In the center streets of Roseville, a police car was driven slowly through the storm. Inside it, two policemen looked outside the car, searching for something.

-What a shitty night -said the driver, a young, brown and white cat.

-Yup -replied his partner, a big and aged Boxer.

-You know what I mean Derick -said again the cat-. A little girl smacked almost to death, and we will never find his aggressor.

-We have to find him, Jim. -replied Derick.

-Oh yeah, I forgot we have a description! -said the cat ironically- According to the witnesses, he is "A big dog that mounted to an sports car". Damn, you could be that dog too, Derick!

Derick moaned in low voice. He knew it was true, they will never find that monster. He took a plastic glass from the dashboard searching for some coffee, but he realized it was empty a long time ago.

He continued looking at the exterior of the car. The storm was so intense that he could barelly see past 6 or 7 meters. He though that his frustration should be evident. He could count on one hand his successes in all the years he served the Roseville Police Department. It was always the same shit, that was the problem. Normally, the police was here to see what happened after the crime.

And normally, it was too late. Just as it happened that night with that little girl called Amaya, according to the department inform.

The radio grunted as they received a call from the central.

-This is central calling to all units, we have a distress call from a young man. He says being near the river after the waterfall. Is any unit near the site?

Without responding to the radio, the young cat sighed. Derick knew his words before he pronounced them.

-It will probably be a joke.

-What if it isn't? -replied Derick.

He radio stayed silent, no other unit responded to the call. Derick and Jim knew that they were the closest unit to the waterfall.

-I bet you a beer that it is only a moron mocking on us.

-Agreed -replied Derick while he took the radio transmisor-. This is lieutenant Derick Tylar from unit 93. We will check it out.

-Received unit 93.

Jim turned on the siren and accelerated, taking the fastest possible way to the waterfall. They crossed the snowed streets, being forced to stop from time to time despite the work of the snowplows. After some minutes of fast driving, the police car arrived to the closest road to the waterfall. A big pile of snow covered the road sides.

-We will have to continue on foot -said Derick.

-Fuck! -replied his pal- If it is a joke you will owe me something more than a single beer.

-Can't you just focus on your work for once in your life? -Answered Derick in anger, while putting his police coat over his shoulders.

-Ok ok! Relax old man! Let's go.

They both got out of the car. The cold wind and the snow hit both men in the face, making them to shrink. Derick took up his flashlight and illuminated the way to the waterfall. Despite he was close enough to hear the roar of the water, he could barely see the river

-That's a little disappointing... -stayed Jim

-Just take your flashlight and let's go. -answered Derick.

The two policemen headed to the river. The snow was deep enough to cover their ankles. All what the could see were some trees at their sides. Slowly, the waterfall showed in front of them. Derick looked to both sides, expecting to see someone. But he didn't. Suddenly, he heard his pal's voice.

-Derick, look at that.

Jim was kneeling in the ground. On the snow there were some rounded marks. In fact, foot traces that were being erased by the snow storm. They seemed to walk following the river's path.

-Who, in his right mind, would walk here with that storm?

-There are many traces -pointed Derick-. Maybe there were... 3, 4 persons?

Both policemen stared at each other.

-Something is going on here. -said Derick.

-I think so. -replied his pal. -we should ask for reinforcements.

-No -replied the lieutenant-. If there is a boy in danger here, I'm not going to wait for the reinforcements.

Jim sighted.

-I knew you would say that. Let's go.

Both men checked their weapons, and walked following the traces. The lack of any light and the deep storm made it too difficult to see anything. The wind made the trees to move and crack. The feeling of an incoming menace was present in the ambient. They looked in all directions, and each strange sound made them to stare at the dark for some seconds. Fortunately, the traces became deeper, noticing them that they were getting closer to... anyone that was here.

Suddenly, they saw a light in the darkness, many meters before them. The policemen shut their flashlights off. As they got closer they managed to see two men that pointed their flashlights to the river, searching for something... or someone.

Expecting anything wrong, both policemen took out their guns. Maybe it was nothing important, but they didn't want to take the risk. Derick moved some meters to the left, while Jim stayed near the river. When both were in position, Jim pointed to the men and lighted his flashlight again.


Derick, hiding in the darkness, pointed to the men as well, ready to shoot if they tried to attack his pal. As the two men turned to face the only policeman that they could see, Jim and Derick saw the weapons they had in the belts.

-Drop the weapons slowly! -shouted Jim- Drop the weapons!

Derick felt the adrenaline growing in his blood. His eyes were adapted to the darkness, but it was a sound what alarmed him. At his left, behind the trees, he heard a sound. Someone was walking over the snow. Derick pointed to the dark. He saw some shadows... and the unmistakable silhouette of a man pointing a gun against Jim. Derick's instinct took control of his actions. He pointed to the silhouette and shoot two bullets against it, but he missed the shots. The explosion of the gun illuminated the zone, and the man that was hiding behind the trees.

The other two men near the river tried to get their guns, but Jim shoot at them forcing them to run and search for cover. Meanwhile, the man behind the trees returned the fire against Derick, but the policeman used the darkness to move and be a difficult target. Jim dropped the flashlight and continued firing against his enemies.

Some bullets impacted in the snow, near to Derick. He rolled aside and shoot again to the flashes of his enemy's gun. After two shots, he heard the man screaming in pain.

After a long succession of gunshots, the combat seemed to end. Both policemen stayed at their places, looking around, panting. The storm didn't stop a single moment.

-Jim -said Derick- are you hurt?

-No, -replied him- and you? Did you hit them?

-No, but I think I injured one of them.


-He screamed too much to be a mortal hit. I don't think so.

Slowly and keeping low, they got together, still looking around.

-We must call to the central and report.

-Yes -agreed Derick

Jim took his pocket radio and speak in low voice: "This is Agent Jim Morrison, we had a gunfight near the river with three men...".

As his pal talked, Derick saw something strange near the river border, at about 10 meters from him. A light blue and white light blinking. He looked better, and soon he heard a low music. A cellphone?

He called his pal, and together walked slowly to the light. As they got closer, they managed to distinguish a new generation cellphone -with a tactile screen-. Near the phone, and almost covered in snow and ice crystals, he saw an orange-fur teen boy, standing in the snow. As Derick run to him, he almost stepped on a young white girl that was lying near to him.

Derick touched the neck of both teenagers. He felt the pulse, and he felt that they were wet.

-God damn, they should have fallen into the water! -exclaimed Derick- Hey! Kids! -said again, slapping them in the face. No response.

-I will call for an ambulance... -said Jim.

-There is no time! -shouted Derick. -Help me!

Without thinking about his own security, Derick took the cellphone and Paulo in his arms, while Jim did the same with Lucy. They ran as fast as they could back to the police car. The way took a few, very long minutes to complete. They opened the car and put both teenagers in the back seat. After covering them with thermal blankets, Jim tried to heard if they were still breathing.

-I can't hear their breath!

Derick rushed to the car radio.

-This is Derick Tylar of the unit 93. We have found two teenagers, a boy and a girl. They felt into the river and are unconscious. We need medical assistance ASAP.

-Understood Lieutenant, the aid is in the way. Did you found the young man?

-They had a cellphone and... -he stopped as he searched for the calls record – yeah they have called the emergency number.

-Roger that. Reinforcements are in the way to search the armed men too.

As Derick cut the transmission, he saw his pal putting oxygen masks in the couple that stayed unconscious in the back seat. He prayed to all gods that, for once in his life, he had made it in time.