-RUN LUCY, RUN! -shouted Paulo.

-Chase them! -ordered Alejandro.

Paulo and Lucy fled, as Alejandro and his thugs ran after them. They could barely see a thing die to the dark, and the snowflakes hitting them in the eyes. At their left, the sound of the river's remembered them that they could not take that way. At less of 20 meters in front of them, there was the roar of the waterfall... and the cliff.

Lucy looked back. Alejandro and his men were not any closer, in fact Paulo and Lucy were faster. But she could not see an exit.

-What do we do Paulo? -Yelled her.

Paulo knew it. Their only hope was to gain enough distance to their chasers, so they could turn to the right and run to the town. He calculated the distance to the cliff. 10 meters Paulo and Lucy heard a hit in a tree near them. Someone had launched a knife that was stuck in the tree.

God, they're going to kill us! - Though Paulo.

5 Meters separated them from the cliff and the waterfall.

-Follow me! -shouted Paulo.

The couple turned to the right, heading to the town. The way was clear... until two men got out from behind a tree, cutting the way. Paulo and Lucy turned back, just to find them surrounded. They stepped back to the corner that was formed by the waterfall and the cliff. Six men cut any possible retreat.

Paulo hugged Lucy, protectively. He felt how close she was to loose control, she was too close to the waterfall. Maybe it was the adrenaline that prevented her from fainting.

In front of them, Alejandro showed up.

-After all these years, nothing has changed. Didn't it, kids?

Paulo looked around him, searching for any possible scape.

-Did you think that you could really beat me? That I will stay silent for the rest of my life? I was only waiting the right moment.

The Somali looked behind him, to the dark abyss that opened under his feet. There was a way to scape, but... there was Lucy. Alejandro and his men approached to the couple.

-Lucy, listen to me. You have to trust me now.


-Just do what I tell you!

Alejandro laughed.

-So you think you can still scape? You are dead, kids. Well, YOU are dead. -said him pointing to Paulo- I have other plans for that white bitch.

-Lucy, close your eyes.

-Why you want...?


Lucy didn't know if Paulo had lost his mind, but she could not find any exit. She closed her eyes. The Somali hugged her strongly and stepped back, until his heels were in the edge of the cliff. Lucy felt the movement and the intentions of her friend one second before he did it.

-No, ¡NO!

But it was too late. Paulo forced her to jump through the waterfall. The water splashed them, and Paulo felt how Lucy fainted in the air. He grabbed the girl strongly to make her fall into the water in the right position. He inspired deeply, preparing for what was going to come.

They sank into the lake under the waterfall. Paulo felt his lungs burning as the ice cold water covered his body.

Many meters above the lake, Alejandro looked down. He talked to his men.

-Go down and find them. If they are still alive, bring them to me.

-Yes boss. -responded one of the men.

Sandy wake up in Mike's room. She wondered why, when she heard the principal door of the house. She though that it should be Michael. She seated in the bed, wondering if Amaya would be right. Her silenced cellphone was glowing over the bedside table. Sandy looked at it, and saw some calls from Mike. She didn't worry. After all, Mike was entering in the house at the moment.

Then she felt the vibration in her hand. Someone was calling her again. Sandy looked surprised to the phone.

-What? Maishul? -she whispered to herself.

What was going on? If Michel was calling her... who was entering in the house? She responded.


-SANDY! -he shouted, panting.

-What happens? -responded her, whispering

-Listen to me, you are in danger!

-What are you talking about?

-It's too long to explain! The guys that smacked Amaya, maybe they will come after you too!

Sandy moved to the side of the bed, searching for her sneakers. She heard two persons talking in the house... or maybe they were three of them. One was climbing the stairs. The other opened a door near Mike's room. Sandy whispered to the cellphone.

-Maishul, did someone had to come to your house?

-No! -replied him.

Sandy closed the phone, and rose fast from the bed, trying to be silent. She had only one exit: the window, near to the door. She walked to it when she heard someone behind the room's door. He will open it before Sandy could open the door. She jumped to the only hide she could find: Mike's bathroom.

At that moment, someone opened the door. The light of the corridor illuminated the room. Sandy, from her hide, listened carefully. Someone entered in the room. Few seconds after, she heard a man's voice.

-The bed is still hot.

-Maybe she heard us -replied a second voice from the corridor.

-If Augustus lied to us...

Sandy took mental note of that name: Augustus.

-Wait -said the man- maybe she is here.

Sandy heard how that man walked towards the bathroom. Scared, she stepped back, getting the right position, near to the door's wall. The bathroom's light was lighted up. A man, with gray fur, appeared through the door.

