-Go on! Open it! -shouted Alejandro.

After some seconds the cat managed to cut-off the rope that impeded the access to the basement. He opened the door quickly, in time to hear how someone climbed to the window behind the stairs.

-Stop them! -shouted Alejandro.

The three men followed the cat downstairs. He turned to his right to follow the kids. But suddenly he saw something to his left, behind the door were the boy was captured. His instincts made him react before his own thinking: He jumped back a moment before a gunshot was heard. The bullet crossed the air where the cat would have been and impacted to the wall, near the window that the kids used to scape.

-What the hell! -yelled Alejandro

-The kid! He is free and armed!

The cat took his gun, but Abbey shot again before the man was able to aim for him. Alejandro heard some gunshots coming from the exterior... The kid was winning some time so his friends could scape. And he was so badly injured that he would never be able to scape.

-Ignore him. Follow me! We have to stop them!

Alejandro, followed by his men, went upstairs, back to the 1st floor. He was going to jump through a window to pursue the kids.

Augustus, helped by Paulo and Tess, forced Daisy to go outside through the window. Paulo exited next, and finally Augustus did the same. As soon as he got out he saw Tess and McCain helping Daisy to run, with Lucy, David and Paulo at their sides. A few meters before them, Mike ran with Sandy. She was injured.

Augustus looked back one last time to Abraham. He was pointing his gun to the corridor, formed by the stairs and the wall, that headed to the window. He tried to though on any way of saving him too...

...when he heard the windows of the second floor opening.

He aimed the pistol to the windows and shoot. He could not see anyone, but he hoped that the fear would make Alejandro's guys to take some more seconds before shooting to the teenagers.

Augustus ran backwards, shooting his gun. He also saw gunshot flashes through the basement's window. Abraham was shooting as well.

Suddenly the gun stopped working. The panic made him try to shot a few more times, but soon he saw that he had run out of bullets. He throw the gun to the ground and ran with all his forces following the rest of teenagers.

A bullet impacted on the ground near to his feet. They were close to the street. Where was that fucking cover!

At almost seven meters from the ground, Sue crouched over the snow over a building's roof, trying to maintain balance due to the great slope. She looked, shivering in fear, how their friends came out from the building with Daisy, but not with Abbey. Augustus stayed a moment looking through the basement's window, when Sue saw a movement over him. Two windows in the second floor opened. She was about to scream when Augustus started shooting to the windows. When did he get a gun?

On the same time, he started running towards the street, just as they have planned. She saw for a moment the men behind the windows, taking cover from Augustus' bullets. Sue looked up to the building in front of her, in the other side of the street. Jasmine was standing as well over the snow in the roof, guarding her balance.

-JASMINE! -shouted Sue.

She looked at her. Augustus throw his pistol to the ground and run. One of Alejandro's men started shooting to the Siamese.


They used a wood plank each to push the snow with all her forces to the end of the roof. Nothing happened. They heard more gunshots, and Lucy shouting "Paulo!"

-PUSH JAZZ! PUSH! -shouted Sue

Both girls pushed the snow with all their forces... and then it worked. Slowly at first, and faster by moments, the snow sloped to the end of the roof. Two avalanches fell from both sides of the street, colliding in the air and creating a dense snow dust cloud that fell over the fleeing teenagers, covering them from the sigh of their attackers.

Sue looked to Jasmine, smiling when she saw how her idea worked perfectly. But she didn't see her. She managed to perceive a fast shadow in the edge of the roof, just before Jazz fell through the falling cloud of snow.

-Jasmine! -screamed Sue, terrorized.

She heard Alejandro's voice. He had came out of the manor and was giving orders to his men, but she could not understand him. Sue moved to the edge of the roof and looked at street. She could not see Jasmine...


She heard nothing. She looked again to Alejandro and his fellows. Sue could count nine men, it seemed that the ones that Lucy and the other had knocked out were back on their feet. And they were running towards the street were Jasmine did fell...

But, as soon as they run into the street, two of them separated of the group and entered the building where Sue was.

Her survival instinct ordered her to run away. She entered back in the building. Soon, she heard the heavy steps of Alejandro's men coming upstairs.

