The door of the central hospital's emergencies opened fast when a stretcher entered, pushed by two paramedics of the ambulance team. Amaya was lying on the stretcher, with her right arm immobilized, and an infusion on her left arm.

A doctor received the team.

-What do we have?

-Woman, 15 years. She was smacked in the street, her right arm is broken, and probably she has some broken ribs. She lost consciousness, maybe there is a concussion.

The doctor called a nursing assistant

-Call radiology and tell them to prepare the scanner. -Then he talked to the rest of the team- Get her in the box 1.

At that moment, Jazzmine and Tessa entered in the hospital, and rushed to talk to the secretary.

-Hello! -Said Tess- We came to see how our friend is. Her name is Amaya...

-Yes, the young girl, right? -replied the secretary- She has just entered in emergencies. Wait here, they will call you as soon as you can see her. Lucky for you, the hospital is almost empty today.

Both friends walked to the waiting room, but they didn't seat.

-Have you called everyone, Tess? -asked Jassmine

-It only lasts Mike... I'm calling him.

-And what about Paulo and Lucy?

-They don't respond.

Saying that, Tess marked Mike's phone number and called him.

Mike was almost asleep in his bed. But he didn't want to sleep, so didn't Sandy. They kissed and hugged under the covers. Mike was almost in a dream, so many years far away from Sandy, and now she was here, with him.

He moved, trying to dissimulate. He wondered if feeling excited in that situation was normal, or if it would be considered rude. But Sandy noticed it when something poked in her thigh. Mike felt ashamed, but Sandy only laughed and said:

-Don't worry Maishul.

He was about to respond, when the phone rang. Both stayed silent, while Mike though if answering or not. Finally, thinking that maybe it was Lucy, he decided to respond. He took the phone.


-Mike! -it was Tessa's alarmed voice

-Tess? What happens? -replied him.

-It's Amaya! She has been smacked in the street! She is now at the hospital.


Saying that, Mike seated on the bed. Sandy did the same, when she noticed that something was wrong.

-She was unconscious when we found her.

-I will be there in five minutes. -said Mike

-Come fast, please!

He got down of the bed, took his scarf and a little jacket, and prepared to go out.

-What's going on, Maishul?

-Amaya, a friend of me, has been smacked. She is at the hospital.

Sandy yelled.

-Do you want me to go too?

Mike looked at her. She was really tired, she took more than 12 hours of bus for coming to Roseville.

-Don't worry Sandy. You stay and rest, I will call you as soon as we have any new.

-Are you sure?

Mike kissed her in the forehead.

-Yeah. However, now we can only wait for news.

-Ok. But keep me informed, please.

-I will.

Saying that, Mike went to the left his house. In the street, the wind was blowing stronger, and it started snowing. The snow flied fast in all directions, following the wind's path.

He adjusted his scarf and the jacket and ran to the hospital. He though that it was the coldest night he could remember.

But for once in his life, it didn't bothered to him.

In the house, Sandy, as soon as she lied again in the bed, fell asleep.

Paulo was hugging Lucy under a tree. She was silent. Even if she wasn't crying out loud, she was fighting to contain the tears. The wind increased in intensity, bringing with it big snowflakes. Paulo shivered. He could resist well the cold, but staying under an incoming snowstorm without moving...

-Lucy, it is getting too cold. We should move before the storm starts. -said Paulo.

Lucy dried the tears and nodded.

-I don't want to stay alone...

-I didn't say that. Let's go to your home, I will stay until you are better. OK?

Paulo stood on his feet and invited Lucy to rise up. She did and hugged Paulo. Lucy wanted to thank him for being here, but she didn't found the words, so she hugged him silently for a long moment. Paulo felt uncomfortably... happy with the situation.

-You know, some times you are such a drama queen...-said Paulo with an smile

Lucy laughed for a moment and separated from Paulo. Soon she went silently depressed again. Paulo, breathing in relief, put his arm over her shoulders.

-Let's go.

They started walking as the storm grew in intensity. Paulo saw that his new phone was ringing. He decided to not respond, it would probably be Daisy, worried about Lucy.

Mike entered running in the hall of the hospital. It was almost empty. Tessa and Jassmine were here, with Sue, McCain and David. Abbey and Daisy were just arrived too.

-Mike! -said Daisy

-What happened? -said mike

-We don't have any new. -replied Sue, anxiously.

-They will call us as soon as Amaya can see us, Michael. -Said McCain.

-But.. What happened?

Tessa and Jassmine explained what they saw: the man running away from the little street, the bloodstains, and how they found Amaya.

-Did you recognize that man?-asked Mike

-No. -said Tess

-He was a dog, I'm sure. Very big, almost 2 meters tall.

-You have to tell all that to the police!

-We did! -exclaimed Jass- We called the emergency number, so with the ambulance, it came also a police car.

Abbey, listening to the explanation, clenched his fist. Daisy looked at him.

-Abbey, are you ok?

He did not respond. He knew what happened, he just knew. Augustus. Always that "final fantasy cat". He was spying Lucy. Now Amaya was hurt. He had to know something, Abbey was sure of it.

-Abbey! -said Daisy.

