The group was walking together in the street when Sue asked a question:

-Are you sure it is safe to go to your house now, Augustus? Wouldn't they be expecting that?

-No one knows where I really live, Susan. No one.

-Not even your parents?

Without responding, Augustus guided them through principal streets to a little shopping area. Here, they took an street that headed to an, apparently, abandoned warehouse. The Siamese made the rest wait while he scouted the area, for being sure that he was not being followed. Few minutes after, he opened the warehouse's door.

-Welcome to my... place.

The warehouse's interior was exactly what everyone expected just seeing it's exterior: an old, wet, dirty and stinking building. There were boxes placed in every corner they could see, one or two closets, and some racks. There were a bed -or something similar to a bed- on the ground, and some more mattresses standing over the walls. At the other side of the building there were 2 doors. One was the bathroom's door, and the other seemed to be a back exit.

-Your "place" is really cool -said Lucy with sarcasm.

-Yeah, it is awesome! -exclaimed David

-Where did you get the money for all... this? -Asked Paulo pointing to everything around him.

-You would be surprised about what you can find in the Poor Relief markets. -answered Augustus.

-And how did you get that warehouse for you? -asked Jasmine.

-Nothing of your business.

-So, what's the plan again? -asked Tess.

Augustus closed the door at his back and ran between the boxes searching for something.

-First we have to find you proper clothes for you so you can enter in the places we will go this night. Second, I need to change my appearance so I am not easily recognized.

-Proper clothes? -said Mike- Such as?

-Suit and necktie? -asked David- Like James bond!

-Dresses? -Added Sue.

Augustus and McCain did a face palm at the same time.

-I guess he is referring something closer to his style. Or mine -said McCain.

-What? Are you kidding me? -responded Paulo.

-Hey, long coats are nice -said Sue with a little smile, trying to get over her own nerves.

-Yeah, but...

Paulo didn't finish the sentence when a ball of clothes impacted on his head.. Some more leather jackets, jeans, and T-shirts flew through the room to the hands of Mike, Lucy, David, Jasmine, Sue, and Tess.

-Sort those clothes. -ordered Augustus

Everyone started searching between the clothes, that were mainly black. Sandy was about to search too, but Augustus talked to her.

-Sandy, I think you are model, Aren't you?

-Yes... yes I am. Why do you ask?

-Then I would need your help. Come with me please.

Augustus headed to the bathroom. Sandy went after him, a little nervous.

-Hey, where are you going with her? -asked Mike.

-Relax Michael. I'm not going to rape her.

-Anyway -added Lucy- I'm going with you two.

Augustus was about to ask if she didn't trust him, but he knew that the answer would be "no". So him, Lucy and Sandy entered in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, everyone searched for clothes. No one was really sure about what to wear, except Tess, that soon selected a black T-shirt, red Skirt and a black little jacket.

-Wow Tess -said Paulo- .You look great!

-You know hun, I was a bad girl when I was 14. I think I know a little the places where Augustus is going to take us.

-Seriously, I don't know what to choose. -said Sue while holding a too little skirt on her hands.

-Sue, just think a little bitchy...

For about 15 minutes everyone chose their clothes. David wear a long black coat, and stayed near McCain saying "Look, we look like in Matrix!". Paulo had a leather jacket and jeans that Tessa had chosen for him. Jasmine had a dark-red shirt that made an strange effect with her fur, and Mike had a T-shirt with the name "DISTURBED" printed on it, and jeans. McCain was dressing his normal coat.

-Guh, this is strange... -said Mike.

-You all look great, trust me. -responded Tess.

-Where do you think we will go?

-Better wait for Augustus before making any assumptions. -said Alec

-Anyway, what are they doing? -asked Mike

Like responding to that question, the bathroom's door opened. Lucy came out, followed by Sandy. And after them, Augustus came. He had dyed his fur. Now, his normally white fur was dark gray, except for his long hair, that was kept white. It was really difficult to recognize Augustus if you didn't know him very well.

-Thank you Sandy. -said him.

-Your welcome.

