Many meters above the lake, Alejandro looked down. He talked to his men.

-Go down and find them. If they are still alive, bring them to me.

-Yes boss. -responded one of the men.

Suddenly, Alejandro's phone rang. He looked at it.

-I have to go. You find them.

-They will not scape -said one of the men, smiling bloodily.

-You -said Alejandro pointing to 2 of his men- follow me.

Accompanied by his 2 thugs, Alejandro headed fast to the center. To the hospital.

Abbey run through the snowed streets searching for a person. He could not prove it, but he was sure that Augustus knew something about what happened to Amaya. He saw him stalking at Lucy some days ago.

Maybe he was wrong, but Abbey felt that he should try to find Augustus. He guessed where he could find him. That cat could be everywhere in the city. He walked fast though an street near the hospital... and he saw him.

Augustus was leaning against a wall, ignoring the cold and the wind around him, apparently sending an SMS with his cellphone. Abbey began to lose his temper. What was Augustus doing here? It could not be a coincidence. He rushed to the white and black cat.


The cat looked at Abbey with a cold smile.

-Hello Abraham. What are you doing in the street in a night like this one?

-What do you know? -asked Abbey.

-What do I know about what? -replied Augustus without losing his smile.

Abbey pointed to the hospital in his back.

-I'm sure you know something about what happened to Amaya.

-Why do you think I would know anything about your friend? Maybe you think that I have smacked her!

Abbey grabbed Augustus by his jacket's neck.

-So you know it! -he shouted- You know what happened to her!

-Calm down little Abraham, don't be like your father.

-I'm no way like my father!

Abbey punched him in the face, sending him against the wall. Augustus laughed, just as he did a night almost one year ago, when he assaulted Daisy. Fast, Abbey grabbed him from the jacket again.

-You didn't lose your punch.

-Who did that to Amaya? What are you doing here!

Augustus looked to Abbey's eyes. The abbyssinian was full of anger.

-Abraham, don't you get it? Don't you get why I am here?

Abbey waited until Augustus finished talking.

-I wanted you to come here, Abraham. Just at this moment.

-WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? -shouted abbey.

Augustus laughed, but he stopped as soon as he heard a well known voice shouting through the increasing wind.


Daisy came running to the guys, trying to separate them. Augustus felt like if he was punched in the stomach. She should not be here. He damned all the Gods he knew. What the heck was Daisy doing here?

-Abbey what are you doing! -begged Daisy.

-He knows something about Amaya! -replied him, looking at Daisy without letting Augustus free.

-That's not the way! -said her, half crying.

Abbey didn't listen to Daisy and looked again to Augustus. He was shocked for what he saw. For the first time since he knew him, Augustus seemed terrified. He looked alternatively to Abbey and Daisy.

-A new trick Augustus? Trying to confuse me? -said Abbey.

-No.. it is not...

Augustus' mind was working faster than ever. At any moment, Alejandro's guys will appear in the street. He had to take Daisy out of here! She should not be there! Maybe he could make them run away...

His though was interrupted when Abbey shacked him against the wall.

-Abbey, stop it! -asked Daisy, trying to separate him from Augustus.

-WHAT DO YOU KNOW? WHO ATTACKED AMAYA? -shouted him without listening to Daisy.

Daisy took abbey's head and forced him to look into her eyes

-Abbey, look at him! There is something wrong here!

The abbysinian looked at Augustus. Even with his mind focused in the anger, he could see that Daisy was right. Why was Augustus that terrified?

Augustus saw that it was the only opportunity he would have to make Abraham listen to him. And to save Daisy

-Now listen to me. You have to run away!

-What are you talking about? -asked Daisy

-There is no time to explain! You are in danger, you have to run! -said Augustus desperately.

Abbey doubted. Maybe he lied, but with Daisy here, maybe it would be better to go back to the hospital. He let Augustus free.

-What is happening?

-GO AWAY! -Augustus shouted.

-Let's go, Abbey! -begged Daisy

And then Augustus saw the disaster happening in front of his eyes. Covered by the storm, a man appeared just behind Daisy and grabbed her. Abbey turned to defend her when he heard her scream. But before he could help her, another man appeared with a club. He hit Abbey in the head once. He turned to face his opponent, but a new hit on the jaw made him fall unconscious on the snow.