Terrorized, and unable to see a way of scape, she entered in a room and hid. She was alone, and Jasmine was probably hurt. If not dead. But Sue could not help her.

She hid, wishing to not be found. She heard the men searching in all the rooms of the building, getting closer and closer.

In the other side of the house, Derick Tylar,shot a few bullets and covered behind a trash bin. He observed they were not returning fire from the interior of the house. They had discovered that he was only a distraction, and now they were ignoring him. There were only two possibilities: Or the kids were dead, or they were running through the streets. He took his cellphone, and with a fast movement with one finger, he activated the GPS and tapped the number of the police station.

-Central police stati... -Derick started talking before the woman finished the sentence.

-Central, this is lieutenant Derick Tylar! I have found the kidnapped kids! They have escaped and they are being pursued by armed men to the north-east. There are 9 or 10 men, armed with guns. I need reinforcements ASAP!

-Received lieutenant, sending reinforcements to your GPS location. Hold your position...

-No time to lose! Send units to my north-east to intercept the kids before it's too late! Tylar out.

As he closed his phone, he saw a dense dust cloud rising in the street which the kids had to take to scape. It seemed that the girl's idea had worked. He moved to a new position, and took cover behind a car, ready to shoot to anyone that pursued the kids. He checked the ammo.

Only 4 bullets left.


He looked again. Alejandro came out of the house and gave some orders to his men. He also saw how the man he had knocked out before was awake again. After a few blind shots to the snow cloud, they started running after the kids. But Alejandro ordered something to two of his men. One of them, a brown and agile cat, ran back into the house. And the other one took cover behind some metallic trash bins and shoot a few bullets to Derick. The lieutenant evaded the bullets by covering behind the car.

He didn't respond immediately to the fire. He didn't have many bullets left. Few and precise shots. He could not afford to fail.

Alec McCain ran, helping Daisy to run with Tessa. He looked back a moment to see Augustus running with all his forces. Despite they were helping Daisy, she was badly wounded, a really weak. It was impossible to maintain the speed necessary to scape. McCain calculated that they will be shot down in less than two minutes, if they maintained that speed.

He heard Susan shouting something, at some meters over her heads. She was on the roof of a building. There were some more gunshots behind the group when Alejandro's men tried to kill them. Some bullets impacted on the sides and the ground of the street. In front of them, Paulo screamed when a bullet grazed his right flank. Dark red blood covered his fur.

-Paulo! -screamed Lucy, rushing to help him to run.

At that moment, a few amounts of snow fell at the street near them. McCain looked up and saw two avalanches of snow coming from the buildings at his sides. Both avalanches collided in the air, and the snow formed a dense cloud that fell over the flying teenagers.

He though that he had to congratulate Susan for her great idea. He looked to Daisy. She was about to faint. They could not continue running.

-Tessa, to our left.

Tess didn't understand, but she followed the white dog. Still protected by the snow cloud, McCain stopped in front of an old door. He took his utility knife, and without any hesitation or anxiety on his moves, he forced the lock. They entered in the old building and he closed the door at their back.

They stayed silent for some seconds. And soon, they heard Susan shouting "Jasmine!" with all her forces.

McCain's sunglasses seemed to glow with that scream.


Daisy and Tessa watched him. He seemed to consider the situation before talking again.

-Move to the interior of the building and hide.

-But what are you going to...? -started Daisy.

-No time to argue. Move. -he ordered.

Both girls moved to the interior of the old building. McCain stayed near the door, with his knife in the hand, listening carefully to what was happening in the street.

Jasmine opened her eyes. It was all dark, and she felt dizzy, cold and wet. She could not breath, she had something covering her nose and her mouth. She tried to move, but she was immobilized, and all her body was in pain. She moved her head desperately searching for fresh air.

After an eternity she managed to make whatever she had over her mouth to move away, and she found air again. She opened her mouth and breathed repeated times, moaning in her despair. A little glimmer arrived to her eyes, and she realized that she was covered in snow.

It took some seconds to her to remember where she was, and what happened. She followed Sue's idea and provoked the avalanche... She slipped on the roof and fell behind the snow... Then, she imagined, she had landed over a pile of snow, and the avalanche that they have created fell over her while she was unconscious. She was covered almost completely by the snow. She moved, trying to liberate herself.