Augustus stared at the group. They looked exactly as he expected. He was worried about what could happen. He was going to put a group of sissy teenagers in, in the best of the cases, non-recommended places.

-Well, I think it will work.

-So, what do we do now? -asked Paulo nervously.

-Wait until night comes.

-But why do we have to wait so long? -asked Paulo again.

Augustus inspired before explaining it again. How many times had him explained it yet? About four?

Finally, everyone waited some hours, and the night came. Before going out Sandy helped Augustus to die some white spots in his fur. Sandy made her hair came loose, and wear a little T-shirt and thigh pants, that made her figure extremely sexy. Mike looked at her, surprised.

-Guh.. Sandy... Don't you think that those clothes are a little too much... provocative?

-No -said Augustus-, it is perfect. No one will pay attention on us while they are looking at her body.

-What are you talking about? -Yelled Mike.

-I'm just telling the truth. -responded Augustus.

Suddenly, a loud "SMACK" sounded in the room. Jasmine had smacked Paulo.

-You were looking at her ass!

-No, I wasn't! -lied him.

-Yes, you were -said Lucy crossing her arms.

-Oh God -said Paulo- Just let's go, OK?

All the group headed out and walked through the streets. Tessa soon recognized the zone where they were going. She used to came here with Roger. She felt a little nervous for the possibility of finding him again. He could be a big obstacle.

At first, the streets were all dark, without any bar or open place. As they walked, more and more pubs and bars appeared at their sigh. Many of the people they saw were normal teenagers that were going to have a party. But, as Tessa expected, Augustus ignored what seemed to be the principal boulevard, and took a secondary street. Here they found some darker and less commercial pubs. After few minutes, they arrived to a bar called "The Fraggle Rock".

-Just take something to drink and pretend you are having fun – said Augustus.

As they entered, a wave of high metal music and cigarette smoke impacted on the group. The place was painted in dark colors, with motives of epic scenes on the walls. The people, of all ages from 15 to 30 years, were spread in small, closed groups. Some of them payed attention on Augustus and his companions, but no one seemed to recognize them. Many eyes were staring at Lucy and Sandy specially.

-What now? -asked Lucy.

-Just ask for a beer or something and wait. -responded Augustus

-Wait for what?

-For someone.

Augustus watched the pub, waiting to see someone known. Alejandro's guys used to came to that place. He will only need to take one of them alone to interrogate him. Alejandro's guys were all cowards that would break if they were alone.

Tess took care of demanding all the drinks. She approached to the bar and called the barman. He approached.

-What do you want.

-We want a Rhum with coke, 2 "kojac"s... -she started, asking for some more mixed drinks she knew from the time she came to that place with Roger.

The barman took some minutes to bring the drinks.

-It will be 25 bucks. Hey, Don't I know you from something? You seem familiar to me...

-Oh ah... well maybe -she said nervously-. I used to came here some years ago.

Before the barman could ask more questions, she payed the exact money, took the drinks and reached her friends.

-Shit... -she said.

-What's wrong? -asked Paulo.

-The barman still remembers me. I used to come here when I was with my former boyfriend.

-Is that bad? -asked Jasmine

-Well, as long as Roger isn't here, it will be OK

-Well don't worry -said Paulo-, you are not alone.

-Thanks Paulo, but you don't even know who are you talking about.

Sandy was not paying attention to that conversation, as she was way more worried about herself. She was used to feel the looking of may men at her... but that was different. Anywhere she looked she saw someone staring at her body. Maishul was right when he warned her about her clothes.

-Are you OK? -said Mike

-Yes yes... it is... nothing. -she responded as she drank the strange mix that Tess gave to her. It tasted like sweet coke mixed with candy.

David tasted his drink.

-Wow that's great! -he said as he drank more.

-Slowly David -warned Sue- it has some alcohol.

Suddenly, a man entered the room. He was a slim gray dog. Under her face's fur there was a tribal tattoo He looked in the bar and walked to meet some friends. But as he got closer to the group, he looked at Sandy and said:

-Sweety, let those losers alone and come with a real man.

Mike was about to respond, but Augustus looked at him warning to say nothing. When the dog went away, he approached to Sandy.

