Well…this one came out of the blue, I'm in a smutty writing mood so thought I'd share since My Immortal was a dark story.

So, yeah…not as smutty, but smut for smut's sake is always good right?

I own nothing…except my sick obsessions…


"Is that Reid?"Prentiss looks up from her tuna sandwich.

Rossi quirks a brow.

"I'm pretty sure it is…" He says nonplussed. (Such a Rossi descriptor.)

""what are they doing to him?" Prentiss stares at the once empty office space.

"Do you really want to know?" Dave says, balling up his napkin, dabbing at the corners of his mouth.


The B.A.U's Bull Pen is bustling, even at the lunch hour, interns clipping around with bagels in their mouths like puppies in a dervish, phones ringing, the copies flying…

Reid's moans are nothing but a pebble caught in an undertow of noise flooding the floor.

Prentiss is still as Garcia and Morgan finally file out the room.

Morgan's got a loose, smug look of satisfaction on his face, and Garcia's beaming.

Morgan turns back towards the door and murmurs something to Reid, who shuffles out of the office slowly, face twanging in the slightest of grimaces.

Morgan scoffs, whispering something in Reid's ear, who blushes profusely and swipes at Morgan's arm, which only makes him double over in laughter.

The trio makes their way down to the Bull Pen; Prentiss holds her curiosity in check.

One of them will spill.

"Awe, you got lunch without us?" Morgan stares at Prentiss' sandwich and chips, pouting.

"Well, you guys just disappeared, so yeah." Prentiss shrugs, taking a taunting bite out of the sandwich, staring back.

"Yours' are in the fridge, if you guys want them."Rossi says, something shadowing in the tone of his voice.

Reid shifts uncomfortably in his seat, feeling both Prentiss and Rossi's gaze hit the side of his face.

Break Reid first, and the rest will crumble.

"Reid, you hungry? Garcia?" Morgan asks, following his gut.

"yeah." Garcia chirps.

"Sure…" Reid says skeptically, "I'll just…" Reid makes an attempt to follow Morgan to the kitchenette.

"No, I got it Kid." Morgan says, walking off to get the food.

Reid lets out a slight squeak as Rossi and Prentiss smirk in Reid's direction.

Their gazes settle on him, making Reid's heart speed.

He is nothing more than a canary caught in the hot jaws of a tabby cat.

"So, Reid…how goes it?" Prentiss asks.

Reid's lips set in a tight line. His foot bounces nervously.

"F-fine." His eyebrows shoot up. College all over again.

Prentiss smiles at his nervous demeanor, Garcia stifles a giggle.

"I'm a bit curious…what was going on up there? If you don't mind me asking…" Prentiss asks slyly.

Deny guilt.

What do you have to be guilty about?

You didn't do anything, Morgan did.

So… just give her what she wants, she'll go away.

You know Em's like a Pit Bull, once she latches on, she's not going to shake loose.

Tell her, you know you want to…you just got your mind blown among other things by one smexy Derek Morgan.



When has my mind ever been this smutty?

Since you've been F**king Derek…he has powers.

So you can censor the F-word, but can't…

The images are only icing on the cake…the wonders of having an eidetic memory…can't you feel his hands… his mouth…god, does he know how to use it…

Uh, uh, uh….

Are you…reacting Dr. Reid. Naughty boy.

Shut up…I'm at work; go away go away go away…

Your hips are rocking slightly; your breathing's doing that hitchy thing it does when he nibbles on the bottom of your earlobes. You like the way he uses his hands, the way he doesn't ignore you heavy balls as he tugs and nips at them…why didn't you discover this before? The sound of his' slapping against your butt…delicious—

Shut up.

The way he licks his lips, the way his skin feels against yours…the way he thrusts…he has power. Bending you in ways you never know you could…two and a half days can change a genius…lose a few brain cells? You know you like the marks. You looked at them in the mirror before you left this morning….had to jerk out one in the shower didn't you? And in the office… You know Emily's watching and yet and still you can't help yourself. You feel like humping something right now…you got it bad kid.

Go away, go away go away…

It's still there…you're going to make a mess in your pants just thinking about it…man I'm good.

Shut…up. Gnh!

I think you're moaning aloud…careful Pretty Boy. You like that name don't you, Pretty Boy…


"Reid?" Prentiss' face is red…

Reid closes his eyes as Garcia clips away quickly, fighting back giggles.

Rossi smirks, shaking his head before wandering away.

Morgan enters the Bull Pen, dropping the food as he stares open mouthed at Reid…

"Kid, did you just…"

Reid looks as if he's about to cry, he can't meet anyone's eyes…

"Oh, Reid, I didn't mean to…embarrass you…I just…sorry." Prentiss gushes.

Morgan gives her the evilest eye.

"All you had to do is ask…we— Reid and I are seeing each other, that what you wanted to know?" Morgan bites.

Reid's breath finally slows as he focuses on Morgan.

"Morgan, lay off. Prentiss, it's not your fault…I'm just a bit…worked up. Sorry." Reid straightens, rolling his eyes at Morgan.

"Gave a good show?" Reid jokes.

"One hell of one…" Prentiss shakes her head in disbelief.

"Good, I aim to please." Reid says, getting up, heading to the bathroom to clean up.

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