-You two, go to that building and get that bitch!

-Yes boss!

Jasmine stopped breathing when she heard Alejandro's voice. They were there, she could hear them walking too close to her. God, did they heard her? She didn't move, and did almost not breath for an impossible long time. The fear and the cold made her shiver. She tried to control herself, afraid that they will notice the movement. She wanted to pray to God, but she was unable to remember any prayer. The terror was all what she could feel.

She heard footsteps over the snow, moving away from her fast. She didn't dare to move. Maybe there was someone more in the zone. Cold tears of panic fell from her eyes. She didn't want to take any risks. She felt more and more cold, as the minutes passed slowly. A low creak broke the silence of the street. Jasmine shrugged in her hide, and prayed.

"Oh God, oh God, I don't want to die."

She heard slow footsteps, walking slowly to her position.

"I only wanted to help Daisy and Abbey. Don't let me suffer like them, please."

The steps stopped in front of her. She could see a feet through the small hole that permitted her to breath. It was dark, and she could not know if it was a dog or a cat. She closed her eyes as hard as she could, and she prayed. She prayed. She prayed.

"God God God, please...Please..."

Then someone removed the snow that covered her. She screamed and tried to move back when she saw someone trying to stop her. But she felt pain at every move. She tried to kick the man in front of her, but it was useless.

-NO! Oh God, No! PLEASE! -she begged.

-Jasmine, it's me.

She didn't listen to the man and tried to fight and run away. But the terror paralyzed her movements, making her unable to stand on her feet.

-Let me! Let me go! PLEASE!

-Jasmine, it's me. -responded the man without changing the tone in his voice. -I'm Alec McCain.

When she heard the name of her friend, she dared to look at the man in front of her. She recognized the little white dog, and his unmistakable black coat.


He offered his hand to Jasmine. She took it and, with his help, stood on her feet, shacking.

-What.. what are you...?

-You think you can walk? -asked him directly.

-Yes... yes, I think so. -responded her

-The second door to the left is opened. Tess and Daisy are hiding there. Go with them.

-Wait, where are you going?

McCain looked to the building where he heard Susan.

-I'm going after Susan. -he said, heading to the building.

-But... wait! I will help you!

McCain turned and looked to the girl.

-You can't.

Without waiting for a response, McCain entered in the building. Jazz observed him, surprised because he didn't run, or didn't seem to have any hurry in his voice and movements. Finally she went as fast as she could to the door that McCain had pointed her.

Derick Tylar calculated the position of his enemy. After a few seconds, he went out rapidly and shot one single bullet to his enemy. The deadly bullet impacted to a dust bin, at few centimeters from his enemy's head. The cat responded immediately to the fire, sending a couple of bullets to Derick. The policeman hid behind the car, unable to move.


He was wondering how to get out of that situation and help the kids when he saw a movement near the house. Coming from behind a corner, he saw a shadow -probably a man- stalking to the manor. The man moved in front of a window and Tylar recognized him: He was Abraham's father. He tried to approach to the gunner without being saw.

But, when Abraham went in front of the window, his shadow was drew against the snow. Alejandro's man saw it and turned to shot him out. Derick got on his feet and he supported the gun on the car to aim for a clear shot. Abraham jumped to his side and roll over the snow. Alejandro's man shot to him, but he missed by few centimeters.

And Derick shot two shots in rapid succession. The first bullet the man in the arm. The second one collided against the top of a dust bin, and bounced before hitting Alejandro's man in the head. He fell on the snow motionless, like a rag doll.

Derick Tylar ran to the house. He didn't check if the man was dead: he knew he was. As he approached, Abraham got up. Derick aimed him with the gun.

-Freeze Abraham!

Abraham looked to Derick's eyes.

-My son! My son is still there!

Derick didn't low his gun. He was in front of a dangerous man, a killer. He could not afford to take that risk, Maybe he was lying... when he heard some gunshots coming from the interior of the house. From the basement.

Derick lowered his gun.

-Let's go!

Both men entered together in the house, decided to save Abbey.

