, you will not be afraid anymore -said Alejandro, bloodily-. You are going only to be a warning to your friends. Soon, you will hope.. no... you will beg me to let you die.

Daisy felt a new bolt of adrenaline in her stomach. What was he going to do to them? What will happen to Abbey? What were they going to do? They had to get out of there!

Enjoying the panic shown in Daisy's face, Alejandro continued talking.

-Your dead bodies will only serve as a warning to what I am going to do to your friends, Michael and Lucy.


Alejandro and his pal laughed.

-It was all my fault! -said Lucy crying- We over exceeded hitting that guy, and now he is seeking for revenge! He must be responsive on the attacks to our friends!

Paulo hugged Lucy as she told the history. Jim took notes in a little notebook, and even lieutenant Tylar seemed to be more relaxed.

When Lucy calmed down, Jim asked her:

-So... when you were 13 you were robbed, and almost rapped. What I don't get is, Why you didn't tell anyone? Not even your parents?

-We thought it was over! That it wasn't necessary to worry our parents! -said Lucy

-It was almost four years ago -continued Paulo-. How could we imagine this would happen!

Jim looked at Derick, and the lieutenant took his turn to ask questions.

-Do you know the name of that man?

-No... he never said his name. -said Paulo

-I see... could you provide us a detailed description?

-I think so... yes. -replied Lucy

-That will be a good start. I will call an specialist in criminal's sketch to see you as soon as possible.

Paulo and Lucy agreed with that.

-Your parents and friends will come now. I recommend you, as soon as you get out from the hospital, to go directly to your home. Stay with your families, and don't go out until we can find that man.

-Yes... yes officer -said Paulo.

-I think some of your friends... -he said looking to his notes-... Susan is her name... and Tessa too... their parents are abroad. I don't have enough evidences to put you all under protection, so I will make them stay in your houses until their parents are back. I will talk it all to your parents, don't worry about it.

Both teenagers nodded, and the policemen rose to get out of the box. Lucy was indeed worried. How would she explain to her mother that she kept in secret the rape attempt? And what would now happen to them all?

Before leaving, Jim turned back and looked to Paulo and Lucy.

-I have a last question guys. Do you have any clue where your friends Daisy and Abraham could be?

-What? -exclaimed Paulo raising from his chair- What happened to them!

Jim and Derick stared each other before responding.

-They have been missing since yesterday night.

Alejandro looked at Abbey, that was fighting again against the handcuffs. Then he looked to Daisy, and moved her hand over her breasts. He caressed them, to finally stretch one with strength. Daisy wide opened her eyes and screamed, begging him to not do it. Abbey cried asking Alejandro to let her alone. He descended his hand over Daisy's body, watching her reactions as he touched her in more private areas.

-Take him to the other room and do your stuff -said Alejandro to his pal, while getting his T-shirt out-. Don't worry my friend, you will have fun with the slut later.

-NO! NO! DAISY! -Screamed Abbey!


Abbey was taken by the force, with the chair, to another room. He could see they were in fact in a basement, and he could hear more voices on the top floor. The dog let him in the center of a room, putting two brass knuckles over his hands.

Then he heard Daisy begging for mercy.

-No please.. No!

And then she screamed with all her forces. A crying scream, that was repeated again, and again, piercing Abbey's ears. He tried desperately to free himself.


So he could not say anything else, as he received the first hit in the stomach. But he was able to hear some persons coming down the stairs and walking to the room where Daisy was being raped.

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