He looked at her. Daisy saw the anger in his eyes.

-I have to check something Daisy. I will be back soon.

-Abbey, wait!

But without listening, Abbey ran through the door. A few of his friends shouted him to stop, without success. Daisy looked to her friends.

-I will catch him, don't worry.

At the same time that Daisy ran after Abbey, a doctor entered in the waiting area.

-Family of Amaya?

Sue ran to the doctor.

-We are! I mean, we are her friends.

-Aren't her parents here? -asked the doctor

-No... they are spending the weekend in their weekend house. I have called them, they will arrive in a few hours.

The doctor took some notes in his papers as Sue talked.

-Hm... good.

-How is Amaya? -Asked Tess in a hurry

-She is stable for the moment -explained the doctor- but we have to keep her in observation. She took some heavy hits in the head.

-Is it severe? -asked Mike.

The doctor keep some seconds of silence, searching the right words.

-Maybe. The scanner shows a cerebral hematoma. We will have to observe, and depending on it's evolution, maybe she will need a surgical intervention.

Some members of the group yelled. The doctor continued talked.

-I have to things to ask you. The first is to let me tell that to her parents. Those are not simple news, we don't have to scare them even more.

Sue nodded, still shocked.

-The second... well normally I can't let you see her. But Amaya is conscious, and she asked me to see you. I don't care who, but only one person can see her.

No one protested when sue said "I will go".

-Follow me please.

Sue walked behind the doctors through the emergencies service, avoiding to look inside the boxes. She was afraid about what she could see in them. Finally, they arrived to Amaya's box. As the doctor opened the curtains, Sue breathed deeply, preparing herself for what she was about to see.

Amaya was lying in a little bed. Her whole body was covered in hits, and in many places her fur was ripped off. Some blood stains were still visible, despite the cleaning work of the nurses. Amaya had her chest covered in an strong band, and another band covered her head.. Her right arm was in plaster, and she had an oxygen mask over her face.

Trying to stay calm, Sue walked next to Amaya. The wounded girl looked at her friend.

-Amaya, how are you?

Amaya didn't respond. Instead, she raised her left arm and grabbed Sue's shoulder, asking her to bent. Ignoring the doctor's orders, Amaya rose a little to whisper something to Sue.

Sue wide opened her eyes when he heard her friend. She rose over her feet again.

-A..Amaya... Oh God.. I'm sorry.. -said Sue

Then, Amaya, for almost the first time in the last years, talked. Her voice was soft, high, and broken.

-Go tell the others.

Sue nodded, turned back, and ran through the hospital. She didn't attend to the doctor's shout.

Paulo and Lucy walked together at some meters of the river, when they saw someone standing over the snow. It was strange that someone was in the street with that storm raising over their heads. The darkness covered the unknown man. He walked slowly towards the couple.

Lucy stopped walking, observing the man. There was something in his walk that woke an sleeping memory in her mind.

-Don't worry Lucy. Probably it's only a junkie...

-No Paulo... I think I know him.

Lucy remembered a day, 4 years ago. She remembered the fear, the determination, and the pain...

"It can't be..."

In the distance, a car with the long lights took a curve, illuminating the park near the river... and the man in front of the couple.

Sue arrived running to her friends. They all rose from their chairs alarmed, thinking that something horrible happenned.

-What happens? -Asked Mike.

-She told me... she told me... -said Sue as she recovered the breath.

-WHAT? -said Mike out of his mind.

-He told me that the man that smacked her, said her that it was all the fault of her "Green Eyes" friend.

Mike felt the adrenaline in his stomach as he remembered who was the only person that called him "green eyes". He took an step backwards while his mind processed all the information, and the meanings of it.

Lucy and Paulo observed the man. he was a young cat, with black and white fur. He wear a bandana over his head that covered a long hair, a white t-shirt with black sleeves, and jeans. He had an unmistakable scar over his left eye. He smiled bloodily, showing a broken tooth.

-No... -said Paulo. Alejandro had grew up since the last time they saw him: now he was stronger, and taller.

The light permitted Lucy and Paulo to see four more thugs that were walking in a line, cutting any exit towards the city. As the light vanished, Alejandro took out a long knife from his pocket.


-GET THEM! - ordered Alejandro

-What's all that about? -asked Tess

-We were thirteen. -said Sue- Two guys tried to rob us. They knocked mike out. Lucy kicked one of them out. But the other one fought with Lucy. He was about to rape her, when Mike awoke and helped Lucy. They beated that guy.

-So they seek for revenge? -Asked David

-Who was there? -asked McCain.

-Mike, Lucy, Daisy, Paulo and me. -replied Sue

-We have to call them! -said Jass

Meanwhile, Mike walked some steps backwards, without listening to his friends. Suddenly, he turned back and ran through the hospital's door.

-Mike! Don't go alone! -Cried Tess

But he didn't listen to her. He rushed to the exterior. The cold wind and the snowflakes make him difficult to see anything, and it was difficult to walk due to the deep snow in the ground. But he didn't care, he continued running with only one though in his mind.

"Sandy... Sandy is alone at home!"

He took out his cellphone and called to Sandy's phone. She did not respond.