McCain entered in the building where he heard Susan. He observed the structure as he walked through the door. It was a really old, abandoned building. The external walls were made of bricks, but the internal structure was mainly built in wood. He went upstairs slowly, as stealthy as he was capable. He could hear the footsteps of some people. After listening carefully he heard them talking. There were at least 2 different men.

He continued walking upstairs, until he was at only 1 stage from the upper floor. Suddenly, he stepped on a zone were the wood had a different tact. He bent and analyzed it. The wood was weak and wet. There should be a leak in the pipe behind the ceiling that dripped for months, maybe years.

He rose again. He could hear the men just over his head.

Sue stood near a wall, next to a door. She could hear the men that were searching for her. They were in the same floor than her, registering each room. She should run, she knew it, but the only exit was the door. And at the other side of it, there were the men. There was a window, but she was at more than 5 meters from the ground. It was her last option: jumping through the window and risking to be injured due to fall.

She was afraid of being killed, but she knew that that would be her last problem if she was captured.

Slowly, the sounds that the men made seemed to come to an end. She stayed silent for a while. Maybe they did go to another floor. Finally, she decided to check out the corridor. She looked through the lock of the door. It was dark, and the hole so small that she was unable to see a thing. Trying to not make any sound, she pushed the doorknob and opened the door a few centimeters.

An enormous black dog was just at the other side of the door, holding a big knife in his hand.

-Hello whore. -he whispered

Sue screamed and tried to close the door, but he opened it by kicking it. Sue was pushed back due to the force of the impact. She turned and headed to the window, decided to jump through it.

But at her back, the dog ran behind her and made a big arc with the knife. He hit Sue's left thigh, opening a deep cut on it. Sue didn't feel the pain due to the adrenaline, but she felt how her left leg failed when she tried to run. She fell to the ground. She tried desperately to get up. The cut was bleeding profusely, creating a growing poodle of blood behind Sue.

-Hey Marc, I got the bitch. -yelled the dog.

-Nice dude -responded a new man, a gray cat, as he entered in the room.

-You want to kill 'er now? -asked the dog.

-No, oh God, please no! -begged Sue

-Nah, I don't want that. -responded the cat- we can have some fun before.

Sue tried to step back, but she could not move her leg. She looked to the men that approached her, and screamed for help.

-Scream as you want bitch, no one will hear you -said the cat.

She knew that it was true, but she had to try out. She screamed once and again, and continued screaming when the dog put himself over her body. But suddenly she saw a little figure standing in the corridor. His fur was white and he wear a black coat... it couldn't be...

The cat saw that she was looking behind them and turned. McCain was there, standing near to the stairs. As soon as the cat tried to get his gun, McCain ran downstairs.

-Is one of them! -yelled the cat

-Get him! -ordered the dog, as he rose.

The cat, with the gun in his hand, pursued McCain. The dog grabbed Susan from the ground and hold her against his chest. She tried to fight back, but she stopped moving when she felt the knife against her neck

-Don't move, or I kill you now.

Meanwhile, McCain ran to the lower floor and ran taking a few corridors and squares to prevent the cat from shooting him. Alec wasn't specially fast, he knew that, but he had make the cat run through certain corridors in order for his plan to succeed.

He turned to head to an specific corridor, when he found himself in a room a little bigger than the usual in that building, with another door in the opposite wall. He blamed his stupidity for rushing and not controlling the terrain before acting. But the screams of Susan had make him to act hastily. He run straight, and when he heard the man behind him, he jumped behind an old table that was in the room. The cat shot, and the bullets impacted against the table, trespassing it completely, but missing their objective. After the attack, McCain shown himself the less possible and he threw his knife to the cat.

The cat dodged instinctively the attack, but the knife landed harmlessly on the ground. Alec wasn't searching to hit him: he was winning time. In the few moments the cat took to aim his gun again, McCain jumped from behind the door and run to the door. The cat shot two more times, but McCain managed to avoid the attacks by rolling on the floor. For when the cat shot for third time, the dog ran through the door, getting out of the line of fire.

-Fuck him! -yelled the cat before pursuing him again.