-ABBEY! -shouted Daisy, horrified.

-Shut up, bitch! -said the man who had immobilized her. He covered her mouth and her nose, preventing her from breathing. Daisy tried to fight back.

-No! Let her! -said Augustus.

-What are you saying? We can't let her go. -Daisy, desperate for breathing, tried unsuccessfully to break the man's catch.

-She.. is not necessary.

-All Green Eyes' friends are objectives, kid! You know it! -replied the man with the club.

Before Augustus could respond, they heard an slow clapping through the storm. A few seconds after, Alejandro appeared in the street, looking at the scene. Without saying a word, he walked slowly until he stopped in the front of Daisy. Being about to faint, she looked at him.

-Hello, little girl.

Then, out of air, Daisy fainted, and the man let her breathe again. Slowly, Alejandro looked first to Abbey, and then to Augustus.

-So, why we should let her free, Augustus? -asked him, coldly.

Augustus looked to the ground and then to Alejandro, winning some time while his mind worked as fast as he could. He was now in a dangerous situation, now that everyone knew that he had some affection to one of Alejandro's enemies.

-Anyway, you told me she did nothing 4 years ago...

-And I also told you to forget her. You knew what was going to happen. -replied Alejandro.

The silence that came was only broken by the wind. Alejandro walked slowly through the snow, with his two men at his side.

-I have worked for you all those years -said Augustus-. I did all what you told me, I have even lied to the police for you! And that's the first time I ask you for something.

Alejandro turned back and looked to the unconscious girl. He observed how she changed since the... "incident", four years ago. She conserved a childlike face and eyes over a 16 years old body. He raised his hand and caressed the soft fur of Daisy's face.

Meanwhile, Augustus used his best manipulator's skills to try to convince his boss to let Daisy free.

-Let her free, she has nothing to do with us. In fact, you know I can make her believe whatever we want. It will be better...

But Alejandro wasn't listening to the young cat. He descended his hand softly by Daisy's cheek, then through the fur of her neck, until he arrived to her chest.

Augustus stopped talking and watched to his boss. He knew he wasn't listening to him anyway, so he focused his mind in Alejandro's action, trying to discern his intentions.

Slowly, Alejandro put her hand over Daisy's breast and stretched it. He felt incredibly excited when he saw how the childish face of the girl contracted with the action. Alejandro smiled, so they did his men. He had great plans for that little slut.

-We can't let her free now. Not after what she saw tonight. -Alejandro turned over his feet and stared at Augustus- Neither I have the desire to let her free.

The time seemed to freeze in Augustus' mind. He could see in Alejandro's eyes the cruelty, and merciless lust. He had planned Daisy's destiny, a destiny worse even than dead. He looked at Daisy's closed eyes. Augustus has been trying, after he met her for the first time, to avoid that moment. To avoid to see her in Alejandro's hands.

Without letting those fears and feelings appear in his face, Augustus calculated the best options he had. He could face Alejandro now, or he could try to stay at his side, with the hope of freeing Daisy.

-So -finished Alejandro- I will ask you once. Are you with me?

Augustus didn't doubt his response.

-You know I am with you. Always.

Alejandro stared at Augustus for some seconds, and then smiled maliciously, shacking his head.

-You are good, Augustus, really good. I have to say that I believed you. But I know how good you are, and I know -he made a little pause, and then whispered- that you love that girl.

Augustus stepped back.

-You will probably stab my back as soon as you can, and that's a risk I cannot afford to take. Get him! -he ordered, taking a knife from the pocket.

Augustus turned back and started running through the streets. He focused his mind in searching the best possible exit, looking to all the windows, stairs or doors. He knew the that Alejandro was good at knife-throwing, so he though that his best chance was to take the small streets that he knew so well. The snowstorm made it difficult to see far away. Augustus turned fast a corner. A big van was parked at the end of the street, in a T intersection. And over the Van, there was a fire stair.

Suddenly he felt a fast movement near to his face. A knife thrown by Alejandro passed too close to his head and hit the van a few meters in front of him. Augustus looked back only to find that the man armed with the club was at less than one meter of his back, about to hit him. Augustus launched himself forward trying to dodge, but he was hit in the back. He ignored the pain that crossed his body and rolled on the floor. He slid on the snow, passed under the van, and rose at the other side of the vehicle.