-Well, that's good. He is one of Alejandro's men... a close one. He knows what is going on, and he will knew where Daisy and Abraham are now.

-So? Let's take him!-said Paulo

-No -responded Augustus-. They can't know we are here. Sandy... you can do it.

-What? -she said

-Look, I'm not asking to do anything with him. If you manage to... seduce him, you can bring him to a lonely place.

-Are you talking of the back room? -Said Tess looking to a back door of the pub. She remembered that room too well.

-Yes. -responded Augustus.

-Are you crazy? -Yelled Mike- That man will rape her!

-Michael, she will not be alone as we will be there to help Sandy -said McCain.

-But it will be dangerous! -said Sue

-I warned you before coming there -stated Augustus.

There were some seconds of silence only broken by the Heavy-Metal music.

-I will do it. -said Sandy- Just... as soon as we get in that room, don't let me alone.

-Sandy... -started Mike.

-We will not -said Augustus interrupting Michael-

Sandy gave her drink to someone, took air, and walked directly to the dog. As she approached, he looked to his friends smiling. Sandy was afraid, but she tried to be as... bitch as she could. After all, she was a model.

-Hi. Would you invite me to a drink?

Mike observed how Sandy smiled to the man when he passed his arm over her shoulders. He could not hear them. The man talked to her smiling, and Sandy returned to him a sexy smile. He moved his hand to the lower part of her back. Sandy seemed to doubt a second before grabbing his hand and saying something with a naughty smile. Mike imagined her saying "Not here sweetheart".

Mike was feeling jealousy, and was fighting against himself to not intervene. But the worst were his thoughts about what could possibly go wrong. And there were so many things that could go wrong...

Some minutes passed. Sandy drank a mixed drink, always talking and smiling to the man. Mike could see the lust in his eyes. Suddenly, he bent to reach Sandy's height and kissed her. At first Sandy seemed surprised, but she only needed a few secs to kiss him in return. The man got his hand lower, grabbing Sandy's ass.

Mike wanted to go there and separate him from Sandy, but McCain, Augustus and Lucy stopped him at the same time.

They were embraced for a long time. When they got separated, the man said something to Sandy, and she nodded, trying to smile with lust. He put his arm over her shoulders and walked to the back door. When they were near the group, Sandy looked a them for a second.

-She is good. -stated Augustus

-Real good! -exclaimed David

-Shut up! -said Mike in anger -Let's go after them.

They waited a few seconds until the couple crossed the backdoor. Then all the group went after Sandy. The backroom was a low-illuminated stance. There was an small corridor, and they could see a few cushions lying on the floor. Though they could not see Sandy and his "friend", they were able to hear her.

-So we are alone, dear? -asked her

-Yeah babe. Let me help you with those pants...

-Sure just wait a... KYA!

After that shout, the group heard some hits and smacks, followed by the man growling in pain. When they reached Sandy, they found her immobilizing the man on the ground.


-Block the door -ordered Augustus. Sue, David and Mike did that.


-Of course I know Piet. Or should I call you "Tribal mob"?

The man stopped fighting when he heard his band nickname. Who was that cat? He seemed familiar to him...

-Come on, can't you even recognize me? -said Augustus, ducking and getting closer to the dog.

-Augustus! You traitor! You are going to die, you know it!

-Too bad I have nothing to lose, isn't it? -responded him.

There were a few seconds of wait, in which Augustus got out a little knife.

-I don't have much time, and I have less patience. I will ask you a question, and you will respond to me.

-I WILL TELL NOTHING TO YOU! -responded the man.

-Yes, you will -said McCain Suddenly.

Augustus said nothing and let Alec talk. He started to like that cold-minded dog.

-As my friend told you, we have nothing to lose. You still can lose a lot if you don't say us something useful.

The Dog tried again to fight against Sandy's grab, but she was in a very good position and didn't let him free.

-The question is simply -said Augustus-: Where are the two kids that you have kidnapped?

-What? -exclaimed the mob- You are risking your life for an idiot and a BITCH?

Before Augustus or Alec could respond, Paulo ran to the man and kicked him in the face.