McCain ran and turned a new corner. He was in a dead end corridor... but he wasn't scared. He turned and waited until his pursuer came. In few seconds, the cat arrived to the corridor. He stopped and raised his gun, aiming to McCain. He smiled when he was about to kill the teen dog, when he felt a crack behind his feet.

McCain observed how the cat looked to his feet, one second before the rotten wood behind him cracked, making him fall to the inferior floor. McCain run to the recently formed hole and jumped through it. The cat had landed on his feet, and had one kneel on the floor. But McCain jumped directly over his head with his kneels.

The weight and the inertia of McCain's body made the head of the criminal collide hardly on the ground. McCain raised and hit him again in the nape with his keel. He wanted to be sure that he was unconscious.

The cat didn't move after the hit. McCain though that maybe he had broken his nape, or maybe he was dead now.

He didn't care. He took the cat's pistol from the ground and rushed to the floor where Sue was captured. As he arrived to it, he heard the voice of the black dog.


McCain observed the scene, lowering the gun. The dog retained Susan against his chest, holding his knife against the girl's neck. Her thigh had a deep cut, and she was bleeding profusely. McCain though that she had a broken artery, probably.

-Alec... -said Sue in low voice.

-Drop the gun or I swear I will kill that bitch! DROP IT!

McCain lowered his gun, considering his options. He tried to put himself in the place of the man that was retaining Susan. He adjusted his sunglasses and looked to the man directly to the eyes before raising again the gun.

-I rather don't do that.


Sue yelled in pain and terror when the man pushed the knife harder against her neck. A little stream of blood fell from her neck.

-It is you who doesn't get the situation. -stated calmly McCain.


The man looked at the kid in front of him. Or he was crazy, or he didn't care about the girl he was about to kill.

-I see you don't understand what is happening. Let me help you to make up your mind.

McCain did a little pause before finishing. A drop of blood from Sue's injure drip to the ground. It's sound seemed to be amplified.

-The only reason because you are not dead is because Susan is alive. What means that, if you kill her, I will kill you.

-You are only a kid! You will not have the guts to shot me! -responded the man

-Normally, you would be right -continued McCain without hesitation-. The problem is that, if you kill the girl I love, I may lose my mind.

The man didn't say anything after that. Maybe the kid was lying but... he was cold. Even colder than Augustus. He had a heavily injured girl as a hostage, and that kid didn't show a single change in his expression or his voice. He felt how the girl tried to fight back and liberate herself again. The blood loss was weakening her. McCain noticed that too.

-As you see, we are blocked here. I will not drop the gun, and you will not kill the girl -continued McCain-. But I can offer you a solution to that.

Alec walked back a few steps, letting an open way to the stairs. He lowered the gun, but he didn't drop it.

-Walk here with Susan, drop her, and run. I will not follow you.

The took some seconds to be sure of what the kid had said... and he laughed at the proposition.

-You think I'm idiot, kid? You will shoot me in the back when I let the girl.

-No, I will not. I guess you will have noticed that the injure in Susan's thigh is serious. I will run to stop the hemorrhage before she continues loosing blood. My objective is to save her, not to kill you.

There, the man saw his opportunity.

-So you are running out of time. If you don't drop the weapon, I will stand here waiting for the girl to bleed until death!

-I think you forgot the fact that, if Susan dies, you will die too. -responded McCain coldly.

The man looked to that kid. He could not believe to be afraid from him. How was it possible that he was so damn cold? McCain, instead, walked a few more steps backwards, letting more space between him and the stairs.

-This is your opportunity of running away. Come here, let Susan free, and run. I will not pursue you. The police is far from here, you have high chances of scape

The black dog was scared. How was it possible that this kid could threaten him that way? He walked slowly to the stairs. The kid didn't raise his weapon in his hand. The black dog controlled it, so if he tried to aim to him, he will kill the girl. But that white boy didn't do a thing.

When he was in front of the stairs he looked to the girl. He wasn't sure if the boy was going to follow him or not... but he though on a way being sure that he would stay with his girlfriend...

-Don't think on that -said McCain.

-What? -asked the dog

-You are thinking on hurting her to force me to stay at her side. If you do so, she will not survive. And you know what will happen if she dies.

The dog looked to McCain with rage. But he had the gun, and a cold logic that scared him.

