A/N: If this entire season has been one punch in the gut after another, last night especially was a deliberate smack in the face. I have no words.

Dirty Dancing is one of Quinn's favorite movies.

Puck knows this because she used to watch it late at night, far past midnight, waking him up from his sleep with her giggles of enjoyment and her voice as she sings along. He didn't mind, really; it was almost funny, watching her sing along to a movie like she's twelve again, so he never stopped her, and never minded when she would rewind it to start again.

If Puck's telling the truth, it actually wasn't originally her favorite movie. It was simply the only one she brought from Finn's house when he kicked her out. At first she didn't really like it, but in the end, he'd catch her humming the lyrics to Time of My Life while she rubbed her belly or laid down for a nap.

So it's almost stupid - no, it's really stupid - when Mr. Schue announces that's what Fishlips and Quinn are going to be singing. And it bothers him, even if just a little, because he, for whatever reason, always thought that belonged to them.

Regardless, when she went to live with Mercedes, Quinn forgot her DVD at home, and they were both too stubborn to offer it back.

Puck always has been handy at cracking open lockers.

So when Quinn stops at her locker to kiss Sam, Puck might be watching her across the hall. When she opens her locker, she might find a DVD in there, worn and a little dirty on the cover. She might bite her lip. He might smile.

She might find a note written in his sister's pink Sharpie on the back.

Should've been us.

She might see him across the hall. She might smile.

He might smile back. Or he might just walk away.