-Where are you, bitch?


With a powerful shout and a perfect technique, Sandy launched a kick directly to the man's face. He didn't expect it, and stepped back holding his bleeding nose. When he looked up again, Sandy got out of the bathroom. In a fast movement, she launched two more kicks to the man's stomach, and a third in his head that launched him to the ground.

A second bully entered the room, a young and agile dog. He looked at his smacked friend, and then to sandy.

-You slut!

Yelling that, he pulled out a knife from his pocket. Sandy looked at it, and remembered what one of her senseis told her once.

"If your opponent is armed, never step back. Don't let him use his weapon."

The dog rushed to attack Sandy. She took one step to him, and then dodged the attack at the same time that she grabbed his arm. The man overbalanced forward, landing on the ground. Sandy didn't let him go, and forced his wrist articulation. He cried in pain, releasing the knife.

Sandy though that is was all over, when she heard something clacking near the door. She looked there, to find a cat that was pointing a gun to her.

-Game over, bitch. Let him go.

Sandy knew she could not anything. She let the man free.

-Get up, and raise your hands where I can see them. -he walked a little, putting himself just in front of the window.

Sandy did as he ordered, raising her hands. She was confused, and scared. What was going on? Why were those men searching for her? She was a model, yes, but she wasn't that famous. She hoped that Mike, or someone, was here to help her.

Suddenly, the young dog rose. Sandy didn't see it. With anger, he punched Sandy in the face. Sandy fell on the ground, with her cheek burning in pain. She felt the metallic taste of blood in the tongue. The man with the gun talked.

-Enough. We don't have to hurt her more than necessary. Get up, bitch! And you, tie her arms in her back.

Sandy rose. She though that maybe it was a better idea to stay silent and do as ordered. She looked again at the cat with the gun. He was covering the window. But, despite the terrible storm that was in the exterior, Sandy saw an strange movement at the other side of the window.

Suddenly, the window exploded. A big rock went through the crystal, hitting the cat directly in the neck, allowing the cold wind and the snow to enter in the room. By the force of the impact, the cat pulled the trigger of the gun. The bulled impacted in the bulb, making it explode and turning the room into the darkness. Sandy, knowing that she will not have another chance, hit the dog in the stomach with her elbow. Then, she heard Mike's voice.

-Sandy! Come! Let's go!

Sandy ran to the exterior. Mike, standing in the roof under the windows, offered her an helping hand. They heard the voice of one of the man's.

-Get them!

Sandy and Mike ran over the snow-covered roof, heading to a tree near it. Without thinking, they jumped to the tree, and used their claws to climb it down. When they were running away, the three men jumped down the roof, following the couple.

The snow was deeper at each step, and they could find no place to hide out. They heard the shot of the pistol, and a piece of the fence was destroyed by the bullet. Mike thanked God for the storm that was covering them from the shots. But they didn't have still a place to run away.

Then, a flashing blue light appeared over the road in front of them. A police car? Then they heard an amplified voice.


While Mike and Sandy ran to their salvation, the three thugs behind them stopped.

-Fuck! The cops!


-Yeah, I don't want to be captured again!

So, the three guys ran in the contrary direction.

Sandy and Mike reached the road, where the light was flashing. Mike could not believe what he saw. Under the light there was only a teen dog. He was wearing a toy police helmet, with the flashing blue light over it. He had also a voice amplifier in his hand.

David looked to his friends, put his arms in jars, and said:

-HAH! I knew it!

The couple looked at him for a second, and then Sandy said:

-David, You are a genius!

-I know! -replied him, proudly- Let's go, we will rejoin the rest in Sue' house.

-Ok, let's go.

They ran though the snowed street. Mike could not prevent to ask something to Sandy.

-Where did you learn to fight like that? -asked Mike

-Maishul, do you think being a model is easy? I had to do a lot of sport!

-Yeah I know, but, how...?

-I'm black belt in Taek-wondo, and brown belt in Ai-kido.

Some minutes of running after, they arrived to Sue's house. The knocked. The window's curtain opened, as Tessa looked outside. A second after, sue opened the door and let their friend enter. There were McCain, Tess, Jassmine and Sue. Mike asked the first question that came to his mind.

-Where are Lucy and Paulo? And Daisy and Abbey?

-We don't know Michael. -responded McCain.

If you are wondering, I noticed that we know almost nothing about Sandy. So, as I am tired of the typical "weak miss that must be rescued", I decided to have some fun writing that scene. Hope you enjoyed it.