-Run! Don't look back, just run! -shouted Augustus

-Don't stop, Paulo! -said Lucy, while helping Paulo to run.

Lucy, Paulo, David, Augustus, Sandy and Mike ran through the street as fast as they could, while the snow falling from the buildings at their back covered them from the sigh of their pursuers. Paulo had increasing difficulties to breath due to the impact of the bullet. Mike, who was running ahead of the group with Sandy, took a different street, hoping to lose Alejandro before he could follow their steps.

Augustus, running in last place, tried to calculate the best route to flee away. If he was alone, he would simply enter in a building, climb to the ceiling, and ran jumping from building to building. But Paulo could barely keep running with the group, even helped by Lucy. They could only ran through the streets and hope that lieutenant Tylar had already called for reinforcements.

The Siamese heard some shouts at his back, just before the group turned a new corner. Alejandro was behind them. Mike heard it too, and decided to take a new street to his left.

-No! -shouted Augustus. But it was too late.

The group had entered in a long straight street. Alejandro and their gang would have a clear line of fire before they could even reach the next corner. Augustus accelerated to reach the head of the group, as they could not go back now. He heard Alejandro's voice at the entrance of the street. They were going to shoot them.

-To the right!

Saying that, he launched himself against the window of what seemed a factory , breaking the crystal and entering in the building. The rest of the group did the same, at the same time that they heard some gunshots. The building was some sort of food processing factory. At the other side of the stance there were some big windows that headed to the opposite street. Near the windows there were stairs that headed to a second floor platform were the offices should be. All the stage was full of shelves with diverse products, that made a few between them.

-Go, go! -shouted Augustus.

-Wait! -panted Paulo- Where is David?

Everyone looked around. David, who was with them at the street just before jumping, was gone. They heard the sound of heavy footsteps running to their position.

-Just keep running! -shouted Augustus.

The group ran to the opposite windows, hoping to reach a new street and flee.

David, with a loud crash, jumped through the windows of a building. He rolled on the floor while pieces of glass felt over him. He was like the protagonist of Die Hard, whatever his name was. He stood triumphantly, with his arms in jars.

-Ho ho ho, now I got a machine gun!

But no one followed his joke.

-Come on guys, you know, it's like in...

He turned around. At his back, there was only the broken window... and nothing else. He was alone. He blinked a few times before looking at his hands.

-Oh, he meant THIS right! -he said to himself shacking his right hand.

-You two follow the dog. The rest of you come with me! -ordered Alejandro.

-Woops! -yelled David

He ran to the interior of the building. He didn't know what that building was supposed to be, but there were a million corridors that crossed each few steps like a crazy maze. He turned a few corridors and hid in a little room. He could hear the two thugs searching him through the corridors.

"All right" he though "now I will wait until they separate to search for me, and then I will use my powers to knock one of them out."

David smiled in delight with what would be his heroic action: Smiting a bad guy. Oh yeah, all the girls in the school would want to hang out with him after that. Even his beloved Flower Girl would finally notice him. Then he could take her to the dance that would be done in his honor, they would dance Mambo, and then they would go to David's house where they will...

"David, focus." said his brain. David shacked his head. Right, focus. He listened to their pursuers.

-He must be hiding. You take that way.

"Just as I planned" though David. One guy was coming to his position. It was perfect, he could simply use his superpowers to smite him. But suddenly, he felt something poking in his brain. He knew that feeling: his logic was trying be listened. But David was too concentrated in his enemy to pay attention to his logical brain. He saw a shadow that contrasted in the light that entered through the door of the room. He was getting closer, and David could see the silhouette of the gun in the man's hand. David smiled widely, ready to use his superforce.

But his logic poked even harder in his brain. Exasperated, David decided to pay attention to it. Maybe after that he would be able to smite that evil guy without interruptions.

"What!" -though David

"You don't have superpowers" -Answered his brain.

David's face showed a confused expression. The man was getting closer to the room.

"I really don't have superpowers?" -Asked David in his mind.

"No. You don't have" -Responded his brain.

David was confused. His perfect plan had gone to waste for a little and insignificant detail: He didn't have any superpower. Stupid thermodynamic laws, or whatever physical law that was responsible for his non-superpower state.

The man was about to enter in the room. David decided to do the most intelligent thing he could: Asking to his brain.

"So what should I do?"

"Run." -responded his brain.

The thug was entering in the room. David said a fast "Allright" and exited the room through another door at the same time the man shouted "He is there!". David could hear his pursuer at his back, and the other man shouting something from a different corridor. That building was a fucking maze. And he could not find a single window to get out. The teenager took a long corridor. When he turned a new corner, he caught a glimpse of the man pointing him with a gun. The man shot 2 shots, that impacted in the wall just behind David.

-OhmyGod ohmyGod ohmyGod ohmyGod ohmyGod ohmyGod...! -yelled David, covering his head, eyes-tearing while he ran.

Suddenly, a door opened in front of David. The second of his pursuers appeared and pointed him with a gun. David jumped to his side through a door, dodging the shots. He rolled on the ground and stood on his feet. He was in an small room that had 2 opposite doors at the end, looking one to the left and the other to the right. David rushed to the door that headed to the left. He knew the men were about to enter in the room. He opened the door and discovered... a locker.

