A Potion Induced Advent's Time - My Advent's Calendar 2010
by Healer Pomfrey

All recognizable characters belong to J. K. Rowling, and I am not earning anything by writing this story.
I am not a native speaker of English. Please excuse my mistakes.

December 1

Seventh year Hogwarts student Harry Potter was hunched over his cauldron in the Potions classroom, wondering why he had to busy himself brewing ugly potions although he was going to become an Auror after finishing his NEWTs in a few months' time. 'I'll never have to brew potions again, especially not a healing potion for the squid's flu,' he thought, absentmindedly stirring the lime green liquid in the direction of the clock.

"Anticlockwise Potter," he heard the professor sneer and hurriedly jumped away from the now hissing potion, just when the door opened and the Headmistress stuck her head in.

"Severus, I'm sorry to disturb you," she began to apologize, only to interrupt herself, taking in the commotion right in front of her.

Unfortunately, in his urge to get away, Harry bumped into Neville, who was sitting next to him instead of Hermione, who usually was at his side but was stuck in the hospital wing with the mermaid's flu. The boy was knocked against the table, causing both of their cauldrons to tilt and the exploding potions to pour all over the Headmistress and the Potions Master, who was just waving his wand to vanish the liquid from Harry's cauldron. A mere instant later, the two professors were gone, leaving two heaps of black and tartan robes on the floor.

"Oh no," Harry blurted out, horrified.

Neville stepped around the table and picked up a small, naked girl, carefully draping her much too large, tartan robes over her, while Ginny scooped up the tiny Potions Master. "Harry, what did you do wrong to make your potion a de-aging potion?" Neville asked in surprise.

'Potter, tell everyone to banish their potions and leave, before anything else happens,' Snape's voice penetrated Harry's mind, and he quickly relayed the message to his classmates.

"Harry, do you want me to fetch Madam Pomfrey?" Ginny asked kindly as she handed the Potions Master to him and shouldered her school bag.

"Yes please," Harry replied, looking at Neville in shock when his friend asked if he could conjure clothes for the tiny professors. He pulled his wand, feverishly trying to remember what he had learned in Transfiguration, before he slid his wand back into his robe pocket. "Perhaps you're better at Transfiguration than me. You do it," he responded, carefully holding the child on his arm.

Neville rolled his eyes but conjured a dark green and a pink woollen jumpsuit as well as underwear and two nappies, placing everything on the clean table behind them. 'How am I supposed to get these nappies around their bums?' Harry wondered, terrified, just when he felt a cold sensation on his arm as the small boy, who was shivering violently in the cold dungeon room, relieved himself. Deciding to ignore the uncomfortable feeling for the time being, Harry placed the child on the table and with Neville's help, who laid the girl next to the boy, he fixed the nappies, noticing that the two toddlers blushed with embarrassment, uncomfortably averting their eyes to the floor.

"I'm sorry, Professors," Harry said, feeling horrible at the thought that everything had been his fault.

"I hope you awe," Snape replied in a high, childish voice.

"Me too," the girl agreed indignantly, just when Madam Pomfrey bustled into the room.

"Oh my, such little sweethearts," the Healer said, cooing at the two toddlers, before she turned into Healer's mode and asked sternly, "What happened?"

"The professors were hit with Harry's and my unfinished potions for the squid's flu," Neville supplied, squinting under Pomfrey's sharp look.

Pomfrey's eyes widened at the explanation. "How can a potion for the squid's flu de-age someone?" she queried in disbelief, consecutively waving her wand over the girl and the boy as soon as Harry and Neville finished dressing the children.

'Potter is an absolute dunderhead and can only be topped by Longbottom. Leave it to them to use moon fern instead of morsehorn extract,' Snape thought to her.

"So you're two-year-old toddlers, having your older selves' minds," Pomfrey stated dryly. "Congratulations, Minerva and Severus, you'll have to remain toddlers for a while. Since you did not only absorb Mr. Potter's de-aging potion but also Mr. Longbottom's unfinished potion, you're not only de-aged but might become ill with the squid's flu. Therefore, I'm not able to age you back to your own age until we can rule out for sure that you caught the flu. The incubation time is three weeks."

She let out a long sigh, before she continued, "Minerva, Severus, I'd take you with me and look after you; however, due to the mass outbreak of the mermaid's flu I am needed in the hospital wing as well as at St. Mungo's, and I really don't have the time to care for two toddlers. I'm afraid Mr. Potter or Mr. Longbottom will have to care for you for the time being. I'll inform Filius that he has to take over the Headmistress' business for the time being, considering that the Headmistress and Deputy Headmaster are both toddlers."


A.N.: The first dozen chapters of this story I wrote back in Summer, but after that I haven't been able to continue writing due to almost continuous health problems. Therefore, I can not promise to finish this story by Christmas. However, I will do my best - provided that you are interested in this story. Thank you for reading.