AN: Moi! My name is SomeSnowInShell, but you can call me Su-chan if you want. This is my first story... or first one I've published at least. So, something about it. This is a story about the Nordics, main characters being Norway and Iceland. Iceland is also the narrator. Other Nordics are coming after some chapters (Finland and Sweden probably in third chapter, Den a bit after that). Denmark will have a special role (obviously, this is a story about Norway, after all). And... before I start to seriously blabber, I'll just tell you the human names and their ages, so you can get over with the story. Oh, and tell me if there is typos, this chapter has been beta'ed heavens know how many times, but that doesn't change the fact that English is not my (or my beta's) native language.

Norway = Joakim "Joa" Johansen, 22

Iceland = Audun Johansen, 13

Denmark = Mathias "Mats" Køhler, 23

Norway's name is pronounced as "Yo-ah-kim". The first syllable in his last name is pronounced as "Yuu". That's all for me, enjoy!

Mats og Joa

Chapter 1. Brothers

I watched him from the bed as usual. The only noise in our tiny room came from Joa's pencil. He tapped his fingers to the table's surface and pushed his blond hair out of his face. I could tell he was worried, the calculations probably looked bad. Yes, I could tell, even though he never told me about them. Every night it was Joa's routine to calculate our budget and if we would make it to the end of the month (and pay the rent of this crappy apartment). Earlier we had made it just fine with Joa's earnings but this fall he had been sick a lot and our savings were almost gone. We needed all the money we could get.

"You know," I started, "I could go to the streets tomorrow and-"


"Why not?"

He fixed his cobalt blue eyes to my icy blue ones.

"You know full well why. We've already had this conversation before. Now go to sleep, Audun."

"No, until you come too."

"Audun. You know I have to finish this first."

"Then I'll wait."

Joa sighed and muttered something about me being such a mule.

"I've learnt it from the master."

He threw a warning look at me.

"...Sorry," I said.

"It doesn't matter." He sighed again and put the pencil and papers away. "I'm ready now."


He lied down next to me and I snuggled closer to his warm body. (No, not that way you perverts, it's just that our sheets are so crazily thin!) Suddenly, Joa's chest shook against my cheek as powerful coughs fell from his lips. I frowned. Was the cough back again? It was just the previous week he had his last fever.

"Joa," I said as I looked up to catch a glimpse of his face. Our eyes met.

"I'm alright." He said and ruffled my already tousled silver-white hair.


"Joa," I started again.


"Joa, could I go to the streets and-?"

"Audun. I already said no. Why can't you listen?"

"But, Joa!"

"No buts, Audun. You know the reason."

Yes, I knew. I understood why Joa was so strict about this. He was scared. He was scared that something bad would happen to me. That someone would kidnap me (that almost happened when I was younger) or rape me or something like that. He was scared of losing me. After all, we only had each other.

But there was also something he didn't understand. Joa didn't understand that that feeling was shared. I was also scared of losing him. I was scared that he would someday kill himself with too much working.

Not to mention that cough. Or his repeating fevers.

"Joa. I'm not seven anymore. I'll be alright. I can take care of myself."

"Audun. That's not the only reason. We're not that poor...", he trailed off.

Okay. He didn't want to think we were so poor that I would have to beg for money.

"Joa. I wouldn't beg for the money. I would be a street musician. There's a difference."

Joa closed his eyes with a pained look. I could see him thinking hard and contemplating the pros and cons.

"Alright." He finally said after a long while, so quietly that I almost didn't catch it.

"Yes! You're not going to regret this!"

"Just promise me that you don't talk to the strangers. Especially, don't give them any names or personal information. Okay?"

"Don't worry. I promise. I'll just play the violin."

After that I fell asleep with a little smile on my face.

AN: There's also a bit of a story behind Norway's name / the name of this fic. (You can jump over this if you want) I was reading my Swedish book one day, when this phrase catched my eye

Mats och Joakim går i samma skola. (= Mats and Joakim are going to the same school.)

And my brain just worked like 'Mats = Mathias = Denmark and... hey! Joakim actually suits Norway!'. Almost immediately Norway also got his nickname. And so, this story was born (it was just a nameless idea before the main cast got their names).

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