Mike, from his hide, recovered from the sharp noise of broken crystals. His ears did hurt a bit, and he heard an annoying noise inside of them. But silence was back again. The man that broke the windows was in the room in which Lucy and Paulo were hiding. At least that was what mike though, he couldn't be sure.

Sandy touched him, and without making any sound, she asked him if he was OK. Mike nodded. He looked at her: She was holding her broken arm. Damn, he hoped the police had received his message, or they were going to die. He could hear the man searching through the next room. If he was in the room were Paulo was, the Somali was lost.

And suddenly he heard a violent movement. Two gunshots were shot, and Lucy screamed in response. He saw her running behind an open door, followed by a big, brown dog. She could not scape. It was a matter of time that she would be shot down!

-What can we do!? -whispered Sandy with fear- They will catch her!

-I don't...

Mike made a sign to Sandy to keep silence. Another man, a cat, entered in their room, but he didn't pay any attention to them. He went to the closest room. The one in which Lucy hid before. Mike listened carefully. He heard Lucy running through the building... but the sound was getting closer again. She was running in circles. What was that man doing...?

-He's cutting her way! She's surrounded! -said Sandy

Mike understood that she was right. He studied his possibilities. He could not fight those armed men. At least, not directly... but it was suicidal. But Lucy was going to die! Although what his survival instinct ordered him, Mike knew he couldn't let Lucy die. No matter their past mistakes or fights.

He couldn't

-Stay here Sandy- whispered Mike- and hide. Whatever you hear or see, don't move!


Mike stoop up and walked stealthy through the door he had seen the man walk by. He hoped to do... something. He didn't know what he could, but maybe... maybe he could help her. And if he was discovered he would say that there were only Lucy and him.

With a bit of luck, Paulo and Sandy would not be found.

Mike sneaked to through 2 room until he saw the cat: he was standing in the center of a room next to the one in which Paulo was hidden. Mike bent and stayed silent. He could hear Lucy running through the building. Mike was sure that she would appear through a door at the end of the room. The cat stood looking to the door, waiting for Lucy. A few seconds later, Lucy shower through the room. The Khao-Manee stopped and stared to the cat, with the panic reflected on her face. The Alejandro's henchman raised his gun and pointed to Lucy's head.

And Mike felt the adrenaline pumping through his veins. He had no time. He ran to the man and grabbed the gun with his both hands, pushing it to the ceiling.


The detonation echoed through the building. The bullet flew a few centimeter away from Lucy's head, and impacted against the wall behind her.

Mike fought his foe with all his forces. He grabbed the gun with his left hand, impeding the cat from using it, and launched his right claws against his enemy's face. But the cat was agile, and managed to avoid the attack. The cat moved, using some kind of martial art move, and grabbed Mike from the fur that covered his chest.

-LUCY! -screamed Mike when he felt he could not touch the ground with his feet.

Finally, Lucy recognized she was not dead, and reacted to the yell for help. As the cat pulled Mike over his shoulders and launched him to the ground, Lucy bent, formed a pile of crystals, and picked it up.

-Hey! You!

The cat turned and looked to Lucy. But before he could even raise his gun, Lucy launched the crystals to his eyes. The cat screamed horribly, covering his bleeding face. Mike stood up again and, without any resistance, took the gun from his enemy. He heard that the dog who pursued Lucy was about to enter.

-Lucy, get down!

Lucy jumped to the ground. Just behind her, the dog appeared, with a gun in his hand. But Mike didn't doubt: He shoot to him. One, two, three gunshots echoed in the room. But Mike didn't know how to shoot a gun, nor anything about the recoil. The first bullet impacted near the dog, but the other two flew to the ceiling, harmlessly.

But the dog didn't respond to the attack: Using his own inertia, he jumped to the ground and rolled over the crystals, searching for cover in the closest door.

Lucy went next to Mike and forced the enemy cat to bent on his knees. Mike walked behind him and shouted:

-Game over! We got your friend! Throw your weapon here!

There were a few seconds of silence. The injured cat tried to move, but Lucy pushed him to the ground. Mike heard the dog moving over the broken crystals. What was he doing?

-Calm down kid. I'm sure we can talk this out. -said the dog, strong to be heard, but not yelling.

-No! -responded Mike- No more games! You came to kill us, there is nothing to talk! If you don't throw your weapon, we will kill your friend!

The dog laughed

-You'll never have the guts, kid. Don't try to fool me. -said him

-You know I'll do it. -said Lucy- Did you forgot that I kicked you and Alejandro when I was just thirteen!?

The dog laughed again, stronger. Lucy took by force the weapon from Mike's hands, and pointed it to the head of the cat. She knew she could not do it, she could not commit a cold-blood kill. But maybe the dog would believe she was not fooling around...

-I'll count to three! If you don't throw your weapons, I'll kill this scumbag! - Exclamed Lucy

-Lucy, no... -started Mike.


There was no response, but Mike did hear the dog moving. What could he be doing?

-TWO! -yelled Lucy

This time, both of them heard how the dog was moving... or how he was moving something. Mike understood and tried to warn Lucy.

-Lucy, he has...!

-Ok kid! -said the dog- You win. I'm coming out now.

First, they saw the head of the dog. He had his gun in one hand, and in the other...

-Paulo! -yelled Lucy

The dog had grabbed Paulo, who remained unconscious, and pointed to his head with the gun. The somali's chest side was covered in blood. Lucy's nerves failed, and the gun started shacking in her hand.

-The turns have changed, bitch. Drop the weapon.

Lucy walked backwards, but kept aiming to the injured cat. She knew that it was their only opportunity: If she dropped the weapon, all the power would be again in the dog's hands.

-N...no. -Said Lucy

Suddenly, they heard Sandy scream, and the sounds of a fight a few rooms behind them. Mike turned to run for her help, but as he did that, he found another of Alejandro's men pointing them with a gun.

The men that were guarding the exterior had entered in the building.

-Stop! And you bitch, drop the weapon. NOW!

Through the back door of the room, the last man appeared. He was grabbing Sandy and forcing her to walk. Her nose bleeded. He had grabbed her from her neck. She had great difficulties to breath.

-We'll count to three, bitch, just as you did -said the dog-. One...

Before he even said "two", Lucy lowered the gun. The men laughed.

-Very well, kid -continued the dog-, now please, put the pistol on the ground and throw it to me.

Lucy did that, as slowly as she could. She was praying that some help would come. Maybe... only maybe...

As she threw the pistol to the dog, the man behind her hit Mike with the back of his pistol.

-MIKE! -cried Lucy

The cat that Lucy had injured rose and charged against Lucy, launching her against a wall. Before she could recover her balance, he grabbed her neck.

-Give me a knife -he muttered-. I want to kill her myself!

-No, wait -said the dog-.

Lucy looked at him horrified. She was smart enough to not believe he was going to save her. She could almost smell his intentions.

-I think we should have some fun with that, little, white bitch. What do you think, boys?

The four men laughed around the room, agreeing with the idea.

-Tie the rest of them while we finish...

Author's notes:

Yes a long time. I'm sorry, but lots of things have been through my life. I had other, more important things to do.

Yeah I know, Lucy can never win? Wait next chapter to know how they will get out of this... if they do...

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