Without losing the momentum he jumped against the wall, bounced over the van, and then he jumped to the fire stairs. He started climbing up, when he heard under his feet how someone was climbing on the van. Augustus climbed until the roof of the building, but as he stood over his feet, something impacted on his right leg. He felt forward on the roof, yelling in pain. He looked to find one of Alejandro's knifes in his leg. He was stunned due to the pain, but the sound of someone climbing the fire stair returned him to the reality of his situation: He had to run!

Clenching his teeth, he pulled the knife out, making a big quantity of blood drop over the snow. Fast, he rose and continued running. Each step he took was a horrible pain for him. He visualized his mental map of the site. At the end of the roof there was a little street, and in the other side, an abandoned building. He though that maybe the top windows would be close enough to jump inside. Limping, he ran to the end of the roof. At his back, he heard the heavy steps of the man, and the faster ones of Alejandro. Augustus tried to ignore the pain in his leg. He could not see the windows through the storm, so he tried to calculate their positions.

At his back, Alejandro stopped running, and took a knife between his fingers. He aimed to Augustus, and threw it.

Augustus reached the ending little wall of the roof -less than half a meter-, put his left feet over it, and then jumped with all his forces to the window he could not see, but he knew it was here. When he was in the air, Alejandro's knife passed grazing his arm and opening a deep cut in it. Augustus crouched in the air and prepared himself for the impact, without caring if he was going to reach the window or not.

A moment after, an eternity for Augustus, a loud crash was heard over all the street, when Augustus crossed the closed window crystal and landed inside the abandoned building. He stayed in the ground some seconds, incapable of moving due to the impact. Slowly he recovered the balance and stood over the broken crystals.

As fast as his wounds permitted him, he crossed the building. In the way he found some broken clothes that he used to band his leg and his arm. He didn't want to be found due to the blood stains. He opened a rear window, and descended to the street using a pipeline. Once hear, he walked through little streets, following an illogical way so Alejandro would not find him.

Some minutes after, Augustus entered an old building, searching for a hide. With the adrenaline disappearing from his blood, the fear and the realization of what happened make him fall to his knees. He launched a single scream of anger and frustration.


He punched the ground with both hands, making his injured arm hurt. But he could not care about that, hitting the ground again and again. He blamed Abbey for what happened. If he didn't stop him in the carnival, now Daisy would be safe! If he didn't let Daisy follow him, she would not be now captive by Alejandro!

When he calmed down, his cold and logical mind started working. He didn't have many chances of saving Daisy. Maybe he could prevent Alejandro from killing her but...

-I cannot do it alone... -whispered him.

He rose up. His leg was bleeding, impregnating the improvised band with blood. And his arm was in terrible pain. But he knew he didn't have the time for going to the hospital. Augustus had a plan. A plan that only a desperate man would take.

But, at that moment, he was desperate.

In the river, 30 meters after the waterfall, a hand covered in orange fur broke the water's surface, searching desperately something to grab. It found a root, and grabbed it with all it's forces.

Paulo's head, panting, got out of the water. Using his other hand, he pulled Lucy, still unconscious, out of the water, and used all his forces to put her out of the river. Then, he got out of the water. The storm was terrible. The cold wind and the snow, combined with his wet fur, made his corporal heat disappear too fast. Paulo shivered uncontrollably, he couldn't even get on his feet. For his surprise, he found that he didn't drop his new cellphone... and that it was still on. He thanked God, but he thanked specially Nokia for making waterproof phones.

Shivering, and about to faint, he tapped 3 numbers in the screen: 911. Less than a second after, a woman voice responded.

-Emergency system number, what is the problem?

-Help... help us... -whispered Paulo.

-Sir, I need to know your problem and your location.

-We are... near the river... after the waterfall... I can't... We need... help...

-Sir? Sir? Sir!

Paulo fainted, and let the phone fall on the snow. The voice of the woman still sounded through the phone.

-This is central calling to all units, we have a distress call from a young man. He says being near the river after the waterfall. Is any unit near the site?

Slowly, little snow crystals began being formed over the bodies of both teenagers.