-Oh, come on!

He turned and ran to the other door. The men entered the room. David jumped through the door, wishing to Crom that it would be either opened, or weak enough so he could break through.

But Crom was with David. Because, if Crom hated people who flee, his hate was even stronger to those two cowards that were trying to kill an unarmed kid. The door slam-opened with David's weigh. The men tried to shoot him, but their bullets failed.

-THANKYOUCROM THANKYOUCROM THANKYOUCROM! -prayed David without any stop in his run. He turned a few more corridors and ran through some doors, when he finally saw his exit. There was a window, with a gray curtain covering it. David ran and jumped through the window. The crystal exploded with the impact, and the teenager landed over the snow of the street, with the curtain covering him. He heard how the men were about to jump through the window too. He had to do something! What would Scooby-Doo do?


Few seconds after, the two men of Alejandro's gang jumped through the window. They could see crystals over the street, but they could not see the kid. There was only an old woman, covered with a gray blanket, walking through the street.

-Where is he? -asked one of them

-Hey, old woman! Where did the kid go? -asked the other man.

The woman, with a creaky voice, took a second before responding.

-He went down that little street. He seemed such in a rush. Oh, the youth, always running everywhere!

-Perfect! -said the first man- Let's go!

-Morning, young men. -said the woman as a good bye.

The two men started running, but one of them laughed slightly.

-Heh, she must be out of her nuts. It's still night and she says "morning". And what is she doing at this time in the street...?

Both men stopped at the same time, staring themselves for a few seconds. They didn't want to believe the idea that went through their heads. They turned slowly to look at the old woman. She looked at them... and they saw that it was the kid!

David, knowing that his great disguise had been discovered, dropped the curtain and took a new street. The thugs didn't even have the time to raise their guns.

-FUCKING KID! -yelled both men.

David, now that he was in the street knew 2 things. The first was that in an straight line, he was faster than anyone. The second was that in the street he could be easily shot down. He knew it: years and years of playing Counter Strike gives you that kind of knowledge. He ran behind some parked cars. The thugs entered in the street and shot to David. The bullets impacted to the cars. David ran as low as he could.

-Loki man, you have to help me! Man the trick of the curtain was good!

A few more bullets impacted just over David's head. He bent and continued running in his four. When he turned a new street, he saw a light in front of him. He could also hear the sound of a lot of guns being armed. With his only scape blocked, and the men who wanted to kill him at his back, David knew what he had to do: He had to jump to the ground. Exactly what he would have done in Call of Duty. He prayed Galadriel to protect him. Wait, was Galadriel even a god?

"Who the fuck cares, David? TO THE GROUND!" ordered his brain.

David jumped to the ground. In front and behind the teenager an storm of gunshots started.

-Just keep running! -shouted Augustus.

The group ran to the opposite windows, hoping to reach a new street and flee. Mike, that was just behind Augustus, knew that the Siamese wanted to jump through the other window and flee from the other street. It was a good plan. But suddenly, he heard something. A few shouts coming from the street, but not from behind the group... it came from their front. Augustus took a heavy object he found and launched it to the window to break the crystal. When the loud sound of the breaking crystal stopped, Mike listened carefully. He heard fast footsteps in the street. He understood.

-Augustus, no!

Augustus, that was about to jump, stopped abruptly just in front of the window. He didn't have to ask what happened: from the right side of the window someone shoot a gun against their only exit. Alejandro had sent a man to the opposite corner of the building to cut their retreat. They were surrounded.

-Shit! -said Augustus

-Upstairs! -shouted Lucy. -There must be an exit to the roof!

While Lucy and Paulo started running upstairs, Sandy saw a heavy manual cargo carriage that was full of empty wood boxes. She looked at the most obvious way between the shelves that Alejandro would take to shoot them... Sandy took the carriage and tried to move it. But with a broken arm, it was an impossible task.

-Help me! -she said.

-What are you doing? Let's go! -said Mike.

-Just help me!

Augustus saw what Sandy had in mind. He rushed to help her. Using all their forces together they turned the carriage towards the nearest corridor between the shelves.

-Now! -shouted Sandy- Push! Push!

Mike, Sandy and Augustus pushed the carriage as hard as they could, winning speed slowly. Augustus looked to the front, to be sure they were aiming correctly... when he saw Alejandro and 2 of his men pointing to them.

-Get down!

The enemy shot. The bullets impacted to the wooden boxes, making lots of wood ships to fall over the teenagers. The crystal at their backs received a few impacts before collapsing with a terrifying crash. Sandy screamed, as did Mike. Lucy shouted his name.

-Keep pushing! -ordered Augustus.

Bent behind the carriage, the three cats kept pushing. They were winning a considerable speed. The shots of Alejandro and his fellows started aiming lower and lower. The bullets were trespassing the wood each time closer to the kids. When a shot went through the wood and between Sandy and Augustus, he shouted:


The three kids jumped to their sides, taking cover behind the shelves. The carriage continued his way directly to Alejandro and his men. They heard it crashing, but no one looked the results of their action. They stood and ran upstairs. The platform was placed all along the wall building. It had about 3 meters wide, and there were some offices at their left. At the end of the platform there was Lucy, who was trying to open the door that headed to the roof. Paulo was sustaining himself against a wall near her. He had difficulties for breathing properly. The blood failed from his injured flank.