-You unclefucker!

Lucy, Tess and Jasmine ran to stop him. Paulo was out of his mind, and continued shouting things like "I will kill him!" while he was pulled away. Augustus took profit of the situation and looked to the dog, whose nose was bleeding.

-As you see you don't have many possibilities. -said Augustus.

-You will only get out of this room if you collaborate. -finished McCain

-I will say nothing! If I do, Alejandro will kill me!

-And if you say nothing, we will kill you now.

The dog looked at his interrogators, half smiling. Were they talking seriously? As an answer, Augustus grabbed the Piet's ear and put his knife against it.

-Maybe we should start talking seriously.

Sandy looked at the scene, horrified. He was going to cut his ear out? Augustus continued pressing the ear with the knife. "Tribal mob" stared at him, testing if he was going to do it. He felt an increasing pain in his ear... but it was when he felt a from of blood in his face when he break down.

-OK OK! I will tell you!

-Where are them? -asked Augustus

-In the Old Manor! OK? Let me free now!

-Do we have to remember you what will happen if you lie to us? -said McCain.

-I swear it's the truth! Now let me free!

-Sure, you are way too coward to risk to lie to us now -said Augustus-. But before liberating you I want you to take that.

He pull out some pills from his jacket, and forced the dog to eat them. Few seconds after, he was unconscious on the ground. Sandy let him free.

-What did you gave to him? -asked Sue.

-Some designer drugs. He will be asleep for a few hours.

-You know where is that Old Manor? -asked Mike.

-Of course. Now, let's go -responded Augustus.

They got out of the room through a window to not being spotted. The window headed to a dark small street, covered in snow. When they all were here, Augustus checked the hour. Midnight and thirty minutes. He leaned against a wall, closing his eyes to imagine their next steps. The manor was at about 15 minutes walking. He imagined the building, trying to figure out the best way to approach, and how to break in.

-What are you doing? -said Paulo anxiously- Let's go to that manor!

-It's not that simply. I am calculating the best path so we are not spotted. -responded Augustus.

-Fuck with it, we have lost enough time!

-Paulo you must listen to him, he knows what he is doing. -said Alec.

-Yeah, losing time now! We know where they are, so let's go!

-If you start running through the streets you will soon find yourself dead! -exclaimed Augustus

-Guys calm down... -started Sue.

Paulo got closer to Augustus.

-I know the risks I'm taking! Just show me where that manor is!

Augustus got a little closer, looking at Paulo's eyes. Even if he didn't touch the teenager, Paulo stepped back.

-Listen kid, if you really want to save Daisy and Abraham, SHUT UP AND LET ME DO MY WORK!

There were a few seconds of silence, as no one wanted to respond to that. But suddenly, fast and heavy steps were heard in the street. Lucy looked to Augustus.

-Watch out!

She tried to move Augustus aside, but she was pushed by someone tall and really strong. Augustus was launched against a wall. Paulo and Sandy tried to stop the man that attacked them. The attacker hit Paulo on the head, and with a second movement he hit Sandy with the elbow, launching both teenager to the ground. Mike grabbed the man's arm, but before he could do anything, the man took him with both arms and launched him to the ground.

Augustus, before he could even search for his knife, was grabbed and immobilized against a wall. He looked to his attacker: small black eyes behind small glasses. His fur was blond with some orange stains over his head and his rabbit-like ears. Then the man talked, with a loud, broken, and mad voice.


Augustus recognized in that man some... special signs. The way he talked told him that that man had killed, or at least, almost killed someone. He was almost out of his mind, and their hands trembled with strength. He was containing himself to not beat up Augustus at that moment. He was familiar to Augustus.. but who was him?

-Who... who are you talking about?


The rest of the groups stared at the scene, still shocked for what had happened. McCain looked at the man, and he raised his eyebrows as he realized who that man was. But before he could talk, the man shouted again.


Them Augustus remembered who was that man. The responsive of the violent behavior of Abraham. A man that he knew was dangerous and violent, that would not hesitate on killing anyone.


The group stayed shocked when they realized that they were facing Abbey's father.