Hey, this is my first fan fic! Ty and Amy are together and someone's not to happy about it.

Amy woke up with a massive headache, she just couldn't concentrate. As she walked down the stairs (still in her PJ's) her head started spinning. "Grandpa…. Grandpa?" Amy said unsteadily. "I don't feel so good." Just as she reached the bottom of the stairs her world went black.

Earlier that morning

Ty had woken up early to get all the chores done. Once he was done he decided to go inside for breakfast. Once he got to the house he noticed something was wrong, the screen door was wide open. Jack always made sure the doors were closed. As Ty walked in he heard someone whispering, he listen closely. Who was it? He couldn't quite hear.

"Did you get it done?"

"Yup, she'll wake up and before you know it she'll be gone"

"Good! That bitch deserves to die!"

Ty listen carefully and tried to make out who it was. A girl and a guy maybe? Ty had no clue, it was way too early in the morning.

Just then the two voices were gone. It seemed they had left out the back door.

Just then he heard Amy walking down the stairs. "Grandpa… Grandpa?" she looked confused "I don't feel so good" Ty walked closer to her. "Amy, Jack is still sleeping." But before she had time to respond she fell. Ty ran to Amy and caught her just before she hit the floor.

"AMY! Amy, babe, wake up!" Amy's eyes rolled back into her head. Ty checked for a pulse, it was weak, but at least she had one. "HELP!" Ty screamed. Jack heard all the noise and rushed in to find Amy in Ty's arms.

Ty just looked up and said "Help, me please!"

At the hospital.

Ty and Jack had managed to call an ambulance in time. But, when they arrived Amy had slipped into a mini coma.

It had been over 2 weeks since she had slipped into a coma, and with no signs of improvement everyone was starting to doubt that she'll ever wake up. But, not Ty. Every day he saw Amy, for as long as he could he would hold her hand and talk to her. Every day when he had to leave he would kiss her forehead and say "I love you, and I'll be back soon"

It was now a month after and Ty's birthday.

Jack had given him the day off, so he spent the whole day with Amy. He arrived at 8am sharp with Maggie's coffee and muffins. He told Amy how Spartan had refused to come out of his stall and how Harley had refused to stand still, or come back inside. "Let's face it your way better with horses than I am, and you're way more beautiful." Ty could help but chuckle at that. By noon more visitors had arrived and left. Lou, Caleb, Ashley, Chase, Liam, Ben, Peter, Scott, Soraya, Tim and Jack had all came and went. Kit was the last one to arrive at about 4:30.

"Oh, hey, I didn't think you'd still be here."

"Ya, I wouldn't leave her for the world"

"Well, she's a very lucky girl"

Ty just smiled.

They just sat in silence for over an hour.

"Well, I'd better be off" Kit finally said


"I'll see you around some time"

"Ya, sure"

I really don't like her. He thought to himself.

At around 7pm he started to cry.

"You know, all I wanted for my birthday was for you to wake up. To see your gorgeous eyes again. But I guess that won't happen"

Ty got his stuff together and went to say good bye. He leaned down slowly and kissed her. Not on the forehead, on the lips. Then the most amazing thing happened, she started kissing him back. He pulled back, and looked into her eyes and smiled. "Happy Birthday Ty"

After the best way to wake up from a mini coma; 4 days felt like forever to Amy. It took the doctors 4 days to give her the green light. When she finally got home she felt like flying, Spartan finally would come out of his stall, Harley would stand still and come inside and for a few weeks she just loved being at home. Until, she and Ty took a trip to Maggie's.