-It is... closed! -exclaimed Lucy.

Augustus looked at his surroundings. The platform was high. Alejandro and his men would not have a proper angle to shoot them. They only had to keep them downstairs.

-Green eyes, help me! Girls, distract them! -ordered Augstus, running to the closed door.

-How? -asked Lucy

-Do whatever you want, but don't let them come upstairs! -answered the Siamese

-Lucy, here! -called Sandy, while he took a lot of different objects from the offices.

Mike and Augustus hit the door with all their forces together, trying to make it fall. The girls, keeping themselves out of sight, made a rain of objects fall along the stairs. Mainly, a lot of papers and so on. The thugs shot against the girls, but they didn't have a proper angle to hit them. Even if the objects weren't harmful by themselves, they were such an obstacle for climbing the stairs.

Alejandro, even with the rain of objects, climbed as fast as he could. He knew that when they reached the platform they would be able to kill the kids in seconds. And they hoped to stop them by launching them a carriage, and now a lot of papers and pencils. Poor idiots. 3 meters separated him from the top of the stairs. A chair flew to him, but he bent and avoided it. He saw, for an instant, one of the girls. He shot at her, but he missed. He didn't have a good angle. Only two meters now. Only one more step and he would be able to shoot the girls...

But suddenly his line of sight got covered by an immense object. He didn't realize that it was a table until it impacted in his face, launching Alejandro backwards over his own men. They all fell downstairs, yelling in pain and damnations.

Upstairs, Lucy and Sandy smiled when they heard the scream of Alejandro.

-Hah! In your face, scumbag! -shouted Lucy

A loud "crack" from their side indicated them that Mike and Augustus had managed to break the door.

-Go, go go! -shouted Mike.

All the group ran through the door and reached the roof of the building. Augustus was in the head. If they jumped to another building's roof they would be shot down before they could search for cover.

-Follow me! -he said

He ran across the building to a corner, and without looking down he jumped to the street. Augustus landed in his feet. He was a cat, after all. But he landed at less than 2 meters from the man that was covering the back of the building. He had miscalculated. The man turned, raising his gun to shot Augustus... when it was Mike who landed in the other side of the thug, hitting him in his land and making him lose his balance.

Finally, Sandy landed in the front of the man. As she stood she launched a kick to the arm in which the man had his pistol, making him drop the weapon. Mike hit him in the stomach, and before the thug recovered his breath, Sandy kicked him in the head, knocking him out.

Augustus looked at her surprised. Even with a broken arm, she was an awesome fighter. Finally, Lucy and Paulo landed behind of them. Lucy had to help Paulo to jump. Augustus rushed to help Paulo running too and pointed to a building.

-To that building! Fast!

They went as fast as they could to the building. They manage to enter inside before Alejandro could see where they has hide... but Augustus knew it would not take long to find them. He only had to follow their steps in the snow. They had to keep running.

-I...I can't... breathe... -whispered Paulo

-Paulo! -cried Lucy, while the Somali lost conscience.

Lucy and Mike tried to make him sit to help him breathing. But his breath was superficial and fast. The bullet must have damaged something inside Paulo's thorax. He would not resist it...

-We have to move... -said Augustus.

-I'm not going to leave him! -responded Lucy

-Me neither! -added Mike

-Neither me. -finished Sandy

Augustus looked to the scene. If he was alone, he would simply ran. As they did their... "friends", so many years ago. As he had learned along his life. If you wanna be alive, or be free, sometimes you have to let someone at your back. After all, he could still save himself. He tried so damn hard to save Daisy and Abraham, and now to save those kids... but if they wanted to stay here and die...

He was about to leave, when some words echoed in his head.

"Just save her. Do something right for once in your life, Augustus."

Augustus remembered these words. The last words he heard from Abraham. The Siamese half smiled, understanding the meaning of these words. How, with a single sentence, Abraham had managed to describe Augustus' life. "Do something right for once in your life".

-Damn you, Abraham... -he whispered

Mike and Sandy looked at him. Lucy was too concentrated trying to block Paulo's injure. He seemed to breath better when she did that.

It was time to change everything. He was tired of running. He was tired of avoiding his past. He was tired of the fear. He was... disgusted with himself. With his behavior. With his acts.

With his live.

But for God's sake, he would change that. Or die trying.

-Stay with him -said Augustus- I will win you some time. When you are sure they are not around, call an ambulance.

-Wait, what are you going to do? -asked Sandy.

Augustus looked at her.

-Something right, Sandy. Something right...

With those words, he exited the room and headed to the street.

-Cover the injure! -exclaimed Lucy. Mike did that, while Lucy started the first cardio pulmonary resuscitation maneuvers on Paulo.

I inspired David's dialogue with his brain in my own dialogues with mine. If you never did it before, you should talk to your brains. Sometimes he is smart.

Sorry for the delay, but I have been busy with other things.