The Swat Kats had just defeated Mac and Molly, the Metallikats.

"Gees, who would've thought these two would break into Pumadyne and steal so many powerful weapons as easily as they did," Razor said, shaking his head.

"Yah," T-Bone agreed. "And they really did a number on the Turbokat this time."

"Not to mention the city," Razor said eyeing all the destroyed cars, buildings and streets around them.

Just then Feral, Felina and Steele, along with a squad of Enforcers arrived on the scene with Ms. Briggs pulling up in her sedan right behind them.

"SWAT Kats!" Feral called out. "I knew you'd be the cause of all this destruction."

"You got it wrong again, Feral, it was these two that did all the damage," T-Bone growled, showing off the two robotic heads in his paws.

Shaking his head and scowling at being corrected, Feral ordered his squad to take the heads into custody which they did quickly.

Before the pair could leave, however, Steele suddenly said, "Thanks, SWAT Kats." He extended his paw out to the vigilantes.

'Huh? He's acting strange,' Razor thought, knowing only Felina ever thanked them.

Puzzled but willing to be accept a paw shake, T-Bone reached for Steele's proffered paw, sadly not suspecting any danger, so when their paws connected...


Steele was wearing a joy buzzer. T-Bone jolted and swore, shaking his paw madly.

"That's for the spring-loaded pie stunt!" Steele said smugly. "And for your information, I'm allergic to pumpkin!"

While Razor could only gape at Steele, Feral and Felina had reached into their sedan and got out two pies of their own, chucking them at T-Bone and Razor's masked faces.

"That's for the Rick Roll," Feral smirked, enjoying his revenge.

"And the radio," Felina added, giggling at the now messy duo.

"Um...can someone explain what's going on?" Callie asked, totally confused.

The End