-Run. -said McCain.

Suddenly, the black dog released Susan and ran downstairs. As soon as he did that, McCain run to Susan and aimed the gun downstairs. The dog wasn't there. He heard the criminal running to the exit. McCain bent near Susan.

-A... Alec? You came for me?

-Don't talk Susan. You will be fine.

McCain took his coat out, tried to use it to stop the hemorrhage. With the hurry of the movement he hit his glasses out of his face. But he didn't bother on taking them, as he was taking his phone to call to an ambulance.

Sue looked at Alec. She could see, for the first time, real concern in his expression. Although his all going logical and cold mind, she noticed little details: The little shiver on his eyebrow; his voice, as he talked with the emergency services, a little higher than usual...

But she was also shocked for seeing Alec without his sunglasses.

He had blue eyes.

Susan screamed in pain when McCain pushed the wound heavier.

-I'm sorry Susan, we have to stop the hemorrhage.

In the basement of Alejandro's Manor, the brown cat covered himself behind the wall, near the door where the kid was sitting with the gun in his hand. Alejandro had ordered him to kill the kid, but it was taking some time to do it. There was only one entrance to the room, and the kid shoot to anyone that he could see.

The cat showed his gun through the door, and without aiming, he shot blindly. He didn't hit Abbey, but as he has calculated, the teenager fired back a couple of bullets. The cat repeated the movements one more time, and Abbey shot back again. The third time he did that, Abbey shot two bullets, and then...

"Clack clack clack".

The unmistakable sound of a gun out of bullets. The brown cat smiled and shown himself through the door. There was the kid, beaten down, with more broken bones than sane in his body. Abbey let the pistol fall to the ground, knowing that it was useless now. The cat aimed to Abbey's head.

-You have guts, boy. A shame that you happened to be our enemy.

-You... -started Abbey in low voice- are... scum. You did that to... Daisy... and to me... when we didn't know you.

The cat let him talk. He felt that the guy deserved to say his last words before dying.

-I would never... have imagined worse monster than... -Abbey stopped to recover the breath. The pain in his ribs was too strong-... than my father. But you... you are.

The cat armed his gun.

-I hope... hell exists. I hope... to see you there.

The cat aimed carefully to Abbey's head.


An scream made the cat turn to the stairs. A big man ran to him, and for his aspect, he deducted it was the father of the kidnapped kid. He aimed the gun to his attacker, but he was too close. He grabbed his armed hand and pushed it. The cat shot his gun a few times to the air, as he tried to win distance from the melee to shoot to that man. The cat bent to dodge a punch launched by Abraham, and hit him in the stomach from under his defenses. Abraham lose the air from his lungs. The cat stepped back to aim to the attacked and kill him. But suddenly, he felt the cold tact of a gun in the left side of his head.

-Drop the weapon! -ordered Derick Tylar. The cat did that, and the policeman immobilized and handcuffed him in the ground. But when he finished doing that, he heard Abraham's father screaming.


Derick entered in the room. He was shocked for the aspect of the kid, for the signs of the horrible tortures he had suffered. But there was a lot of blood over him.

One of the lost shots of the melee had impacted him in the right side of the chest. Abraham father shacked his son and tried to cover the bullet's hole.


Lieutenant Tylar called to an ambulance. Abraham took his son to the ground. Abbey spitted a bit of blood and looked to his father. It was him, the man who had killed his mother. The man that made his childhood a nightmare... and the man who had come to save him. Contradictory feeling collided in his mind, while he fought for breathing. He wanted to say something but he was unable to find the air to articulate any word.



But Abbey lost the forces. His arms rested motionless on his sides, and he stared blindly to the ceiling over his head.

-Son? SON! ABRAHAM! ABRAHAM! -shouted Abraham father.

Derick Tylar approached. He looked to Abbey's face, and to his eyes. His pupils were unresponsive. The policeman bent and whispered:

-I'm sorry, Abraham.

And then he closed Abbey's eyes. The scream of pain and rage of Abraham father fulfilled the night, and even the wind seemed to stop, guarding a respectful silence to the pain of a man that had just lost his son.

I'm sorry guys and girls. Live is unfair.